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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 17, 2018
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

February 17-24, 2018


Sea State: Choppy

Avg. Air Temp: 75oF

Avg. Water Temp: 78oF

Avg. Visibility: 50ft+



Captain – Chris

2nd Captain- Jerome

Chef – Yanis

Stewardess- Randy

Engineer- Fermin

Dive Master - Monique


Saturday February 17, 2018

3:00 PM – Guests Board

5:30 PM – Safety briefing & Introductions

6:15 PM – Dinner is served!


After a very clear safety briefing from captain Chris and a well-prepared dinner from Chef Yanis and Steward Randy we departed the Radisson dock for the west side of Turneffe.




Sunday February 18, 2018

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Julie’s Jungle

Having had a good night’s sleep, everyone was eagerly waiting to go in the water. Captain Chris gave again another thorough dive deck and site briefing, and then we were on our way to start exploring the reef of Belize for the week. Sandy Slope was more than the best choice for the check out dive, as we spent some time on the sloping sandy bottom, quickly making adjustment to the weights before exploring off the reef sections. We encountered huge channel clinging crabs and green moray eels; a yellow stingray, lobsters and a beautiful sight of the reef to hype everyone about the week ahead.

It was then time to move over to Lighthouse Reef Atoll for more dives, and Julie’s Jungle was the perfect site to kick off the great dives in this atoll. With some huge coral mounds and a coral over shoot more to the west, this site was very easy to navigate. We spotted a sleeping nurse shark, lobsters, banded coral shrimps, neck crabs, octopus and couple of squids. It was a great first day of diving that left our divers craving for some sun on the deck and for a night of beers and wine with dive buddies.


Monday February 19, 201

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Cathedral

Monday morning had us heading to Half Moon Caye Wall. A well-known site that delivers entertainment and excitement quite consistently. While dropping down to the sand, we saw a couple of southern stingrays busily searching for food on the sandy bottom. Heading off the wall there were a lot of heads turning since we found (or were found by) three Reef Sharks that continuously circled us. Coming so closely at times that we could almost shake hands, or fins with them. A huge loggerhead appeared, and we could see it was the boss, as he wasn’t bothered by us and just kept on his path. We were also graced by a hawksbill turtle, as well as a spotted eagle ray that swam closely by us and on top of the wall. We could see the excitement in the faces of some divers.

We slid back to the west side of Long Caye to finish our day with two peaceful dives at Cathedral. It was the perfect site to pull out the macro lenses to capture the beauty of several neck crabs and arrow crabs, yellow head jaw fish, blennies and lettuce slug. The night dive was dominated by three octopus that kept all divers abuzz as we ended the day and got ready for a cilantro rice, Creole shrimps and assorted vegetables well-cooked by our chef.


Tuesday February 20, 2017

Dive Site: Blue Hole & Cathedral

Having had rough weather so far, we took advantage of the first clear skies and headed to the magnificent Bluehole of Belize. After a beautiful navigation by Captain Chris, we anchored on what is known as the “northern passage”. We descended to our first meeting point at forty feet and before we knew it, we were swimming between stalactite formations. A very beautiful and peaceful place to be. Every second here was worth the while. We slowly got out of the stalactite and started our ascent to be greeted by one of the friendliest turtles ever! It actually stopped and allowed us all to take photos and then slowly swam with us again. It was truly a magical moment.

A trip to Halfmoon Caye Natural Monument was up next to explore the littoral forest of orange-flowered Zericote trees, and also for the opportunity to listen to the wind singing as it passed through the many coconuts trees on the island. We then headed to the observation deck from where we had a great view of the white and fluffy juvenile red-footed booby birds as well as the magnificent frigate birds trying to find a mate.

The last site of the day took us to Long Caye Wall, and we soon realized we could not have chosen a better way to end the day. We found a couple of spotted eagle rays, porcupine fish, scorpion fish, hawksbill turtle, green moray eel, a couple of reef sharks and a small pod of four Dolphins that made a quick drive by overhead. Truly stupendous dive!


Wednesday February 21, 2017

Dive Site: Nurse Shark Ridge, Quebrada & Silver Caves

We started this day at a unique and different section of reef we call Nurse Shark Ridge that boast of some massive coral formations with spectacular views for our divers. With not so great visibility, we were left the itching of what it could have been if we had better vis. We were still very privileged to view some massive barrel sponges amongst other sea life.

Looking for better visibility, we went to one of the crew’s favourite sites, Quebrada. This site is normally known for some of the best sponge and gorgonian formations. We were lucky to find and observe three very small juveniles spotted drums, not realizing that we had spent about ten minutes looking at them while swimming in its figure eight patterns.  It seemed as if the day was posed to be the “odd-fish-day”, as we also saw a scorpion fish, an orange spotted file fish and lizard fish.

We then moved over to Silver caves for the couple dives of the day. Luckily, we found two small hawksbill turtle swimming around, and found another one just resting between some coral heads. We also spotted a sharp tail eel, green moray, spotted moray, squid, lobsters and channel cling crabs.


Thursday February 22, 2017

Dive Site: Triple Anchor & Sandy Slope

An early morning passage from Lighthouse Reef Atoll to Turneffe Atoll had us greet the early sunshine at Triple Anchor, which is a very interesting site with tons of individual coral heads. We spent the day swimming between the many coral heads looking out for small shrimps, blennies, crabs and a couple of scorpion fish.

We went further west and headed for Sandy Slope again; this time at night. We spent the beginning of the dive on the shallows, quietly enjoying the small and tiny diversity of sea life that call this home. Again, we found a couple of southern stingrays, and a box crab, pipe fish, tons of spotted moray eels and fat green eel.


Friday February 23, 2017

Dive Sites: Amber Head North

After spending the night at Amber Head South, we were ready for our last early morning dive and excited about seeing the reef coming to life as the rays of sun hit the water. After the second briefing, we went back to explore some more into the mild current. We enjoyed the colours of this part of the reef better on the second dive, as the morning light had fully enlightened the waters. We then playfully dove around for a while before getting ready for the voyage back to port in Belize City.


We want to say a huge congratulation to our Iron Divers Matt, Amanda, Daniel, Kapil and Kris.

From the captain and crew, we thank you all our dear guests for diving aboard our vessel, the Belize Aggressor III. We hope you book with us for your next visit.