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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Nov 25, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log   25-Nov- 2 Dec 2017



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Bom

Deck hand: Rong

Deck Hand: Bank

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Saharaj

Instructor: Jai

Instructor: Mikael

Steward: Jinny

Video Pro: Ashley


Nick, Jo, Dianne, Deborah, Sheryl, Renee, Michael, Torie, Leonid, Waylon, Carlinda, Luis, John, Kathy.


Sunday – Zodiac, Shark fin reef, West of Eden, Anita’s Reef, Zodiac

Monday- Boulder City, Elephant Head x 2, Deep Six, Hideaway Bay

Tuesday- Christmas point, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai x2.

Wednesday– Richelieu rock x 4.

Thursday : Koh Tachai, Koh Tachai pinnacle. Koh Bon ridgex2. Koh Bon

Friday – 3 Trees, Turtle rock.


Guests arrive to Thaplamu Pier and board the Thailand Aggressor via dinghy by 5:00pm. With the crews help, our divers set up their gear and head to the main lounge for the weekly overview followed by a 5 course family style Thai dinner.


Bright and early, we are kitted up and jumping in at Zodiac for our check out dive, which goes very smoothly with our 13 very experienced divers. Photographers take advantage of the ambient lighting in the shallow regions to photograph the zodiac statues placed here in honor of the 2004 tsunami. Next we change our plans to avoid big waves and end up doing a lovely drift dive alongside hundreds of black pyramid butterfly fish and a variety of spined surgeonfish at Sharkfin Reef. Our afternoon brings us to Island Seven where we dive West of Eden and see several clown triggerfish and have an up close encounter with a beautiful banded sea snake. We then head south to Anita’s Reef for a lovely dive along a bright and lively sloping coral reef, surrounded by hundreds of brightly colored blue and yellow fuiseliers and covered in swarms of glass fish. After dinner we, 6 divers venture out for the night dive at Zodiac and see nearly a dozen lobsters along with many other night time crustaceans. We return to the boat after a big day of diving and are soon off to best to rest up for another full day tomorrow. Happy birthday to Waylon!


Guests wake up to an overcast yet peaceful morning and enjoy a light breakfast as we head back to Boulder City. This deep dive is a beautiful sight full of bright yellow gorgonian sea fans and dark green stem corals. We are lucky enough to find a young green sea turtle grazing along the coral and also a pair of cuttlefish in the sand. Next we head over to one of our favorites, Elephant Head for two dives. Guests are loving the energetic swimthroughs, full of healthy corals, schools of oriental sweetlips, ad yellow snappers. We had a record breaking amount of special finds today including a blue ribbon eel, a pair of porcelain crabs, a pygmy pipehorse, a multibanded pipehorse, an ornate ghost pipefish and two octopus! We couldn’t have asked for anything more! Next we head to Deep Six, which is actually on Island 7 for our final day dive. In the evening the chef prepares a delicious steak dinner followed by a mango sticky rice dessert. Those who aren’t wiped out by their big dinner gather on the dive deck for the night dive at Anita’s Reef. We return to the boat for hot coco and Kahlua and talk about the excitement of todays experience.


One last dive in the Similan Islands at Christmas Point then we head north to Koh Bon. This rocky islet consists of a sheer limestone edge which begins high above sea levels and bottoms out at about 40 meters below. This sight is home to a cleaning station which sometimes brings in the larger marine life and is always home to a smaller variety including snapper, octopus, snakes, eels, and nudibranchs. After a hearty lunch of fried chicken, ginger soup, minced pork and vegetables, we continue sailing north to Koh Tachai for our afternoon dives. Entering the water via giant stride entry, we make our way down the mooring line from the back of the boat to the lively divesite below. Guests are pleased to find an impressive variety of schooling fish including batfish, fuisliers, emperor fish, a chevron barracuda! After two exciting dives guests head to the salon to relax and have dinner before the night dive. The night dive is very interesting and afterwards guests settle in with their dry clothes and hot coco as we make our way to the Surin Islands for the night.


Due to a change in the weather we headed up to Richelieu rock a day early, Richelieu is a pinnacle that is seven miles west of the Surin islands and just sticks out the water by 4ft at low tide, we planned our day to do 4 dives here and for the first two dives we would explore the deeper north and south pinnacles that form this horse shoe shaped structure, for our afternoon dives we would explore the central part of the seven pinnacles that form this divesite, we saw all our resident critters here including the thorny sea horse, also found were mating cuttlefish and Octopus. Their seems to be more glassfish than last week and the rock is alive with movement, we also found a few different nudibranchs and a t bar pipefish this is the first time we have spotted this one here at this world class site. On our final dive the action really hotted up with some hunting action going on, after a nice day we cast off the mooring and headed south to Koh tachai island enjoying our Japanese cuisine night. Our guests opted for an early night ready for tomorrow’s diving.

Thursday :

Our day began back at Koh tachai island and our guests opted for a drift dive down the west side of the island, although the current was not too strong it assisted us along nicely, we had the company of a turtle for lots of the dive and also our guests found many nudibranchs. On our second dive we headed out to the pinnacle there was still some hunting action going on with giant trevally darting in and out of the reef. Our third dive we moved further south to Koh Bon we had two great dives on the north and west ridge with one of the biggest sea snakes our guides had ever encountered, The night dive was at the bay and the hunting action continued with morays and octopus spotted, after the dive we enjoyed an old Jacques Cousteau movie and headed off to bed

Friday –

So for our final days diving we headed back to Similan island 9 to a site known as 3 trees this was planned as a drift and we headed north with our guests sighting a turtle and a juvenile napoleon wrasse. For our next dive we made passage to island 8 and a rock that looks very much like a Turtle our guides found a juvenile emperor angel fish we also saw many fusiliers at the surface all of them a bit tetchy due to the appearance of a dog tooth Tuna, after the dive our guests enjoyed a thai buffet before settling down for our cruise to our home port and our signature BBQ, some of our guests said there farewells tonight and headed off to the airport.


Our guests were up bright and early this morning and some headed off to the airport and some off to Khaolak and a few days relaxing on this awesome beach, Nice group again with many laughs and jokes lots of storys and many laughs.