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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 04, 2017
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew




Captains log - 4th November 2017


Water temp – 82/84

Recommended suit – 3mm

Weather – Easterly wind 10/15 knots of wind

Visibility – 70/90ft



Captain – Joji

Chief Engineer – Vince Moore

Dive Master – Eddie

Chef – Peni

Steward – Malakati

Deck Crew – Richard



Guest – Ken Kurtis, Laurie, Cecilia, Donna, Harry, Marilyn, Dr Louis, Karen, Craig



Sunday – Namara Island, Alacrity, M&M

Monday – Mellow yellow, Eye Catcher, Pitons I, Pitons II, M&M

Tuesday – Donna Ella, Day dreamer, Fantasea, Village visit

Wednesday – Wreck, Bombshell, Labyrinth, Jeannie’s rock

Thursday – Dravuni West, Solo wall, rainbow wall, Denali wall II

Friday – Denali wall I, Solia mai reef

Saturday – Suva port


Saturday – 4th November 2017 - Suva port 

On behalf of the Fiji aggressor crew, we would like to welcome our guest with a big BULA vinaka to all our American guest. They all arrived little after 1100 in the morning at the same time the crew assisted each guest to their designated cabin, while they settle with their cabin our chef Peni prepared lunch, we started our official crew introduction and safety briefing. At 1330hrs we departed jetty for Kadavu Island where we commence our check out dive


Sunday – 5th November 2017 Namara Island

Little rain this morning but our guests were all eager to jump in with bright sunshine and lovely weather 10/15knots of easterly wind. We did our check out dive at Namara reef make sure that everyone properly weighted before we moved on to the normal dive site. As our guest enjoy their breakfast we weighed anchor and moved on to our 2nd dive spot called Alacrity with variety of fish life and many critters. As the weather still not settle we headed further south where it safe for us to dive. Third dive at M&M we saw White tip, grey reef, moray eel and lots of Parrot fish and groupers 

Monday – 6th November 2017

Five dives today, Mellow yellow, Eye Catcher and Pitons, we were blessed with huge visibility, our guests who are all Americans were so excited as they never see such extremely good visibility.  They were just blown away and couldn’t stop remarking on possibly 60 or more metres of visibility.  The guests also were very pleased that they had the privilege of being led on their dive by the Captain on their third dive.  They remark also how wealthy and healthy the reefs are and the wonderful array of colours and variety of coral. 

Tuesday – 7th November 2017

Even though it was overcast and the sun was hiding, our guests didn’t care as the underwater world delivered such fabulous dives with the soft coral blooms in full flush.  Bright yellow was their report as they excited ascended.  Our guests always commented on how professional our guides are and how helpful the deckhands and staff are to assist with gearing up and exited the water.  Including assistance with cleaning and stowing gear.  They also commented on how wonderful the underwater topography is and keeps them wanting more and more to explore.  The guests’ trip to the village was enjoyed by all, and their interaction with the Drue people meant so much to be able to learn and be entertained and mix with the children at school and meet the Chief Paul and ask questions.  They also bought wonderful souvenirs and the earth pit dinner made them all talk about the food as the best ever.  Guests were thrilled to see whales on the surface after the dives.  They knew that the whales were around because the guests reported that they could hear the singing for half an hour during the dive.    

Wednesday – 8th November 2017

Our guests commented on the extreme fans, soft coral, dramatic pinnacles, caves, gutters, walls and canyons.  They were really happy and thanked the dive master Eddie for showing them such wonderful Fijian diving.  The Wreck Dive everyone was talking about, in anticipation, and when they returned they couldn’t stop talking about the dive and being able to see the entire wreck from bow to stern as the visibility was making it all so special.  They also commented that because it was deep and taking them close to decompression, Eddie and the captain took immense care for their safety and health.  As it was quite choppy, the ladies on the dive were most appreciative of the deck hands and dive masters’ assistance in anticipating their struggle and getting them out of the water with minimum stress.  The 3rd dive they were so happy with photos of 6 crayfish in a hole and a huge eagle ray.  The wonderful day was completed with a night dive by 4 guests. 


Thursday – 9th November 2017

Guests reported that the visibility was not as good as previous days, but understood that they were in a different part of the islands and reefs.  They were also very impressed with the location of the lighthouse.  They loved the dramatic and imposing wall dives which gave way to the spectacular coral gardens, which perhaps they thought were more beautiful than any of the previous dives.  They remarked that there were more giant clams and leopard sharks. Being picked up by the skiff was always easy as the crew were so helpful and gave so much attention to their comfort exiting the water.  The guests had so much pleasure in rescuing a bat from drowning.  They plucked it from the water and dried it off, kept it overnight so it could rest and then released it the next morning.  Satisfied that it flew back to the islands.  The guests spoke very highly of the food prepared in the galley, saying it was some of the best meals on any live-aboard they’d experienced, saying the chef is very skilled and passionate about his menus and food.  They also thanked the table service steward for his attentiveness and attention to the table service.  The guests are looking forward to their last two dives tomorrow to put the icing on the cake, so to speak.


Friday – 10th November 2017

First dive this morning at Denali passage we saw Leopard and grey reef, white tip sharks, Octopus, moray eel. Hawksbill turtle, sting rays and much more. Second dive at Solia mai reef we saw grey reef sharks, sting rays saw two octopus what a way to end the dive. As we headed back to Suva the crew rinse all their dive gears and dried them before we arrives port. Congratulation to all our Iron divers

Saturday – 11th November 2017 Kadavu Island

Continental breakfast was prepared for our guest prior to disembarking the vessel

The watermen of the Fiji aggressor bids farewell to the guest and hope that they have a safe journey back home to their loved ones and hoped we would meet again someday.