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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Dec 30, 2017
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Capts Log

Cayman Aggressor IV

Dec 30th to Jan 06th 2018


Guests Kevin, Jan & Anne, Patz, Dawn & Kevin, Michael & Cayman, Marji, Susan ,Michael & Jin, Bev & Mike, Stephen & Thomas, Todd & Sirpa.

Crew Capt Alan, 1st mate Manny, Engineer Rodel, Chef Kingsley, Instructor Aubri, Steward Latoya.

Water Temp 81f

Air Temp 85f

Exposure Protection 3mm wetsuit

Saturday Ready for another adventure we greeted our guests aboard their floating home for the week. Everyone settled in quickly and began to get to know one another around the bar on the sundeck. After some time relaxing we settled into the salon for a safety briefing followed by a delicious BBQ dinner on the sundeck with the sun setting in the background, a perfect welcome to Cayman!

Sunday New Year Eve We started our day at the wreck of the Doc Poulson, a delightful way to start our New year Celebration, nestled in 50ft of water this site offers us a sloping swim thru that leads out to the west wall, the wreck itself is covered in life and we were lucky to see a free swimming nurse shark gliding through the water, surprising our group with a graceful display, as we were finishing our safety stop an eagle ray cruised along the sand feeding on garden eels. After a perfect deli lunch we stopped at a site called Lost Treasure where turtles, another nurse shark and two green moray eels awaited us. Next up was Governor’s Reef which made for an epic New Year’s Eve night dive. The high light of the dive was of course our friendly octopus, which dazzled us with amazing colors and display. The celebrations continued after the night dive with a champagne reception on the dive deck, no better way to welcome 2018!

Monday New Year’s Day 2018 has arrived and so have we to the Ex-USS Kittiwake for one spectacular dive. Divers enjoyed exploring the 250ft wreck sunk just 6 years ago and even came across a turtle heading off to get some breakfast. Next on the list for our action packed day was Sting Ray City where Cayman received the very best sting ray hickies we’ve seen all year! On the move again we made our way to Angelfish Reef for one dive where we spotted some lobster and a turtle. But we weren’t finished there! Engines came to life one final time as we headed back to the Kittiwake for a late afternoon and night dive, as one dive just doesn’t do it justice. At night the Kittiwake and surrounding reef really came alive with massive channel crabs, eels, and several octopuses! I’d say everyone here has started 2018 off on the right foot.

Tuesday We cranked our engines before sunrise and cruised to a site called big Tunnels, which is considered one of the best wall sites on Grand Cayman, the swim throughs are perfect for recreation diving and are packed with life, we spotted two neck crabs hiding on one of the many sea fans, the overall layout of this dive site is stunning, with marine life in abundance. After an Italian style lunch we moved to a site called Bonnies Arch, which is coral encrusted and packed with fish life. Turtles, free swimming moray eels, and the elusive drum fish made this dive one to remember. Next up was the ship reef of the Oro Verde, this site has the most life because of the artificial reef that the wreckage provides, a hawksbill turtle was slowly swimming by and in the sand we found a yellow headed jaw fish with eggs in the mouth. With North West winds in the post we cruised to the south side of the island to Pedro’s Castle which makes a wonderful night dive site, several reef squid, a golden tail moray eel, channel crabs and several juvenile lobsters, all in all a great day eating sleeping and diving.

Wednesday We awoke to beautiful weather and calm seas here on the south side of Grand Cayman at Pedro’s Castle. After a delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon we spent our morning exploring the deep pinnacles and shallow swim throughs, spotting creatures like lobster, stingray, spotted drum, and sail fin blennies. While enjoying some “Cheeseburgers in Paradise” we made our way further east to Kelly’s Caverns where we would spend the rest of our day. This pristine reef and wall site offers something for everyone with critters galore. Lobsters and jawfish were in abundance and we even saw a large green moray. Our final night dive didn’t disappoint either with crabs, lobster, bloodworms, and even a chain moray to entertain divers. With hot chocolates in hand divers headed up to the sundeck to watch stars before heading off to bed.

Thursday We cranked our engines before sunrise and cruised to a site known as Tunnels of Love, the longest swim thru in the Cayman Islands, meandering its way out onto the wall at around 100 ft, the marine life here is spectacular with schools of creole wrasse, purple reef fish, chubs and snappers in large numbers. The top of the wall is equally impressive with drum fish, dusky jawfish and several golden fairly basslets. Next up was Kelly’s caverns/ Crushers wall, the sand here leads the way out to the wall, where two large pinnacles are covered with life, sea fans, sea whips, sponges and an abundance of fish life. Back up in the shallows more macro subjects were found, yellow headed jaw fish with eggs, male and female sail fin blennies and a curious mantis shrimp hiding in the rubble. Next dive was at Pedro’s castle, for our dusk dive which proved to be very popular, lots of critters to mention, large channel crabs, lobsters and reef squid. It was time for our traditional thanks giving dinner, which was served up by our resident chef Kingsley, another perfect ending to a great day of diving.

Friday We awoke to another beautiful breezy day in Grand Cayman and the glorious smell of fresh waffles and sausage. Our final dive site for the week was Bullwinkle, known for its abundant Elkhorn Coral. Divers enjoyed the underwater canyons and swim throughs filled with tarpon and lobsters. Once we were all back from the final dive it was time to start cleaning up and setting the gear out to dry for the afternoon. After some packing and relaxing we all gathered on the sundeck for the Captain’s Cocktail Party. Congrats to Michael, Mike, and Bev on completing 100 dives and Cayman for getting his Nitrox and Deep specialties.


Sadly it is time to say goodbye once again. With a short skiff ride into Spotts Dock we big everyone safe travels and hope to see everyone again! Thank you all for a great week of diving.

Your Cayman Aggressor Captain and Crew.