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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 02, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log   2-9 Dec 2017



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Bom

Deck hand: Rong

Deck Hand: Bank

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Saharaj

Instructor: Jai

Instructor: Kai

Steward: Jinny

Video Pro: Ashley


Sam Elizabeth, Boris, Valery,John,Todd,Barbara,Doug, Mirela,Dmitri, Alan,Larissa Lena, Sveta,Mikhail



Sunday – Zodiac, Shark fin reef, West of Eden, Anita’s Reef x2

Monday- Elephant Head Rock , Deep Six, Elephant Head Rock Stonehenge, Anitas reef.

Tuesday- Christmas point, North Point, 3 trees, Koh Bon x2.

Wednesday– Koh Tachai pinnacle, Koh Tachai reef, Koh Tachai Pinnacle / Reef

Thursday : Richelieu Rock x2 Koh Tachai pinnacle, Koh Tachai North.

Friday – Koh Bon north, Koh Bon west


Guests arrive to Thaplamu Pier and board the Thailand Aggressor via dinghy by 5:00pm. With the crews help, our divers set up their gear and head to the main lounge for the weekly overview followed by a 5 course family style Thai dinner.


The week begins at Island 5, where our divers can ease into the diving routine with a laid back, shallow dive at Zodiac. Weaving around the artificial reef and Chinese Zodiac statues, we are able to have fun and get some great photos in the clear blue waters. We then head south to Sharkfin Reef for a slow drift along a sleek rock wall with tons of nooks and crevices for our sea creatures to reside. Next is West of Eden, where our resident spearing mantis shrimp is waiting for us, peering from its hole with its bright curious eyes. We also spot of painted spiny lobster, a harlequin sweetlips, and a banded sea snake. Going full circle, we end up back at Island 5 for our afternoon dive at Anita’s Reef. At this time, blue fin trevally are beginning to feed on the tiny, and anemones begin to close up, exposing their brightly colored blue, green, purple, or white undersides. We remain at this beautiful island for the night dive and also to spend the night sleeping in its sheltered bay.


There is much excitement on the dive deck as our boat anchors near the distinguished Elephant Head Rock. Here, guests enjoy the elaborate maze of swim throughs and the variety of life within, including huge gorgonian sea fans, a variety of triggerfish, and schools of oriental sweetlips. Divemasters also get the opportunity to show our residential special finds which are the blue ribbon eel and two pygmy pipehorses. For dive two we go around Island 7 to a site called Deep Six where we are immediately greeted by a free swimming moray eel and later spot some beautiful sea stars, huge cucumbers, schools of trevally, and schooling bannerfish. After lunch we return to Elephant Head for another amazing dive.   In the afternoon, some guests opt to relax on the sundeck while others jump in the dinghy and head to Stonehenge on Island 4. We drift along a sandy bottom and sea an up close blue spotted stingray and some nice rabbitfish. Afterwards we come back to the boat for a delicious steak dinner. For those who didn’t partake in our signature wine during dinner, we begin gearing up for the night dive at Anita’s Reef. Afterwards we return to the boat for hot coco and Kahlua, then off to bed to rest up for another big day tomorrow.


It’s another beautiful, sunshining morning in the Similan Islands as drop anchor and head over to Christmas Point. After our dive we have a hearty breakfast of French toast and omelets made to order, then we relax for a bit while the boat moors up at North Point. We enter the water via giant stride entry from the back of the mothership and descend on the mooring line to a sandy bottom of about 24 meters. We make our way around the sight and spot a juvenile fimbriated moray eel, a giant pufferfish, and schools of pink and red bigeyes. After lunch we prepare for our final dive in the Similans and jump in at Three Trees. Finning away from the island we make our way to a rocky outcrop which is covered in bright healthy corals and a huge barrel sponge which is great for photos. Next we head out of the Similans to Koh Bon for our afternoon dive and night dive. This limestone islet consists of a massive sloping ridge that beings high above the ocean and descends to a sandy bottom of about 40 meters. After dinner we gather for our final night dive of the week and are not disappointed when we spot many hunting eels, a variety of crustaceans, and even a giant barracuda. Divers return to the boat and exchange stories, have their hot coco, then retire to their rooms.


We upped anchor early and headed north to Koh Tachai, the current was running north this morning this brings in lots of marine life and we saw a huge school of Barracuda and a couple of mating cuttlefish, some of our guests elected to go to the reef and had a nice drift dive and saw a few free swimming morays, we decided to stay at Koh Tachai for the remainder of the day and our guests switched between the reef for drift dives and the pinnacle for the more adventure seekers , we found cuttlefish on every dive this pleased our team of go pro movie makers we also saw a large school of batfish sheltering in the current, after the days diving we headed north and made our way to the Surin marine park we dropped anchor between the islands and enjoyed our Japanese theme night all our guests settled down for the night.

Thursday :

We awoke nice and early for our briefing on Richelieu rock this rock is named after a Danish sea farer who helped set up the modern Thai navy. We had planned 4 dives here but the current was running quite strongly so we decided to head back to Koh Tachai for our afternoon dives, we had 2 dives at Richelieu and saw our resident sea horse and a octopus, all the fish were close into the rock, Heading back to Koh Tachai a dolphin was spotted but it was a bit cautious and didn’t stick around long, back at the pinnacle we saw schooling jacks and lots of snapper we headed to the north reef for our last dive today one of our guides found a Pegasus sea moth this is quite a special find for this area and our photographers took advantage of the opportunity, after a days diving with some unusual currents most of our guests opted for an early night with a couple stopping up for some comedy shows.

Friday –

We had spent the night at Tachai island and left early for our two dives today, there was still a bit of current running and our guests hooked into the west ridge and watched the action unfold we were not disappointed with schools of jacks and a couple of huge Rainbow runners still hunting on the reef, we also found the very unusual Maldivian sponge snail that seems to have colonized the reef, on our second dive we encountered octopus and a sea snake, this is a highly venomous but completely non aggressive snake that frequents these waters, we also saw devil scorpion fish and a couple of bearded scorpion fish too, sadly no mantas today lets hope the new moon brings them in for next week, we washed the guests equipment and headed back to port for our bbq and trip video….


Most of our guests headed towards Phuket this morning sadly for some it was the end of the holiday, but some headed to hotels to enjoy the last few days of sunshine before returning home…….