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Roatan Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 17, 2018
Entry By: Roatan Aggressor Crew


*Roatan Aggressor Captains Log February 17th-24th 2018


*Air Temp. 79-82F

*Water Temp. 78-80 F

* Visibility 55-110+ft

* Wetsuit req. 3-5 mm full, shortie or skin




Captain - Nestor

Chief Engineer - John B

Chef - Dorian

Instructor - Willie

Stewardess- Candy

Deck Hand - German




Sunday – Tavianna & Eel Garden

Monday - El Aguila Wreck, Dolphin Caves, Spooky Channel & Butchers Bank

Tuesday – Odyssey Wreck, Half Moon Bay Wall & Black Rock.

Wednesday – Bears Den, Lighthouse Reef & Eel Garden

Thursday –Cara A Cara, Cordelias Bank, Pirates Point & Mr Bud

Friday –Marys Place & Cocos View Bank & the Prince Albert Wreck.


Saturday 17th

This week we welcome a diverse group of 17 guests from all over the globe, ranging from recently certified to veterans.

The weather is fabulous & our Moon-deck is now open. The bugle blows & we gather on the sundeck as the sun slips down, a gorgeous glow warms the surrounding area.

Chef Dorian with dive-master Willie at the grill serves up a tasty BBQ, with full bellies our tired travellers retire to their cabins for a good nights sleep.


Sunday 18th

With the East winds blowing we head West to our first dive at Taviannas, visibility is lovely & clear the water temperature is great & the sun is shinning, after a wonderful couple of dives with Creole Wrasse buzzing around, 3 large Mutton Snappers, a small Hawksbill Turtle, Yellow Snappers, Curved Nose Neck Crab, Arrow Blenny, Southern String-ray, Spotted Eel, White Spotted Filefish & Shrimp our good Captain Nestor with eyes like a hawk finds us a Common Octopus mid meal. It has its beak around a very large Channel Clinging Crab that will not fit through the gap in the coral, so the Octopus just hangs out, slowly digesting he wondrous meal much to our joy.

Moving a short distance we moor at Eel Garden. After a nice long siesta we splash into the deep blue at 2pm, as we head to the shallows we pass over Garden Eels waving in the sand as a Margin-tail Eel wriggles across our path. Dark & White Mantis Shrimps are seen in the shallows, a Pea Crab on top of a Heart Urchin, a Southern Teardrop Crab, Spotted Trunk Fish, a pair of Grey Angels who must of been on a date along with several juvenile Spotted Lobster & the smallest juvenile Short Nose Pipe Fish ever! After dinner & the night dive briefing 11 splash for a night dive at 7pm.

Caribbean Reef Octopus, juvenile Spotted Drum, Lettuce Leaf Slug & Scaly Tail Mantis were spotted by our Diamond Dive Team, Captain Nestor & Dive-master Willie.



Monday 19th

Bright & early our guests splash for a pre breakfast dive at the El Aguila, Spanish for The Eagle covered by a plethora of Hermit Crabs. The resident huge Cubra Snapper was getting alot of attention from our camera crew. After breakfast we head East to Dolphin Caves, along the journey a wondrous sighting of a Sperm Whale, majestic & fabulous. The cameras were flashing away, a truly spectacular experience.

Arriving at Dolphin Caves we splash, stunningly beautiful dive, chasms, caves & swim thus, a real maze, luckily our Captain Nestor was guiding us. We saw Banded, Anemone & Squat Anemone Shrimp, Caribbean & Diamond Blennys plus a Fire-worm. Returning to the boat we were flying with 2 gorgeous Eagle Rays & the lucky few were treated to a display by a pod of dolphins. What a day & that was just the morning!

Traveling West Chef Dorian has prepared Tacos with tasty sides for lunch followed by Banana Bread for desert. Splashing at 1.45pm for a dive at Spooky Channel dive master Willie finds not 1 but 2 Toadfish, a Large Eye & a Bearded, the Creole Wrasse are going bonkers munching on the Sergeant Majors eggs.

We headed over to Butchers Bank for the afternoon & the night dive. The afternoon saw thousands of Creole Wrasse who looked like they were running a marathon; it was fantastic, the colors & the swirl of it all. During the night dive all out to play were tiny Reef Octopi, Spotted Morays, Arrow Crabs, Basking & Brittle Stars.


Tuesday 20th

The wind has picked up over night & its howling, heading over to the Odyssey Wreck we immediately seek protection, it is relatively calm in compression. A pre breakfast dive always gets the guests hungry. Chef Dorian had prepared a breakfast special of Eggs Benedict, yummy! Off to beautiful Half Moon Bay with its statues of Pillar Coral, Hawksbill Turtle & super small juvenile White Spotted File Fish.

We are being chased by the wind today, we head to the furthest most point right on West Point, a very shallow dive site known as Black Rock where we spend the afternoon & night, truly beautiful dives, with the largest, friendliest Nassau Grouper & his best friend the large Green Moray, as we head to the shallows we discover Arrow Blennys & Scorpion Fish amongst a multitude of stunning cleaning stations & watch several relatively large Permits pass, as we head back to the boat we discover nuzzled in the rocks the cutest Golden-tail Eel.


Wednesday 21st

A pre breakfast dive at Bears Den, dive master Willie finds a Warty Slide Gill Slug & we are surrounded by Fringed, Orange & White Spotted File Fish, a Harlequin Pipefish & Black Margates. Lance gets some fabulous footage of the Greater Amberjacks with Giant Barracuda whilst Terry is fascinated with the Sea Pearls.

Cheese Burgers in paradise with a variety of sides are served upstairs on the sun deck for lunch followed by a dive at Lighthouse Reef. Back over to a familiar site we night dive at Eel Garden, its very exciting, we find 3 Reef Octopus, a wonderful Hogfish in phase & a stunning Peacock Flounder. Spotted & Spiny Lobsters are everywhere we look.


Thursday February 22nd

The wind is blowing but we hear the sharks hungry call & head to Cara A Cara for our shark dive. The adrenaline is pumping as 14 curious sharks put on a show for our delighted guests. Ascending from the dive the vibe is buzzing, we head to Pirates Point where we splash, during the whole dive we are followed by a Mutton Snapper. A Spotted Moray shyly pops his head out of the wreck while we take in the sights of the Anemone, Squat Anemone & Peterson Shrimp each with their token Arrow Crab.

Sadly our last dive of the day is at Mr Bud, the wind has picked up & once we ascend we head to the protection & the safety of our home dock. Dinner is our delicious Surf & Turf with Crème Brulée for desert followed by the movie of the week with an extended piece featuring the Sperm Whale.


Friday 23rd

Sadly Friday comes too soon, the wind is still blowing, we head to Marys Wall where our adventurers thoroughly enjoy the swim thrus, the large shoals of Horse Eye Jacks & the very lively Sergeant Majors. Our next dive is a drift dive on the Cocoas View Bank & the site of the Prince Albert Wreck which is a shallow & fabulous dive, we are determined to show our guests a Seahorse & our dive master Willie does us proud he finds our eager guests just that, a seahorse. Its back to our dock as gear is rinsed & hung to dry, bags are packed so the afternoon is free to relax until our cocktail party at 6pm. With a pirate theme & a glass or 2 of our rum punch we hand out some well deserved awards to our Iron Divers, Andre, Robin, Terry, Steve, Chris & Stuart, the cocktail party is followed by dinner at Romeos 5 star restaurant at our home dock in French Harbor.


Saturday 24th

Its time to say our goodbyes yet again, we thank our wonderful guests for spending the week with us, wish them safe travels & look forward to seeing them again soon. Congratulation to all our new Nitrox divers, Robin, Andre, Ken, Bill & a massive congratulations to Bill Shepherd for completing his 1300th milestone dive.

Until the next time, Crew of The Roatan Aggressor…………