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Palau Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Dec 17, 2017
Entry By: Palau Aggressor Crew


Palau Aggressor Charter December 10th – 17th 2017

Water Temp: 80-85 deg F

Air Temp: 85-90 deg F

Crew: Scott, Shea, Ernan, Hector, Herence, Joe, and Christian


This week we welcome a group of 13 divers on the Yacht. With a good week to come the divers eagerly ready their dive gear and get settled into rooms before attending a quick safety briefing, and an amazing dinner by chef Christian. The guests go to bed to a good night’s sleep before waking up to a beautiful day for diving

First light the guests get up after a good night’s sleep and immediately go diving. First dive, Sandy Paradise would set the bar high. Within seconds of starting the first dive we had 2 mantas at a cleaning station for a half hour. After that we would move down the reef to see mantis shrimp and leaf scorpion’s fish. Next we head out to Siaes’ Tunnel where the divers would see the hielfrich dart fish, a very rare fish to see at shallow depths. Then we head back out after lunch to Siaes corner, a great hook in dive with lots of sharks and puffer fish. We would also see a few moray eels. The final dive of the first day would be to Ulong Channel. One of Palau’s best dives with a beautiful hard coral wall and an amazing hook in with lots of sharks passing close by.

The next morning after a great breakfast by Chef Christian, we would take the guests to Blue Corner, here is one of the best dives in the world sporting dozens of sharks, super friendly napoleon wrasse, and tons of schooling fish of all kinds. Next we go to blue holes where we would see the disco clam and a great barracuda. After lunch we would take the divers to new drop off, another hook in dive where we would see sharks, eels, and a baby eagle ray playing in front of us. Then off to ferns wall to see this beautiful sloping coral garden. With nudibranchs, eels, and lots of sea fans. That night we would go to Alexis goral garden to see baby sharks feeding, and lots of other nocturnal creatures out on the prowl.

The next day we head off to German channel to see if we can find the manta rays again. This time we would miss them, but even without it’s a perfect dive for shrimp gobies, sharks being cleaned, and feather tail rays. Then back to blue corner to see the napoleon wrasse, sharks and all of the red toothed trigger fish. Next we would go to Dexter’s wall to see a pristine wall with scorpion fish and tons of turtles. Then at the top of the wall would be anemone after anemone. For the fourth dive we would go to Turtle cove to see the soft coral, numerous turtles, and again a coupe scorpion fish. That night we go to German channel coral garden. The same place as the manta dive but instead we find a plethora of moray eels, and a sleeping napoleon wrasse.

The next morning we go back to blue corner one last time to dive with the sharks and all the other fish that gather there. Next we go to big drop off, back for the hook in action, we would see the sharks of course another eagle ray and many small schools of fish. After that we got to make it to Barnums wall a gorgeous sloping wall with soft corals, white tip sharks, and shrimps of all types including the mantis shrimp. Then we would head back to German channel for an amazing dive with 5 manta’s being cleaned, and then they would move into the shallows to feed for the last 20-30 minutes. A spectacular dive. That night at big drop off the divers would see lots of crabs, shrimp and a few turtles.

After a nice breakfast we would head back to ulong to go to shark city. Here the divers would see a giant school of jacks, and numerous sharks. With a strong current the divers would be ready for an awesome snack. Then we head off to Siaes tunnel one last time to see the cavern, and the perfect sheer wall. Then off to sandy paradise to again see a manta cleaning, then the many leaf scorpion fish. For the last dive on the outer reef we head back to ulong channel where we would have a great show by up to ten sharks before unhooking and quickly drifting down to see the lettuce coral wall, and then over to the 2 100 year old giant clams.

For the last two dives we would go to see the IRO Maru, a World War II wreck with a beautiful cuttlefish, and a tower of anemones and anemone fish with 2 giant clams. The last dive would be spent at chandelier cave where we would see the caves that have air pockets in them where you can breathe. Then you go outside the cave and find the elusive mandarin fish. A beautiful multicolored fish.


It’s been an amazing week of diving here in Palau, seeing the mantas, cuttlefish, turtles galore and everyone has seen all they wanted. It weather has been overcast but as a final goodbye the sun would be out shining just like the amazing guests we have had this week.