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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Dec 10, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter December 10th – 17th 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Scott, Shea, Ernan, June, Editha, Joe, and Ronnie


This week we welcome a group of 15 divers on the Yacht. With a good week to come the divers eagerly ready their dive gear and get settled into rooms before attending a quick safety briefing, and an amazing dinner by chef Ronnie. The guests go to bed to a good night’s sleep before waking up to a beautiful day for diving

Early Monday morning the guests wake up to a big breakfast before one more quick briefing about the dive deck and off we go to Barnum’s wall. Here the divers are split into two groups so as not to feel to crowded. It’s a slow drift along a nice wall. We would see nudibranchs, and a juvenile devil scorpoinfish resting on a coral head. Some of the guests were then treated to it swimming a short distance. The next dive would be the famous German channel. This is our manta dive where the guests would see a couple mantas feeding. An amazing site to see for a second dive of the week. After that we would go to turtle cove, a sheer wall with the start being a small hole through the top of the reef. As we come down it, the first thing we would see at the bottom would be 7 fire dart fish. Then a little ways down the wall we would find a disco clam burrowed into the wall. And as the name suggests we saw quite a few turtles swimming along the wall, and even a few feeding on coral on top of the reef towards the end. The last dive would be to Canyons, a unique site in Palau with giant canyons running in and out of the reef. Here we would find a few nudibranchs, some amazing topography, and the crocodile fish. A great end to a beautiful day.

This morning the wind has picked up a little as we head out to Blue corner. This is one of the top five dive sites in the world. It’s a hook in site where you can see sharks, barracuda, travally, red toothed triggerfish, and all of it in abundance. Swarms of fish that make the blue water in front of you look like the night sky. And the guests saw all of it, amazing! That dive was so good that we went straight back to it for a second run to see all of those things again. And as usual it did not disappoint. After lunch we would head off to New Drop Off. Here we would hook again again and see turtles lazily swimming past, beautiful blue anemones. The next dive would be big drop off, a sheer wall with beautiful sea fans, and tons of soft coral. Along the wall we would see sleeping white tip sharks, turtles, and even a well hidden juvenile scorpoinfish. Then for the night dive we would go to German Channel Coral Garden. A sloping wall where we would see tons of coral shrimp, eels, a large crab, crinoids shrimp, and a school of frantic fusiliers on our safety stop. A good end to an amazing day.

Early the next morning we head back to Blue Corner, the weather is still a bit rough so we make the best of it by doing the best site in Palau. This dive never fails to impress. The napoleon wrasse was extra friendly today, as were the sharks and schools of fish. But the prize of the dive would be the giant school of orange spine trigger fish, once a year they gather and spawn by the thousands. Usually in February, we would get a special showing early. Next we head out to blue holes, a large cavern with sunlight beaming through holes in the reef; here there would be the usuals, lionfish, disco clam, and plenty of dart fish. After that we head back again to German channel, here we see two giant Rays, a feather tail and a marbled. Next we go to Ngemelis Wall. A sheer wall with lots of beautiful soft coral, multiple kinds of moray eels, and sharks lurking off the wall checking us out. For the night dive we go to the other side of German channel coral garden where the guests would see those same two rays from earlier hunting fanatically in the dark.

Thursday we go back one last time to blue corner. The guests were so enamored by it they continue to be awestruck by the sheer diversity and abundance of marine life. Another amazing show. The second dive would be Dexter’s wall. The divers would see many green sea turtles, some would be extremely large. A few sharks, a couple small nudis, but the topography is what is amazing here. Large canyons, next to sloping walls and ending up at a sheer cliff. At lunch did a great burger and chicken Caesar salad lunch. For the after lunch dive would go to German channel one last time. With cameras in tow the divers would see a few reef sharks, white tips, turtles, nudibranchs, and tons of tiny shrimps and gobies. The forth dive we head out to Carp Wall. A beautiful display of soft corals of every color and size. For the night dive we head back to Big Drop Off. The divers get to see sleeping white tips, hunting white tips, turtles, and nudibranchs.

Friday morning early we are excited to head to sandy paradise for the bump head parrotfish spawning. We get there early to get the best spots as this can be a popular and rare event. When we get there we first head to a coral head where we find 5 leaf scorpion fish, and three mantis shrimp. When we get to where the bump heads are spawning and giving a great show. After that we come back to the harbor where we dive the helmet wreck a WWII ship that is the only wreck left that has artifacts. Next we go to the Have an adagio wreck, a communications ship sank by a storm. Here we would find a small octopus that would hide out, but occasionally pole its head out. There were also a dozen or more Dragon Nudibranchs, also called the pipe cleaner nude because it looks like a pipe cleaner.

The final morning would be spent at chandelier cave where we would see the caves that have air pockets in them where you can breathe. Then you go outside the cave and find the elusive mandarin fish. A beautiful multicolored fish. After that we would go to the Choyu Maru. A small wreck with a couple torpedo holes, and anemones with tomato anemone fish. It’s been a fantastic week of diving despite the weather. We had amazing guests and will miss them as they head out to new and exciting dive sites around the world.