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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 10, 2018
Entry By: Oman Aggressor crew



CRUISE DATE: February 10, 2018 – February 17, 2018


ITINERARY: Hallaniyat Islands


HIGHLIGHTS: Whale shark; turtle; black spotted stingray; pointed nose stingray; leopard shark


Avg Air Temp: 20 oC - 25oC / 68oF - 77oF

Avg Water Temp: 23oC / 71 oF

Avg Visibility: 8 - 15m / 26 - 50 feet

Avg Wind Speed: 6 - 18 knots

Weather: Moderate temperatures, Clear skies occasionally cloudy, moderate winds




  • Captain: Amr
  • Cruise Director: Shaker
  • Instructors/Guides: Sayed, Naomi
  • Chef: Hussein
  • Chef pastry: Salah
  • Stewards: Nubi, Nabil
  • Seamen: Mohamed, Sameeh, Haleem, Mohamed
  • Engineer: Haram


GUESTS: Wayne; Mary; Jim; Massimo; Carla; Clare; Mathias; Oleg; Arina; Gawaine; Jenny; Benny; Regine; Felix; Jana



  • Sunday: Ras Mirbat – Ras Mirbat – Marriott wreck – Marriott wreck (night)
  • Monday: Al Hasikiyah plateau – Al Hasikiyah aquarium – Al Hasikiyah West – Aquarium (night)
  • Tuesday: The cave – The arch – Hasikiyah coral bay – Hasikiyah coral bay (night)
  • Wednesday: Gotta Qibliyah – Qibliyah Rock – Canal garden – Farsha Qibliyah (night)
  • Thursday: Fish Highway – Angry grouper – Al Sawda coral garden - Al Sawda coral garden (night)
  • Friday: Ras Mirbat


Total dives for the trip: 21


IRON DIVERS: Jana; Felix; Massimo






DAY 1 – Saturday 10th February

Starting from 3:00pm our guests are arriving on the boat, they are going to be 15 on board this week, and one of them is a special guest Mr Wayne Hasson { the founder of aggressor fleets } , make us the honor to be on board with us this week. After a welcome fresh juices and Omani coffee, we lead our guest to discover their comfy cabins. Then we set up the diving gears and finishing some paperwork.

At 5:00pm, we ring the bell and all gathered in the salon for the safety briefing of the boat and the presentation of the crew. After the briefing, we serve the dinner, then it is time for a last glass of wine, or last walk on the marina and then bed time.


SAY 2 – Sunday 11th February

During the night we moved from Juweira’s marina to the Mirbat.

We wake up at 6:15am just in front of the harbor of Mirbat, ready for our morning diving. After the breakfast, we did the general diving safety briefing and the dive spot briefing. At 8:30am, we all take the direction by tender of our first dive spot Ras Mirbat for our adaptation dive. During this dive we saw plenty of nudibranch (red sea nembrotha, African chromodorid, pyjama chromodorid, kangoroo nudibranch, beautiful risbecia); orange spotted shield slug; egg cowrie; slipper lobster; baby burrfish and porcupinefish. One of the group get the really rare chance to see a whale shark who stick around for few minutes. After this super nice first dive we are back on the boat for our morning snack>

At 11:00 we ring the bell, for our second briefing of the day, we are going to dive Ras Mirbat again but the deeper part this time. For this second dive we encounter nudibranch again; slipper lobster; stingray; pink soft coral; gorgonian.

Back to the mother ship, it is lunch and in the same time we are moving to our next dive spot, the Marriott wreck, situated at 20 minutes navigation. At 3:15pm we ring the bell for the dive briefing. On the wreck we saw: Arabian butterflyfish; blues potted stingray; honeycomb moray; reef cusk eel; snubnose pompano; thousand and thousand of vanikoro sweeper and schools of yellow goat fish, crocodile fish; squid.

At 6:15pm, we ring the bell for our first night dive of the week, the Marriott wreck. During this night dive we encounter: cuttle fish; decorated crab; Spanish dancer; slipper lobster; black-blotched porcupinefish; yellow boxfish; blue spotted stingray; reef cusk eel.

Back on the boat it is time for dinner, during the same time we started our navigation in the direction of Al Hasikiyah island, the first island on our itinerary this week.


DAY 3 – Monday 12th February

This morning we wake up on Al Hasikiyah island, the crossing overnight was a smooth and easy. At 6:45 we ring the bell for the briefing, this morning our first dive is Al Hasikiyah plateau. During this dive we encounter: hundred of fusiliers who spend the dive with us, torpedo ray (one of them was a baby of 20cm length, really cute); semicircle angelfish; collared butteeflyfish; marble shrimp; stars-and-stripes snakelet.

Back on the boat we had our breakfast. At 10:30 we ring the bell for the second dive briefing: Al Hasikiyah aquarium. During this dive we saw goby; sole blue spotted stingray; octopus. Back on the boat it is lunch time, after some rest at 2:30pm we ring the bell for the afternoon dive, we are going to dive Al Hasikiyah West situated at 10min navigation by tender from the boat. We encounter marble shrimp; egg cowrie; bluestripe pipefish; harlequin crab; lunar fusilier. Back on the boat, we are waiting for the night while admiring the sunset. At 6:15pm we ring the bell for the night dive briefing. Tonight at Aquarium we saw stingray; decorated crab; convex reef crab. Back on the boat it is dinner time, tonight we are not going to move and spend the night on the same spot.


Day 4 – Tuesday 13th February

This morning we wake up at 6:15am, in the same time the boat is moving to the other side of Al Hasikiyah island. At 6:45 we ring the bell for the briefing of Al Hasikiyah cave. This dive was a really nice morning dive, we encounter urchin shrimp; superb coral shrimp; orange spotted and white shield slug; hawksbill turtle.

Back on the boat it is time for breakfast. At 10:030am we ring the bell for the second briefing of the day, we are going to dive Al Hasikiyah the arch. During this dive we saw a black spotted stingray; cloud of glass fish; big octopus. At 2:30pm we ring the bell for the afternoon dive, this dive is going to be directly from the back of the platform. Hasikiyah coral bay offered us Spanish dabcer; geometric moray eel; Oman anemonefish. We dove the same spot for our night dive, and we encounter huge decorated crab and again the Spanish dancer. Back on the boat we started directly our navigation to Al Qibliyah island.


DAY 5 – Wednesday 14th February

After a smooth and easy crossing we wake up this morning at Al Qibliyah island, the most eastern island of our itinerary. After the briefing at 6:45am we take the direction of our first dive by tender: Gotta Al Qibliyah, during this dive we saw: goldpotted sweetlips; red sea angelfish; yellow mouth moray eel; dragon moray eel; schools of blotcheye soldierfish

Back on the boat it is time for breakfast. At 10:30am we ring the bell for the second briefing of the day, we are going to dive Al Qibliyah rock. During this dive we encounter: black and orange spotted trevally; marble shrimp; dragon moray eel; white spotted on black and black spotted on yellow guineafowl pufferfish; blue gudgeon goby; groups of Moorish idol, bannerfish, doublebar bream, white-barred sweetlips.

Back on the boat, it is time for lunch. After lunch Mr Wayne Hasson, make us the please to do tell us the story of how he bought a Russian military boat in Cuba in 1996 to make a wreck of it in Caimans Islands. What a story!!

At 2:30pm, we ring the bell for briefing, this afternoon we are going to dive Canal garden. This easy and relax afternoon dive offered us schools of yellow fins trevally, goat fish, doublebar bream,goldspotted sweetlips; black spotted sringray, turtle.

At 6:15pm it is briefing time for our night dive, we jumped from the back of the boat again to dive Farsha Qibliyah. This night dive was really super rich, we saw: crocodile fish; baby cuttlefish; squid; turtle; octopus; different kind of shrimp; lobster.

Back on the boat it is time for dinner. During the dinner we start our navigation in the direction of Fish highway, our first dive spot of tomorrow morning situated between Schmies island and Hallaniyat island.


DAY 6 – Thursday 15th February

Yesterday in the late evening we arrived on fish highway dive sport, and spent the night there. At 6:45am, we ring the bell for the briefing. This dive like always was busy busy with fishes, thousand of fusiliers and goat fish; giant moray eel; big potato grouper; salps; cleaner shrimp; and plenty of broccoli soft coral. Back on the boat it is breakfast, then at 10:30am we ring the bell again for the second dive, angry grouper. This dive was really awesome, we had pointed-nose stingray; leopard shark; rainbow runner; back-spotted stingray; torpedo ray; huge grouper. Back on the boat, Chef Hussein is waiting for us for our well deserved lunch. During the lunch, we started to move in the direction of Al Sawda Island, where we are going to do the afternoon and night dive. During this afternoon dive we saw

Back on the boat, some of us go for an exploration walk on the island Al Sawda.

At 6:15pm we ring the bell for our last night dive of the week: Coral garden. During this dive we encounter shrimp; black spotted stingray; plenty of coral crabs.

Back to the boat it is dinner time, the Chef is waiting for us with is roasted turkey. During our dinner we started our navigation back to the mainland, where we are going to do our last dive tomorrow morning.


DAY 7 – Friday 16th February

This morning we wake up at 6:15am for our last dive of the week: Ras Mirbat. Today we are going to explore the deeper part of this spot. We encounter nudibranchs; and beautiful soft coral. Back to the boat we start directly our way back to the marina of Juweira, as because of the tide, we have to enter in the marina before 11:00am.

Back at the marina, at 12:00am it is lunch time, then everybody is free to enjoy his time till 5:30pm, time for our cocktail party to celebrated this week and thanks all our guests for joining us this week aboard The Oman Aggressor, and we hope to see you again.


Your Oman Aggressor Crew.


Log Date: February 17, 2018

Entry by: Oman Aggressor Crew