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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 13, 2018
Entry By: Fiji Aggressor crew


Captains log – 13th January 2018


Water temp – 82/84

Recommended suit – 3mm

Weather – Easterly wind 10/15 knots of wind

Visibility – 70/90ft



Captain – Joji

Chief Engineer – Vince Moore

Dive Master – Mosese

Chef – Peni

Steward – Eddie

Deck Crew – Richard

C/D - Rhys


Guest – Sandy, Tracy, Brian, Carol, Mo, Bruce, Daffy, Alvin



Sunday – Namara Island, Jeanie’s Rock, Alacrity

Monday – Naigoro Passage, Vesi, Passage, Vesi Passage, Korolevu Passage

Tuesday – Korolevu Passage, Kadavu Koro wall, Soso Reef, Galoa Passage, Galoa Passage

Wednesday – Mellow yellow, M&M, Day Dreamer, Village Visit

Thursday – Voyager Wreck, Bomb Shell, Labyrinth, Labyrinth

Friday – Denali wall

Saturday – Suva port



Saturday –15th January 2018 - Suva port

On behalf of the Fiji aggressor crew, we would like to welcome our guest with a big BULA vinaka to our entire American guest. They all arrived little after 1100 in the morning at the same time the crew assisted each guest to their designated cabin, while they settle with their cabin our chef Peni prepared lunch, we started our official crew introduction and safety briefing. At 1330hrs we departed jetty for Namara Island where we commence our check out dive


Sunday – 14th January 2018- Kadavu

The check-out dive that morning was at Namara Island. Our guests began the process of getting ready for the first dive. Camera and gears were double-checked after which the divers started entering the waters at 0800am. The first dive lasted for nearly an hour with reports back seeing puffer fish, box fish, moray eels; black leaf scorpion fish the water was calm and warm. Our Second, Jeanie’s Rock, dive produce results of grey reef, white tip, moray eels and of cause the best viewing of many cowries and lots of fish life. There was more marine life at the top of the pinnacle than the bottom. The third dive was at Alacrity where there were four divers and four snorkelers whereby school of squid, turtles, nudibranch, dorine fish and many reef fish. A lot Rock cords, red snappers and baby lobsters were also sighted.

Monday -15th January 2018 – Kadavu

It was at Naigoro Passage where beautiful fish swam freely and sightings of school of barracudas which was found at 35ft below. The second and third dive were centralised at Vesi Passage; vibrant colours of fish were seen, that is, sweetlips, Murray fish, unicorn fish and many more. The sight was so self-indulging hence, the guests asked for another dive and same results were produced. The fourth dive was at Korolevu Passage where many sharks were seen, namely white tips and grey reef sharks, school of barracuda, angel fish and lovely landscape of coral with nice colours.

Tuesday –16th January 2018- kadavu

We had woken up to the blue sky and swiftly winds. The first dive was at Korolevu Passage where the visibility was 50ft. A lot of sharks were dangling around the passage but, the beautiful reef fish were captivating, that is, butterfly fish, angel fish and unicorn fish. The second dive at Kadavu Koro was epic. There were a school of barracudas with decorated reef fish, red snappers and stingrays. The Soso reef was the third dive site, where a lot of barracudas, purple soft corals and white tip were seen. The fourth and fifth dive, namely Galoa Passage, had much marine life. This was the sole reason to why they requested for two consecutive dives. There were black corals, soft corals, sweetlips, stingrays, turtles, squids and angel fish.

Wednesday –17th January 2018

First dive was at Mellow Yellow where divers saw many parrotfish, lion and scorpion fish, some goatfish and many angelfish. We took some time here, since most of the guests enjoyed the view underwater. The second and third dive was at M&M. Here, the guests saw a lot of colorful reef fish and different corals including sweetlips, schools of barracudas, parrot fish, angel fish and critters. The last diving site for the day was at Daydreamer, where lots of spider crabs, octopus, turtles, Murray eels and sweetlips. The guests talked about the variety of fish in the reefs and what a sight it was in the dive sites.

Thursday –18th January 2018

It was a bright and sunny day intentionally made for diving. The transition took about 8hours to complete before reaching our destination, Voyager Wrecker. The journey was an instantaneous since the weather was in a good mood. There were lots of colorful marine life, including clams, reef fish, critters, black corals and butterfly fish. The second dive was at the Bomb Shell. The extraordinary reef was filled with corals and fish which was quite magnificent in their own way. There were soft and black coral with the presence of a few groupers, goatfish, banded snake, oriental and diagonal sweetlips, pipefish, trumpet fish, angelfish, parrot fish and many sharks. On that note, the third and fourth dive was at Labyrinth where a lot of reef fish were seen. Not surprising but it was worth the dive, moray eels, blue-ribbon eel, unicorn fish and many critters.

Friday –19th January 2018

The last day was a slow and steady day so we agreed on one diving location which was Denali. Many marine life such as Leopard and grey reef, white tip sharks, Octopus, moray eel, Hawksbill turtle, sting rays and many more were seen. The sight was indeed delightful and mesmerising. As we headed back to Suva the crew rinsed all their dive gears and dried them before we arrives port.

Saturday 20th January 2017

Continental breakfast was prepared for our guest prior to disembarking the vessel

The watermen of the Fiji aggressor bids farewell to the guest and hope that they have a safe journey back home to their loved ones and hoped we would meet again someday