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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Dec 24, 2017
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log: GRANDEZZA Maldives Aggressor , December 24th


*Air Temp. 89 F , 31 C

*Water Temp. 84 F, 29C

* Visibility 50ft plus, 15 to 20 meters



Cruise Director: Marc

Captain: Hathee

2nd Captain: Sharaf

Chef: Mr. Anil Ranjit

Instructors: Megan, Marilen , Iboo and Ripon

Steward: Megs


GUESTS: 20 - Mariano , Todd , Bill , Jenniffer , Rosa , Kim , Paul , Charlotte , Wonse , Cindy , Mj , Cliff , Nickie , Yves , Jessica , Thomas , Michael , Victor , Matt , Erica




Monday – Embudhoo, Lhosefushi Kandu, Alimatha (night), Alimatha (night)

Tuesday – Miyaru Kandu, Kudarah Thila, Machchafushi Wreck (night)

Wednesday – Sun Island Beru, Fenfushi Beru, Angaga Thila,

Thursday – Mirihi House Reef, Rangali Madivaru, Rangali Madivaru, Rah Digga Thila

Friday – Moofushi Kandu, Mushimas Mingili

Saturday –


Sunday December 24th


The guests arrived at the airport and were taken for Christmas Eve Dinner on the boat. They enjoyed delicious turkey under the stars before being briefed on the week of diving. All guests went to bed early in preparation for an early dive and 4 dives for Monday.


Monday December 25th

Today, the bell was rung early! Guests enjoyed a beautiful dive at Embudhoo, where they dove off an island on a shallow reef with several small wrecks at around 25 meters. The next dive at Lhosefushi Kandu was incredibly clear, with more than 30 meters of visibility because of the good weather. The group started on a wall, dropping down to 40 meters or more and hooking onto the channel corner to watch a beautiful amount of sharks, eagle rays and napoleons pass by. After some navigation, we did 2 night dives at Alimatha, where the guests experienced nurse sharks playing in the sand! It was a late night, but very much worth it!




Tuesday December 12th

On Tuesday, the guests dove a channel dive in the morning at Miyaru Kandu with plenty of sharks. After a filling breakfast, the dhoni took the guests to the first pinnacle dive of the week; Kuda Rah Thila. With many overhangs, the guests used their torches to light up the beautiful soft corals, all macro lovers dream dive! After a bit of navigation, we ended our day on the most incredible night dive at Machchafushi Wreck! Here we saw tens of different species of nudibranchs, which were all so colourful and distinct! Several divers peeked into the wheelhouse to see a sleeping nurse shark and a moray eel! The guests returned for a delicious meal and tucked in for the night.



Wednesday December 13th

Today, the guests woke up excited for South Ari Atoll and whale sharks! Two wall dives at Sun Island Beru and Fenfushi Beru were beautiful, with a hungry turtle nipping at camera lens! There were many sharks, surgeon fish and mobula rays but no whale sharks! Happy to be in the beautiful sun, the guests enjoyed a nice cruise along the islands. The next dive at Angaga Thila


Thursday December 14th

Again, the guests woke up excited for their last chance to see whale sharks. It was a beautiful, sunny day with a 30 minute dhoni ride to Mirihi House Reef. The guests were delighted to see a manta ray on the surface, and after dropping down, watched 4 manta rays dancing over the cleaning station! With smiles on their faces, the guests boarded the dhoni and headed back to the Grandezza. Before boarding, we were alerted of whale sharks in the area! We headed out immediately and guests snorkeled with 2 whale sharks and several manta rays! The first jump was fairly quick, so guests returned to the boat to jump in with the whale sharks again! And again! Pleased, we returned for a well deserved lunch and a nap!




Friday December 15th

Lucky for the guests, the Aggressor group woke up late this morning! After light navigation, we went diving at Moofushi Kandu, where guests experienced an incredible dive! We arrived at the cleaning station to find 7 manta rays circling, enjoying a nice clean, with white tip reef sharks nestled in the sand. At the bottom of the station, at about 28 meters, guests were surprised by both a yellow and a white leaf fish. Climbing up the reef to shallower water, different species of nudibranchs and a lovely octopus showed their beautiful colors. After a 60 minute dive, guests had to leave the station and the manta rays behind! The cooks provided a great meal for breakfast to give guests their energy their next dive: fish head! Here, guests were delighted by a guitarshark in about 30 meters, with scorpion fish, 5 turtles and peacock mantis shrimp on the pinnacle wall. The clarity o the water was amazing, at about 15 to 20 meters , followed by some rain and wind.



Saturday December 16th

The guests woke up eager for more diving! We had a light breakfast and did two dives in Male North after sailing overnight: Fish Factory and Maagiri.

Here we saw beautiful schools of banner fish in amazingly clear waters.

The guests returned to the boat for lunch and a quick tour of Male.

We had a goodbye dinner and a lovely feast , followed by the Video of the Trip , the Awards and theAggressor goodbye toast before going to bed.



Sunday December 17th

Breakfast , luggage and transfer to Airport

End of trip




Maldives Aggressor Crew