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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 10, 2019
Entry By: Belize Aggressor III Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captain’s Log

August 10-17, 2019



Sea State: Light

Avg. Air Temp: 85F

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Visibility: 40-60 ft

Avg Wind Speed: 14-17 knots



Captain -Jerome

Chef -Vanessa

Stewardess- Vanessa

Engineer- Fermin

Dive Master- Rodney

  • Jadiel


Sunday August 11, 2019

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Julie’s Jungle

To start off our week, we made a quick stop at Turneffe Atoll for our check out dives before heading across to Lighthouse Reef Atoll.  Sandy Slope is awesome for the first dives to slowly ease into diving, especially for the new divers or less experienced ones.  Between both sites, we found a small seahorse, pipe fish, blennies, lettuce slugs and a very small spotted moray eel.  We also saw some of the big animals: turtle, lobsters, eagle rays, Caribbean reef sharks, and barracudas. 


Monday August 12, 2019,

Dive sites: Lighthouse Wall & Eagle Ray Pass

For our first morning dive we went to Lighthouse Wall.  We saw 3 intermediate size reef sharks, which is great news because we see the newbies striving in the area.  There were also some large barracudas, southern stingrays, turtles, eagle rays and a Nassau grouper that stayed with us for most of the dive.

In the afternoon we went to Eagle Ray Pass.  As soon as we got to the edge of the wall, we were greeted by spotted eagle ray just cruising by.  There were a bunch of neck crabs along the drop off, also a hawksbill turtle, puffer fish and to bid us goodbye a large spotted eagle ray. 


Tuesday: August 13, 2019

Dive Sites: Blue Hole, Chain Wall & Julie’s Jungle

This was the day we headed through the coral heads and beautiful aqua seas toward the magnificent Blue Hole of Belize.  There were several divers and new divers to the hole so it was a very exciting dive.  We leisurely dove into the blue taking our time to inspect the stalactites before heading back to the boat and walking up the top deck to take some photos of the amazing circumference of this formation. 

We then headed for some fun time on the island enjoying the beach, the bird colony and even having hermit crab races.  Then it was time to go dive again and Chain Wall was great for the day.  There were a couple of reef sharks that came along as well as a couple spotted eagle ray.  The highlight of the dive was definitely a hammerhead shark that caught a couple of the divers by surprise.

To finish the day, we went to Julie’s Jungle and were greeted by octopuses, tarpons, and puffers.


Wednesday: August 14, 2019

Dive Sites: Half Moon Caye Wall & Painted Wall

With beautiful flat seas and fabulous day ahead, we took our first dip at Half Moon Caye Wall, first descending upon the sooth sand bed.  The activity started when we found garden eels and pipe fish before heading to the wall to find the big friendly groupers.  There were a couple sightings of reef sharks with one of them coming up from the bottom with a speed and darting toward a grouper but missing it by a inch.  Later, the same shark must have been quite distracted to almost collide with hawksbill turtle that was likewise immerse in its thoughts.  It was definitely a sight to witness an almost crash at sea.  Coming back to the top of the reef, we explored the cracks before heading back to the mooring and finding some banded coral shrimp and sailfin blennies.

In the afternoon we headed to Painted Wall.  The visibility was amazing and we could enjoy all the beauty of the sight very clearly.  The Bermuda chubs like many times, were waiting right below the boat.  Then we came upon a very curious sight of a green moray tucked under a coral head with a channel clinging crab just standing over its tail.  There was a hawksbill turtle and a small reef shark swimming by.  On the night dive we saw octopuses, porcupine puffer, lettuce slugs, and balloon fish.


Thursday August 15, 2019

Dives Sites: Quebrada & Long Caye Wall

We spent the morning at Quebrada and although one would say there wasn’t a lot of action, our guests were happy to enjoy the extreme beauty and colors of this part of the reef.  we did find a couple reef sharks, hawksbill turtle, yellow head jawfish, and the horse-eyed jacks below the boat.

For the afternoon and night dive, we went to Long Caye Wall where once again the topography of the site stole the show for the most part.  There was a very dense area of elkhorn corals that housed a couple indigo hamlets.  We found a very small and shall we say “cute?” lettuce slug, a scorpion fish and a small hawksbill turtle that playfully swam with us until we headed to the boat.  On the night dive we found 2 large-eyed toadfish, octopuses and a bunch of grass squids.


Friday: August 16, 2019

Dive Site: Amber Head South

We started our morning back at Turneffe Atoll diving at Amber Head South.  There was amazing visibility for the first dive and we spotted whited spotted toad fish, scorpion fish, sharp nose puffer, and balloon fish for the second dive, after hearing of a slight current, we opted for a drift dive for the last dive of the charter.  Everyone seemed to enjoy and were more relaxed going with the current and knowing we had their backs.                                         .

We take this opportunity to congratulate our Iron Divers Sean, Pascale, Douglas, Nickie, Christopher, Sandy, Nanimi, Frank, and Christian.  You guys did great!!! We’d also like to say a huge thanks to all our guests for choosing Belize as your dive destination and mostly for choosing to do it aboard the Belize Aggressor III.  We hope we’ve met your expectations and more.  Thank You.


Captain Jerome and Crew