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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 23, 2017
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captain’s Log 23-30 Dec 2017



*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 28c

* Visibility 20m



Captain: Tui

Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Bom

Deck hand: Rong

Deck Hand: Bank

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Saharaj

Instructor: Jai

Instructor: Kai

Steward: Jinny


GUESTS: Manu, Chris, Cindy, Michelle, Tim, Corinne ,Logan, Andrea, John, Bruce, Jason, Jeff, Debra



Sunday – Zodiac, Boulder city, West of Eden , Anitas Reef x2

Monday- Elephant Head Rock, Deep Six, Elephant Head Rock Stonehenge.

Tuesday- Three Trees, Christmas point, Turtle Rock, Mooring bay x2

Wednesday– Koh Bon Ridge, Koh Bon Pinnacle, Koh Tachai pinnacle, koh tachai pinnacle

Thursday : Richelieu rock x4  

Friday – Koh Tachai pinnacle, Koh Bon West ridge.


Guests arrive to Thaplamu Pier and board the Thailand Aggressor via dinghy by 5:00pm. With the crews help, our divers set up their gear and head to the main lounge for the weekly overview followed by a 5 course family style Thai dinner.


Our guests were up nice and early eagerly awaiting the first dip into the Andaman sea, we had our safety briefing and headed downstairs to get kitted up. We did our buddy checks and entered the Dinghy. Zodiac our first dive is a very easy check dive, we saw stingray and moray with many garden eels, our second dive we went south to Boulder city we descended on the southern mooring and immediately saw a stingray in the sand there were many fussileers in the shallows and one group saw an octopus.. After the great buffet lunch we dropped in at West of Eden and immediately headed for our resident mantis shrimp we also saw a turtle and a dog tooth tuna For our 4th dive we headed to Anitas reef the group saw many stingrays and also a field of garden eels. We started the dive at the eastern side of the island and drifted to the south we saw blue fin trevally hunting, After dinner we dived at anitas reef again for the night dive our guests saw lobster, moray. Some of our guests watched a underwater documentary before an early night..


We woke up merry Christmas everybody, We decided to head to Elephant Head Rock a dive site in the middle channel between island number 7 and 8, we headed to the 2 Ribbon eels we found last week one was mid change from yellow to blue we also saw the pygmy pipe horse, we then moved back down the north tip of island seven we encountered octopus and a school of feeding trevally. We had a really good dive at elephant head this morning so we decided to give this great site a second dive all our guests went through the maze of swimthrus and saw stingray and a great barracuda in the shallows, After a great days diving we settled down to a great Christmas dinner with turkey and ham and stuffing and all had many stories to tell about previous dive trips.


Back north this morning and to three trees, we all were up for sunrise and in the water early we descended on the east side and did a drift for most of the dive, the viz was again great at around 75 feet, we saw a few morays and also a school of hunting Emperor snapper, for our second dive we headed back to the north of island 9 this dive site Christmas point this dive site has some great swim thrus up in the shallows we saw many fusiliers all dodging the hunting trevallys, for our third dive we did turtle rock this site is marked by the strange rock that does resemble a turtle there is a lot of anemone fish here and our guests were posing for photos we also found some nudibranchs. Our fourth and fifth dives would be held across the channel at Mooring bay we saw porcelain crabs and a octopus out free swimming.  



We upped anchor early this morning and made passage north to the limestone island of Koh Bon. This island is very different to the islands in the similans and has much more small marine life to hunt for, we found our sponge snails on the ridge and for our second dive we headed to the pinnacle this site is very deep around the base at around 130ft we did a figure of 8 around the dive site and saw a very nice Napolean wrasse as well as eggs from a Spanish dancer nudibranch, we enjoyed a nice lunch of beef curry and had a nice cruise to koh Tachai island this island is back to granite boulders the pinnacle was our site of choice and it was really going off with much hunting action and a rare devil scorpion fish being found we also saw a few nudibranchs, our guests elected to dive the site again for the sun set dive and the action hotted up even more with hunting action some of our guests saw the school of barracuda that live at this spot. After the dive we started the sunset cruise to Surin all our guests had an early nite and we held the briefing for tomorrow so as to get in the water early.

Thursday :

All day at Richelieu what an awesome days diving,this rock is so diverse and the coral is so varied, the sun was shining and showed the colors of the rock, really amazing for photography and our camera team had a fantastic opportunity to capture the amazing colors of the soft corals that cover this limestone pinnacle. Throughout the day the sitings of awesome marine life kept coming with many octopus found also 4 different types of shrimp and the usual big schools of fish including a very big school of big eyed jacks we also saw mantis shrimp and a few different species of nudibranch two of our guests on the second dive celebrated their 100th dive well done Corinne and Logan, we made our usual banner and all posed for photographs, what a nice way for this family to spend Christmas together, after a great day we headed south again and slept back at Koh tachai Island…


Friday –

Just two dives today then back to our home port, our day would begin at Koh Tachai pinnacle, the current was running a bit so we headed down the mooring line from the back of the big boat, once at the bottom the current is hardly anything, we saw lots of action with many fish hunting glassfish out in the deeper part of the site we also saw a school of oriental sweetlips and many batfish at the cleaning station. On the ascent we drifted over the pinnacle and had a great view of the whole of the site, we headed back east for our final dive of the trip. This divesite is always a favorite with our guests, we found a sea snake and a really small nudibranch that was almost a quarter inch long. On the wall on the inside of the bay we found 4 of our sponge snails and a huge moray with a lobster carcass next to it, we guessed this was last nights dinner, after the dive we washed our guests equipment and headed back to port, a few of our guests left the boat today as they were off to new destinations…



We wake up around 7 and guests are served their usual made to order hot breakfast as crew loads up the luggage. By 8:00am we head to the pier by dinghy where our transfers are waiting to take everyone to their next destination. A huge thank you to our Aggressor divers for another amazing week on board. ‘Khap Khun Krap’ and See you next time! And a Happy New Year to all