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Bahamas Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 10, 2019
Entry By: Bahamas Aggressor crew



Bahamas Aggressor Captain Log

August 10th-17th, 2019



Visibility: 80-100 feet

Temperature- 80-85 F

Suggested wetsuit thickness: 0-3mm


Captain: Rodney

Chef: Dorian

Photo Pro: Caleb

Video Pro: Rob

Dive Master: Luis

Cruise Director: Ellen


Dive Sites:

Whale Shark Wall, Crab Wall, Barracuda Shoals, Lobster No lobster, Basket Star reef, Cracked Coral head, Danger Reef, 3 Peaks, Shroud Wall, Shark Reef, Austin Smith, Washing Machine, Periwinkle, Blue Hole, Dog Rocks, Pillar Wall, Flat Rock


Our Guests: Mike, Liz, Mike H, Jim, Andrew, Andy, Jen, Karen, Geoff, Connor, Tim, Mike B, Bradley, Todd


Saturday: The guests arrived at the Elizabeth on Bay Marina, and we welcomed them aboard promptly at 4 pm. After everyone boarded and settled into their respective cabins we set off right away for our long journey to the Exmuma Islands.  Whilst underway, Rob gave a thorough safety briefing and the guests reminisced previous trips together with cold local Kalick beer.  After enjoying Chef Dorian’s delicious jerk chicken, everyone settled in for the night. 



We jumped in for our checkout dive at Whale Shark Wall. Whilst everyone became accustomed to their gear, we saw our first Caribbean Reef Shark, and a green turtle. We also spotted a scrawled file fish, and a jawfish hiding in it’s sandy hole.  We moved south to Cracked Coral, where our instructor, Ellen, guided us through a long winding swim thru through the middle of this forty-foot coral head.  We were greeted by a large amberjack just under the boat, and Atlantic Spade fish danced around the top of the coral head.  Just after lunch, we arrived at the Land and Sea Park, a Bahamian Marine Park with lots of great dive sites to choose from.  Our first site, 3 peaks, had 3 reef sharks circling the back of the boat as divers entered the water. They curiously followed our divers around as they spotted another filefish hiding in the healthy sponges. The afternoon and night dive took place at Danger Reef, where we saw a beautiful cow fish, huge lobsters, and loads of reef sharks.


We jumped in bright and early at Shark Reef, in the land and sea park, for our early and midmorning dives. We explored the cascading mini wall where we spotted jewel fish, a porcupine fish, a hawksbill turtle, channel crabs, and Atlantic spadefish. After a delicious lunch of fresh conch chowder and Cuban steak, we moved to Shroud Wall, our last dive in the Land and Sea Park.  We glided along the edge of this wall back through the ravines in which we found a few flamingo tongues, a slender file fish, and a white-spotted file fish.  The famous Austin Smith shark dive was up next. Photo Pro Caleb swam the bait box to the stern of this wreck where the divers watched as 15+ reef sharks cruised right over their head.  Of course Binx, our

Resident Nassau grouper, stole the show allowing the guests to stroke his head as they made eye contact with this friendly fish.  On the night dive, we spotted a banded coral shrimp, a diamond blenny, and a couple of Pederson shrimp on a corkscrew anemone.



After a cup of hot coffee and delicious French toast breakfast, we jumped in for two dives at Pillar Wall.  This deep wall with its deep ravines, and huge pillars jutting up from the infinite depths off the wall, is the perfect habitat for lobsters and crabs.  We also saw a queen triggerfish, a rock beauty fish, a white-spotted eel, and a cute little butter hamlet.  We moved north along the island to Crab Wall, another deep wall, where we saw a green turtle, another eel, and a couple of reef sharks. After refueling on some of our Chef’s favorite Caribbean Nachos with homemade mango salsa, we moved to the crew’s favorite site: Dog Rocks. During our afternoon dive here, we saw some huge lobsters, and channel crabs, as well as the notorious lionfish. Dive guide, Rob, led the night divers through the secret passageway swimthrough that spits you out on the wall into the abyss. After enjoying a hot chocolate with baileys under the stars on the sundeck the divers settled in to prepare for another full day of diving tomorrow. 



It was a No lobster kind of morning on our first dive of the day at Lobster, No Lobster, named by the famous Jean Cousteau.  However, we did see all sorts of blennys, flamingo tongues, parrotfish, sharpnose pufferfish, and a huge Grouper.  Our next dive, in the beautiful shallow reef of Barracuda Shoals, two lucky divers saw a 10 foot hammerhead swim by, a very rare sighting this time of year! The other divers spotted a hawksbill turtle and many southern stingrays. After lunch we made our way to Flat Rock.  During this dive we saw a huge barracuda just under the boat as well as many squirrel fish, goat fish, and horse-eye jacks.  Next we dived the famous washing-machine, a bucket-list dive here in the Bahamas. The current was very strong today as it tossed divers through a heavy cycle and spit them out over the beautiful basket star reef. We returned to the familiar Barracuda Shoals for our night dive. We illuminated a cowfish with our dive lights as well as banded coral shrimp, and a few free-swimming squid. 



Our early morning dive at Basket Star reef on a slack tide in the golden light was stunning. We saw a good 6 foot nurse shark, as well as a cute little Burr fish hiding amongst the shallow healthy coral heads.  We moved to Lobster, No Lobster, for our second dive of the day in the beautiful reef system here. We saw a red-tipped sea goddess and a school of yellow-tail snapper just under the boat. We enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by Dorian’s homemade chocolate bread pudding as we made our way back to Nassau. We jumped in for our afternoon and night dive at the Blue Hole, another bucket list dive in the Bahamas. We saw nurse sharks in the sand and mating stingrays, however, at night was when the show really began. Ancient loggerhead turtles, weighing in close to 300 lbs, dive bombed the divers as they came in and out the hole to get to the surface for a breath in between sleep cycles. The divers came up speechless after their best and final night dive.



We continued on closer to Nassau, but we stopped at Periwinkle for a before breakfast dive here at this famous fish-feeding site. Caleb, equipped with cheerios, was swarmed by sergeant major fish in the middle of the group. Rob, spotted a anemone cleaner shrimp in the grass with eggs in its belly.  Overall, a beautifully serene dive to close out the week. We arrived back at the dock, where the guests enjoyed beers and champagne on the sundeck until the cocktail party at 5pm. We handed out 3 Iron diver awards, and 1 500th dive milestone! What an incredible week, we are so thankful for this group of divers joining us here in the Bahamas this week so that we can do what we do! Let’s see what the next week brings…..