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Maldives Aggressor II :


Log Date: Sunday, Feb 11, 2018
Entry By: Maldives Aggressor Crew


Captain’s Log: Maldives Aggressor II , Februay 11th to February 18th


*Air Temp. 89 F , 31 C

*Water Temp. 84 F, 29C

* Visibility



Cruise Director: Marc

Captain: Hussein (Jack)

2nd Captain: Whaheed

Chef:  Mr. Anil Ranjit  Sous chef: Isuru Lakshan

Dive professionals: Marilen, Iris,  Ayya and Ripon

Steward: Megan, Jonah, Romesh and Sultan

Dhoni crew: Demha (captain), Alamin (compressor tech) and Shojib (crew)



Gary, Volodymyr, Valerie & Oksana, Myron & Olesia, Sheila & Ron, Erin & Alan





Monday –          Fish Factory & Kuda Giri Wreck in Male Atoll
                            Alimatha Jetty in Vaavu Atoll

Tuesday –        Devaba Kandu, Miyaru Kandu & Fotteyo Kandu in Vaavu Atoll

Wednesday –  Fotteyo Ocean Side & Fushi Kandu in Vaavu Atoll

                           Vanhuravalhi Kandu (Meemu Atoll)

Thursday –     Meemu Mulhe & Kurelhi Kandu (Meemu Atoll)

                           Dhifushi Lagoon & Fahala Giri (Thaa Atoll)

Friday –           Dhiyami Gili Kandu (Thaa Atoll)

                            Fushi Kandu & Maabaidhoo Kandu (Laamu Atoll)

Saturday –        Hithatdho Kandu & Hithatdho Ocean Side (Laamu Atoll)


Sunday February 11th


Marilen, Iris and Ayya welcome the guests at the airport at 4pm. The transfer with the Dhoni from Male Airport to Aggressor II was fast and the guests arrived safe and in a relaxed mood. Marc and the stewards welcome the guest with a cold aperitif and show everybody their cabins and explain the function of air-condition, plugs and TV. At 7:30 pm the guests listen to a complete boat briefing and the hole crew introduces themselves to the guests. Everybody enjoyed a wonderful dinner together with Tunfish steak and white wine.

Marc and Marilen gave a briefing of the next day activities and also an intro to the check dive in the morning. Also they short repeat the procedures of dive operation and organization of the day. Iris prepare together with some divers the equipment for the next day. It was already 11pm when the last guests went for sleep.


Monday February 12th

Wakeup call 6 am for the guest. The crew is already awake and is preparing small and big breakfast dishes, the Dive Dhoni is ready to start.

After the briefing for the dive site we jump for the first dive in Fish Factory, North Male Atoll. We meet a school of Striped Remoras (free swimming!), different kinds of Moray eels, marbled Stingrays passes by and school of Bannerfishes join us. Guests also found Mantis Shrimp and Octopuses hiding underneath the rocks. The temperature of the Water 28C/82,4F and the visibility was clear and bright, min. 25 Meter/82ft.

The guest enjoyed a nice big breakfast before we get ready for our next dive in Kuda Giri Wreck. The steel wreck without Name is located on the south west side of the small reef (Giri) next to Dhigufinolhu. Very smooth current and really good visibility allowed us to explore the hole wreck and surround the Giri. We can explore Needlefishes, Trumpetfishes, common and spotfin Lionfishes, Pipefishes, blue and golden Trevally, Kashmir Snappers, Fusiliers and some special nudibranchs like Chromodoris and Glossodoris. The temperature of water 28C/82,4F and the visibility war clear and bright, min. 25M/82Ft.


During our guests having lunch we start sailing to the next Atoll which is calling Vaavu. The weather during the day is fantastic with sunshine and blue sky.

Near to Alimatha Island Resort we are having our fist night dive.

It was spectacular!! Big Nursesharks and big Stingrays joined us together with hunting Jack fishes everywhere.


After dinner the guest went to bed pretty early and we are all exiting about the next day diving in Vaavu Atoll.


Tuesday February 13th

The night was calm and everybody was sleeping well. Our two dives in the morning where at Devana Kandu and Miyaru Kandu, Vaavu Atoll. The guests saw a lot of Grey Reef Sharks and White tip Reefsharks, Travallies and Jackfishes. Black-blotched and whiptail Stingrays. In the channels are not so many soft corals existing but great formations of brain corals, sea whips and Gorgonian fans on the oceanic drop offs.

The visibility of 30 meters/ 100 feet and water temperature of 28 C/82F.

Also on the surface the weather was amazing today with more than 35C/95F and a light wind.

Fotteyo Kandu was our third channel dive at this day and again we where lucky with Sharks and Rays!

After a delicious dinner Marc gave us an interesting presentation of Sharks here Maldives. Everybody was listening carefully und some guests also learned this evening something new about Sharks. What a great day!!!



Wednesday February 14th

Happy Valentine!!

We start the day early and with a nice dive at Fotteyo Ocean Side followed by a dive Fushi Kandu, Vaavu Atoll. Sharks, Sharks, Sharks and Sharks J today guests where diving in shark soup! Grey, white tip and silver tip Sharks, Jack fishes and different kind of Travallies. Turtles and big schools of fusiliers join this dives. In the early afternoon we reach Meemu Atoll and went for a dive at the channel called Vanhuravalhi Kandu. The visibility of 25 meters/ 82 feet and water temperature of 28 C/82F.

Also on the surface the weather was lovley today with more than 35C/95F and a light wind. Megan and her team decorate the salon in the colors of love and create a lovely valentine atmosphere. Kissing napkin bunny’s seat on the tables and Ranjit create an amazing dinner for the guests.




Thursday February 15th


After a little breakfast we start at Meemu Mulhe and after a big breakfast we forward diving at Kurelhi Kandu. Bouth divesits belong to Meemu Atoll, which we where leaving after our second dive. Guests are having lunch and we sail to Thaa Atoll. The famous dive site Dhifushi Lagoon welcome our guests with five Manta Rays under water!! On the surface Dolphins escort the Dhoni back to M.A.II. The spinners where jumping, showing saltos, splash water and present us proud there jungstars. Is was a festival of emotions when we came back.

The night dive was done at Fahala Giri and our divers saw sleeping turtles and hunting Jack fishes. Crabs and Shrimps where walking over the sandy bottom.

The visibility of 30 meters/ 100 feet and water temperature of 28 C/82F. The weather above the water was sunny with than 32C/95F and a light wind.

On the Boat the preparation for *The Whale Shark Night Watch* starts. After an other great and delicious dinner Marc did an interesting presentation about Manta Rays. The bell got ringed at 11:15 pm and our customers meet a whale shark directly on the back platform!!!

Having a good night!



Friday February 16th


The diving day started with Dhiyami Gili Kandu and a lot of Sea Turtles, Sharks, Eagle Rays and hunting Tunas, Jack fishes and Trevallies around. The oceanic wallpart is wonderful grown by hard and soft corals and Gorgonian Fans in between. During the dive in Fushi Kandu we saw also Silvertip Sharks in adult and juvenile form, more then ten eagle rays preforming a v-formation flight over the reef adage followed by a big eagle ray without tail. A big school of Barracudas escort us when we follow the wall.

At Maabaidhoo Kandu guests where lucky by seeing the whale shark also underwater!!

What an amazing day of diving!! The weather on the surface was not so nice, cloudy with 30C/86F, but the guests don’t really care by all the great experience thy made underwater.




Saturday February 17th

This morning we start a little bit later because it is our last day of diving together. Also the sky above us is hiding behind dark clouds and a little rain is falling when we went to our first dive to Hithadtho Kandu. We where lucky with a Manta Ray and also with Grey & White tip Reef Sharks. Morays and big Groupers enjoy there morning groom at the cleanings stations. Schools of Bigeye and Bluefin Trevally sailing throw the channel and Teira batfishes support us. The second and last dive of this incredible week was on Hithadto Ocean Side. A wall with a healthy coral life of soft and hard species. One Manta Ray fly through, Turtles, Schools of Fusiliers and Sweetlips Fishes, Barracudas and black Snapper make this dive special.


For our last evening together Megan and her team decorate the salon and Ranjit and his team prepare a wonderful dinner. Marc show us the video and pictures what he took of and for the guest. A Toast to a great week of diving! A Toast to our new friends! A Toast to the ocean and the great memories we create this week!!!




Sunday February 18th

Departure Day, six of our guest leaving M.A.II very eraly and 6:45am we are waving for goodbye!! Two customers will leave us 1:30pm and two other customers will stay with us for the next week.

Next week! Next trip! New guests, new adventures, new friends, we have to prepare!! Let’s start!



Maldives Aggressor Crew