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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 23, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew



Cayman Aggressor IV

Dec 23rd to 30th 2017


Guests Brenda & Scott, Steven, Jodi & Kirby, Minhae & Chuck, Emma, Charles ,Chris, Kristin & Tracy, Debby & Jeff, Makenzie, Kadie, Nikki & Steven.

Crew Capt Niall, 1st mate Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Steward Oneil.

Water Temp 81f

Air Temp 85f

Exposure Protection 3mm wetsuit

Saturday Some flights were delayed a short and others a bit longer but by 7pm all guests were aboard and enjoying the BBQ feast Kingsley had prepared. All intros were done and safety brief completed so our eager gang settled in for a good night’s rest in prep for a great week of diving to come.

Sunday Christmas eve We were underway early and arrived at the Doc Poulson with a bright ball of sunshine rising over the eastern sky. Our first dive offered up eagle rays, sting rays and friendly turtles. It was a fantastic way to start the week and we already had folks notching up milestones, Emma & Charles did their first ever ocean dive while their brother Chris began the 1st of his 4 check out dives before completing his open water certification. We carried on the shipwreck theme in the afternoon with a couple of dives on the Oro Verde before heading to Paradise reef for night dive. The Oro Verde is an old Cayman favorite and always has something to offer everyone. The twisted metal makes perfect hiding place for all kinds of critters and we even got another up close encounter with an eagle ray that was feeding in the sand. After the night dive and upon request for last minute Christmas shopping we opened the boutique store.

Monday Christmas Day We started our day with Kinsley’s signature pancakes in either blueberry or banana style or both……..why not ?’s Christmas. Our first stop was a very popular dive site by the name of Round Rock and it so close to Trinity Caves that we hand two for one dive site deal. The swim throughs and drop off are always a crowd pleaser and we hand turtles and schools of blue chromis to add to the ambiance. A truly delicious Christmas lunch was enjoyed by all as we made our way around northwest point and into the north sound for a dive at world famous stingray city. We were the only vessel there and the water was clear with an abundance of stingrays. On we moved to Bonnies Arch for a single dive and although there was a wee bit of current the dive was enjoyed by all. The arch is truly a photographers dream and a passing turtle capped off a great dive. A twilight dive was our next stop at Angelfish reef and the lobsters got everyone hungry and brought all the divers back with a healthy appetite and in anticipation of the splendid roast duck that Kingsley had prepared for Christmas dinner.

Tuesday Boxing Day The day began with a choice of eggs benedict or eggs florentine. We headed for the USS Kittiwake for 2 morning dives and although the wind had freshened somewhat we had a bright ball of sunshine rise in the sky and a gang of divers that were eager to enjoy the day of diving. The Kittiwake certainly entertained and the cool little turtle and large moray add to the spectacle. We moved onto to Lost Treasure and Spanish Anchor while Kingsley served up a delicious Italian style lunch. We had more turtles and moray eels among bright colorful corals and a night dive that produced channel crabs and moray eels, sleeping turtles and at least 2 octopuses.

Wednesday An early start saw us head south to Eagle Ray Rock for our first 2 dives of the day but not before we enjoyed Kinsley’s French toast, sausage and eggs to order. Cool swim throughs and a deep blue drop off was the setting along with sightings of a large channel crab, a friendly turtle and has the name suggests a very cool feeding Eagle Ray. Cheese Burgers in paradise was the lunch time feast followed up with fresh water melon. Our next stop was Neptune’s Drop Off for a couple of afternoon dives and then we headed back to Angelfish reef for a night dive. We again had friendly turtle encounters and a night dive that offered up huge lobster, feeding sting rays along with a speckled moray eel and yet another hunting octopus.

Thursday Our day started with smoked bacon and eggs to order from Kingsley ‘s kitchen. We then descended on Big Tunnels for a classic morning of Cayman wall diving. Swim throughs and a sheer drop off with camera friendly turtles sighted several times. An Asian themed lunch was our mid-day fare that put everyone in yet another dive/food coma as we headed the short distance to Governors Reef for the afternoon and twilight dives. More turtles and several lobsters were the order of the afternoon and the night produced more of the same with a large sleeping turtle and lobsters so big you could almost smell the garlic & butter.

Friday Devil’s Grotto was our chosen spot to end a great and, above all, safe week of diving. The Grotto is our usual Friday morning site and is a popular Cayman classic. The swim throughs are truly atmospheric and the resident tarpon are great fun to photograph. There were also some turtles and an eagle ray checking out the Grotto as divers swam by. Once we were all back aboard it was time to head back to the dock and begin the packing process. But it wasn’t all work, at 5:30 guests and crew gathered up on the sundeck to let lose for the Captain’s Cocktail Party and celebrate our safe and fun week of diving. Big congrats to Scott and Brenda for getting their Nitrox Certs, Chris for becoming Open Water Certified, Tracy for completing 900 dives, and Steven on completing 100 dives!

Saturday Sadly it was once again time to say goodbye and head back home. The new friends made and experiences had will not soon be forgotten, it was certainly a wonderful Christmas week for all aboard the Cayman Aggressor. Until next time!

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain and Crew.