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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 24, 2018
Entry By: Red Sea Aggressor Crew





The Southern Itinerary Captains Log

24th of February – 3d of March 2018


Highlights: Napoleon wrasses, Whale Shark, Giant Barracudas, Grey reef shark, Dolphins



David, Richard, Marcos, Jon, Antonio, Robert, Laurent, Guylaine


Air Temp: 25c 77 f

Water Temp: 22 f / 73c

Visibility: 20 – 35 m / 70 – 149 feet

Weather: Calm sea, clouds, windy period

Itinerary: Daedalus Reef, Sataya Reef, Elphinstone



Captain: Said

Cruise Director: Mahmoud

Instructors/Guides: Katia & Saher

Chef(s): Sherif & Hussein                                    

Steward(s): Ali & Hegazy

Seamen: Emad & Hossam & Soltan & Abdou



Sunday – Marsa Shoona, Shaab Abu Dabab III

Monday – Daedalus Reef

Tuesday – Shaab Maksour, Dolphin house, Sataya Reef

Wednesday – Gota Sataya, Shaab Claudia, Seyal Island

Thursday – Shaab Sharm, Shaab Marsa Alam

Friday – Elphinstone Reef


Welcome Aboard!

This evening we welcomed our first charter in 6 weeks finishing up a dry dock that happens every year. We are enthusiastic to finally be back in the water. It has felt to long without our underwater therapy, so we are ready to get wet again. Our 19 guests come from different countries, such as USA, Canada, South Africa and Spain.

Chef Sherif prepared a lovely dinner starting with almond soup. After our first course and then greek salad, our guests were served a beefsteak with a side of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. No dinner will be complete without a strawberry cheesecake.


Day 1

started in Port Ghalib and continued in Marsa Shoona and Shaab Abu Dabab. Ring bells at 7 am. Sun shines in Port Ghalib. We had a breakfast, while our captain was finishing our permission at the coastguard. At 9 am we left the harbor for our Southern itinerary diving trip.

It s a beautiful first dive at Marsa shoona today. Visibility is very good and the conditions are calm. Over the course of two dives here, we were able to show some of our guests a couple of endemic species they have yet to see. We also enjoyed a guest appearance by a day scorpion fish, pipe fish, Moray eel, Bat fish and bluespotted stingrays during the dive. We had a beautiful night dive at Abu Dabab III with different kinds of shrimps, Scorpion fish, Basket stars and a cuttle fish. Time for dinner from chef Sherif. He offered us grilled Jack fish with basmati rice and green salad, continued with chocolate marquise and at night we sail southern and reach the remote and pristine reefs of Daedalus reef.



Day 2

started in Daedalus Reef. We sailed all night to reach the offshore reef of Daedalus, 60 miles away from the coastline of El Marsa Alam. Sky is crystal clear, wind blows at 3 knots.

We showed our guests the reef from east, then north, south and finally we dived at Anemone City. Beautiful walls are covered by hard corals, soft corals, sponges and clams. The reef offered our guests Moray eels, Scorpion fish, Napoleon Wrasses, Barracudas and four Large Dragons. We scored 4 dives and after dinner with chicken sheesh tawook and finishing with Florentine tart we motored south toward Shaab Maksour.




Day 3

The weather is absolutely gorgeous down south at Shaab Maksour. The visibility is excellent and mild current is present. We had a lot of fun exploring the wall spotting black snappers, goat fish, moray eels, sea star and puffer fish.

Afterward, we made our way to Malahi, the famous underwater maze. We showed our guests the way between gorgeous pinnacles.

It couldn t be more beautiful at noon with crisp blue skies casting over the flat, nearly glassy water at Dolphins House. We snorkeled with more than 40 dolphins.. coming back to the boat everybody had a big smile on the face.

We spent the rest of the day at Sataya reef. Our guests were exited to discover the local coral garden.

Chef Sherif made a beetroot salad and beef picatta, white sauce and artichoke surprise for dinner.




Day 4

It s another perfect day started at Gota Sataya.

We visited the coral garden admiring schools of banner red sea fish and black snappers, red sea groupers, moray eel and scorpion fish.

Then we began making our way back north and stopped at Shaab Claudia. Guests checked out the swim throughs as well as enjoying the beautiful mountain corals, anemones and different kind of reef fish.

The afternoon and night dive were located in the south side side of Seayal Island with colorful wall. The wind picked up making the rest of afternoon a bit choppy from the surface. Once we reached the underwater world was mellowfor the most part but also murky. Then we landed on the island and enjoyed white sand of the beach and sunset.

At night we saw an Octopus, sea star, two Crown-of-Thorns and Antonio, Michael fount two Spanish Dancers.




Day 5

We had a great of dives beginning at Shaab Sharm where we encountered a Whale Shark!!! Goal! It was so exciting! The shark came very close and our guests were able to take photos and filmed this amazing creature. Two dives and we traveled about four hours to Shaab Marsa Alam for the rest of the day. Over the course of two dives we spotted three scorpion fish, three or four moray eels, a bird wrasse and golden dotted flat warm.

Chef Sherif prepared a traditional dinner for the last dinner in the sea. Roasted turkey, red wine sauce, baked potatoes with sour cream sauce and homemade cake.




Day 6

The Captain took us to Elphinstone reef ,it is one of the best dive site in the south wall dive nice current. Our first dive was on the north, we saw there yellow fin Tuna and Moray eel.

The second dive was from north to the south along the east wall. We encountered a Hawksbill turtle, two scorpion fish, trevallies, schooling snappers and fusilier fish.


Time for a lunch and it is time to come back to Port Ghalib. At 3 pm we are back at the marina of Port Ghalib. At 5pm the cocktail party starts. It is time to celebrate our Diving Trip and Iron Divers.

It was very good start of the season!



Iron diver – Laurent, Jon, Marcos, Guylaine, Jane and James, John, Richard, Michael, John and Sarah, Amber and Natan




Thanks and kind regards

Red Sea Aggressor