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Turks & Caicos Aggressor II (DR) :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 17, 2018
Entry By: Turks & Caicos Aggressor Crew


Turks & Caicos Aggressor II Captain’s Log

17 - 24 March 2018

Silver Bank


Our Conditions

Air temperature: 75° - 78° F

Water temperature: 78°F

Visibility: 60 -100feet

Thermal recommendation: 3mm/5mm full wetsuit & a windbreaker


Our Crew

Captain: Amanda Smith

2nd Captain: Alex Brett

Engineer: Rob Smith

Driver: James

Chef: Sarah Pearson

Photo Pro: Conor Ferrin


Our Guests

Andrea & David, Carolyn, Lisa, Jim & Julie, Mike & Marylou, Meri, Gail, Pete & Debbie, Bill & Michelle, Mary & Liz, Edith


Our Snorkel Site

Sunday – Friday: Silver Bank, Dominican Republic


Our Week

Saturday afternoon guest board the Turks & Caicos Aggressor II at Ocean World Marina in Puerto Plata, D.R. ready and excited for an amazing charter on the Silver Bank. After a room and safety briefing everyone enjoyed the first of many delectable meals prepared by Chef Sarah. At midnight as several guest finished up watching Captain Ron the TCA II departed for the Silver Bank.


Around 9am on Sunday morning we arrived to our mooring in the Silver Bank. On the way in guest enjoyed several breeching whales from the sundeck. Once our tenders, Conqueror & Predator where lowered into the water we went through a couple of whales briefs, and had lunch we made our first whale watch outing. Both tenders had very nice encounters with mother and calves. Conqueror got to watch a calf practice its breeching over and over and over, while Predator had to what awhile guest where able to slip in the water and swim with a curious calf and mom.


Monday began with an amazing sunrise as quest stirred form the bunks and come up for a little breakfast. At 8:30 sharp the both boats departed to see what they could fine after a little searching Conqueror found a pair of sleeping whales and invited Predator over to join in and go swimming with these two snores. Then that after Predator was the lucky ones to find a singing whale and invited over Conqueror to enjoy this most amazing encounter. Not only was this whale loud enough to hear above water but once in guest could actually feel the vibrations of the song going through there arms and legs. That after once back on TCA II everyone enjoyed a cocktail and a stunning sunset.


On Tuesday the whales started getting a little frisky. At first there was much a few blows here and there but not much then all of a sudden blows everywhere. Conqueror actually ended up outside the reefs following a bunch of rowdy whales putting on an excellent show. As for Predator they found a mother and calf with an escort slowly swim through the bank. This however did not last long as challenger came in to push the escort out and take his spot and was in fact successful after about an hour of fighting. That evening during cocktails guest laughed and giggled as a mom and calf swam right by the boat.


Wednesday was another day of rowdy whales but oh boy did they put on a show. As Predator went west following rowdies with lots of great top side including breeches, tail loops and lots more. Conqueror went east following a huge rowdy group of more than twelve whales after more than an hour with this group yet another rowdy group passed bye. While not as many whales this in group the female was extremely inquisitive. As she seem to be more interested in the tender and guest than the five males with her. Over and over again the male came in and sat just inches under the boat. As there were five other rowdy males around we weren’t able to get in the water but guest where able to stick their heads over the side a look this beautiful whale directly in the eye. She was so playful that she would even line herself up with someone and the blow a massive bubble stream in there face then spy hop up on the other side as to laugh along with us.


Thursday our finally day of with the whales was yet another day of rowdy whales. As the end of the season nears it seems the males are getting more and more desperate to find a mate and lots of competition arises. That evening tenders where loaded back up on the Aggressor, we had a wonderful meal and then sat back and enjoyed the Movie of the Week prepared by our video pro Alex.


Before we knew it, the time had come to raise the chase boats and make our way back to port. We departed the bank around three o’clock Friday afternoon, enjoyed a great dinner from Brynne and Sarah while underway, before arriving back at the dock just before midnight.