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Log Date: Saturday, Dec 09, 2017
Entry By: Oman Aggressor crew


Captain’s Log

Oman Aggressor

Sultanate of Oman


Cruise Date:                  December 9th – December 16th

Air Temp:                  83°F

Water Temp:            77°F

Exposure:            3-5mm Wetsuit


Crew: Captain Amro, Cruise Director Timo, Engineer Haram, Chef Hussein, Pastry Chef Salah, Camera Pro Shaker, Diveguides Naomi & Elsayed, Tender Driver Mohamed & Sameh, Steward Nubi, Housekeeper Nabil, Deckhand Mohamed & Halim


Guests: Sarah, Bert, Hugh, Suzie, Eddie, Niki, Joe, Mia, Simon



Saturday, December 9th

We are picking up two guests from the Host Hotel ‘ Juweira Boutique ’ at 3pm and guide them to the Oman Aggressor which is waiting 5 minutes away in the marina. As well two more guests arrive around this time coming from the Al Fanar Hotel. We are doing the check in and awaiting the other 5 guests which come from the Hilton Salalah. Once all are onboard it’s already snacktime and before Dinner we do the Safety & Boat Briefing. All are happy to be onboard and our guest let the evening fade out with some drinks.


Sunday, December 10th

Today morning we have some strong winds blowing so we are forced to stay two hours longer in the marina before the captain decided it’s save to leave the marina. From there we are going to Mirbat for our first day of diving along the coast. Shaker took our guest for the checkout dive to ‘Ra’s Mirbat’ where we were lucky to see turles, rays and plenty of different moray eels. For the night dive we are moving on to ‘Hamdis Block’. Simon, Joe and Niki had a wonderful dive and saw two decorator crabs wandering over the reef. For Dinner Chef Hussein prepared the fresh Snapper which we bought in the afternoon straight from the fisherman in Mirbat. Still we have some quiet time before we leave to the Hallaniyat Islands and we are putting on a Movie on the TV in the Saloon.



Monday, December 11th

This week we are back to Al Hasikiyah on the first day around the Hallaniyat Islands as we can stay in a bay where we have shelter from the NW winds which are blowing with up to 23 knots. We go out with the Tender to our divespots ‘Coral Bay’, ‘Cave Site’ and ‘The nameless Spot’. Everyone is excited after the first two dives where they encountered mobula rays, an eagle ray, turtles and the beautiful leopard shark. We are having lunch, getting some rest and the third dive after, is new dive spot which offers plenty of marine biodiversity and some nice arches. Big smiles and comments like ‘ the most amount of fish I have ever seen in one spot’ making the round. One more dive is coming up. We jump from the platform to do the night dive at ‘The Mounts’. Two big rock formations connected with lots of softcoral. Also during the night some mobula approached our diveguide Naomi and again we saw the decorator crab. All over everyone enjoyed this beautiful day of diving.


Tuesday, December 12th

During the night we are crossing to the far east Island, Al Qibliyah to spent the day diving different spots. Still windy around here but the diving is awesome. We are doing ‘Al Qibliyah Rock’ & ‘Cannal Garden’. All enjoyed the first dive where we had a bit of current which is usual around this Rock. The amount of fish is incredible at this divesite. Beautiful Arabian Angelfish, Yellow Pufferfish and schools of Goatfish are always present. ‘Cannal Garden’ is a minute away by Tender. Here we find a reef with huge hard coral formations and areas covered with cauliflower coral and disc anemones. Everywhere in between fish and usual sightings are nudibranch, crocodile fish and turtles. After Lunch some dolphins passed by in the bay and showed up right beside the mothership. As forecasted winds are going down in the afternoon so getting to the divespot by tender was a bit more comfortable. After night dive our guest having a drink and Chef Hussein serves Rip Eye Steak with mushroom sauce.

Wednesday, December 13th

A very quiet night is over, we are having breakfast and will do ‘Gotta Qibliyah’ on our first dive this morning. Here we find a nice canyon swim through with a huge arch. Small black Jacks and a huge potato grouper are around beside all the usual amount of fish. Sarah is glad she saw a big rock lobster during this dive. Unfortunately the wind didn’t stop and we decide to do another dive from the platform and discover the Bay of ‘Al Qibliyah’ under the mothership. Healthy coral Garden and marine life is awaiting our guest. We are having lunch before heading for ‘Schmies Island’ where we plan our 3rd and night dive. After 1,5h we arrive and Captain Amr fixes the ship on the leeward side of the island. We are going to ‘Schmies Fingers’ by tender. Niki spotted a black spotted stingray hiding under a coral block and on the sandy part some Jawfish were sticking out their heads. We are staying on the spot overnight and planning another dive in the morning before moving on.



Thursday, December 14th


Today we are a bit earlier for the first dive and we move to ‘Gotta Schmies’. Huge mounts under water form this dive site and we start on top of one. As reference Timo places a buoy which leads to 45ft. From there we dive down along the wall and encounters this dive were an eagle ray , some amberjacks, rainbow runners and Bert spotted a leopard shark. As current today was a bit stronger we decide to move to ‘Al Sawda’ island where we will have more pleasant dives for the rest of the day as we can dive from the platform and usually less current is present at this island. Two hours later we are at ‘Al Sawda’ and the mothership is right over the spot ‘Coral Garden’. Such a lovely divesite, the visibility is good, currents are gone and everyone enjoyed a relaxed dive. This will be our spot for the day and we do our afternoon & night dive as well from the mothership. In between dives some of our guest enjoyed as well a quick escape on the beach and hiked up a bit the hills to have fantastic overview of the bay. Today night we are having Turkey and a huge Omani tart. Before we start crossing back to Mirbat all gather around in front of the TV with drink and Shaker will show this week’s movie and pictures. 10pm the Engines start and we will have a smooth crossing as the sea is calm this night.




Friday, December 15th

It is 6am and we are still moving towards Mirbat and will have to make it to port straight away as we faced some currents during the night which delayed our travel and the tide will run low. Back in port we offered an exploring dive just outside the marina. Sarah and Bert joined for this special dive and were totally satisfied as there was a lot to see between the rocks. Lobster everywhere, some octopus and lots of small Jacks. In the end they potted a juvenile batfish. After Lunch our guest were relaxing and wandering around the marina / hotel area until 6pm where we met again for our cocktail party. All having fun, dancing with the crew to Arabic music and talking about the wonderful week on the Oman Aggressor. Today night we lead our guest to ‘The Island’ for Dinner and they enjoyed excellent service and great food & drinks.


This week was another great one aboard Oman Aggressor where everyone felt comfortable and was stoked from the diving and fish abundance.


We are glad You were our gusts and hope to welcome You again aboard.



Log Date: December 16th, 2017

Entry by: Oman Aggressor Crew