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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 02, 2017
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew


Bahamas Aggressor Captain’s Log 2 - 9 Dec 2017


Air Temp. 77-84+ F

Water Temp. 79-81 F

Visibility 40-100+ft



Captain David Luxford

2nd Captain David Mallard

Instructor Gabi Ruben

Instructor Caitilin Tincher

Instructor Josh Ellis

Chef Calib Dudley



Julie, Jaenette, Gail, Kathy, Christopher, Eric, Jose, Marc, Michael, Charles, Tony and Barbara, Brian and Melissa



Sunday – Periwinkle, Lobster no Lobster, Hole in the Wall, Kraken

Monday – Cut Through City, Cut n Run, Cave Rock

Tuesday – Cobia Cage, Monolith, Split Coral

Wednesday – Pigs, Flat Rock

Thursday – Jew Fish Wall, Austin Smith, Barracuda, Aquarium, Close Mon

Friday – Blue Hole, Periwinkle



We welcomed our Dive group aboard, had an excellent dinner and settled into a quiet evening in Nassau.


An early morning departure brought us to the Periwinkle reef, an excellent starter offer with Nurse Sharks, Rays and colourfull reff fish. Our next stop was Lobster no Lobetsr, and we found Lobsters! As well as Rays, Parrot Fish and a host of other reef Fish. With the weather on our side, we headed ove to Eluthera and the beautiful Hole in the Wall. We then set up for our night dive on the Kraken.



Our moring dive put us back on the wall with Cut Through City. The swim throughs and towering Coral heads festoned with Black Coral, Sponges and associated reef Fish. Then on to another greaat Wall dive; Cut n Run with it’s encrusted anchor and plane wrek made for great photo opportunities. The next stop was the lovely and intrecate Cave Rock. Crabs, Octopuss and Shrimp made for a great night dive.



We began the diving day with a visit to the amazing Cobia Cage where the nudibranches cover the netting of this unique structure. Monolith provide anothe spectacular Wall dive then on to the Shark dive of Split Coral. We had a special visit with a Tiger Shark! This site also made for a super night dive. We then headed Down to the Exumas Park.



The swimming Pigs provided fun for all this morning. We then settled in for the cruise up to the dive sites of the northern Exumas starting with Flat Rock. A lovely shallow reef system theat makes of great Yellow headed Jaw Fish, Sting ray and Turtle interations. This site also made for a great Night dive.



Jew Fish Wall provide our first dive of this day. Deep drop off and Cresting reef top make for awesome wall diving. The wrek of the Austin Smith lures in the Sharks but also gentle encounters with Nassau Groupers and Spade Fish. Barracuda Reef was up next allowing snooping aboud scattered Coral heads and critters to be found in the nooks and crannies. Aquarium is a similar dive where the schooling Snappers, grunts and crommies are a plenty. Close Mon gave us another great night dive and then we moved closer to Nassau.




The Lost Blue Hole, a spectacular drop into the hole and around the crest were Reek Sharks, Nurse Sharks and a Lager Head Turtle. We finished up the weeks diving on the pretty Periwinkle and it myriad collection of Sargent Majors, Soft Corals and crustations. Back on the dock we enjoyed a Coctail Party and made plans for further diving adventures.


Best Fishes,


Bahamas Aggressor Crew