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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Aug 31, 2019
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor V

 31 August- 7 September 2019

 Guests: Billy, Richard, Ayden, Colton, Roger, Ellen, Bev, John, Lee, Mel, Tom, Gene, Stephan, Cherry, Dean, Leah, Dan, Greg and Missy.

 Crew Randy, RJ, Mo, Kris, Kerry, Ben, Oneil 

 Water temp 84-86F; Air temp 86 to 90 F 


We started the week by welcoming our guests on to the boat at George Town north terminal. This week we had one big group all from Texas. As they all came onboard and made themselves feel at home we made sure everyone had all their equipment sorted and then it was time for a BBQ dinner made by our chef Kris. 


We started the engines early Sunday morning and moved off from the dock to a close morning, devils grotto. This was a perfect place for a check out dive at the shallow reef system close to shore. Another reason we choose to stay close was so we could collect the last four of our guests whose flight had been delayed. So, after the second dive we collected them from the shore and then made our way around to the north side of the island to stingray city. We jumped in the water and instantly was greeted by some southern sting rays ready for some tasty squid. The divers sat in a circle in the sand and RJ passed around the squid to feed the rays, as they fed them they got up close and personal getting to get some great photos and video of the stingrays. After everyone was up from the dive we then pulled up the ladders and made use of the great weather as we started our crossing to little Cayman. 


We arrived in Little Cayman late Sunday night and moored up to Lea Leas lookout where we began our diving Monday morning. After some yummy eggs and corn beef hash for breakfast it was time to jump in and see what little Cayman had to offer. The divers were not disappointed, the visibly was easy 100ft and the coral was looking healthier than ever. Large school of jacks, blue tangs and parrot fish passed by, along with some groupers, turtles, and a reef shark cruising by the group on the wall. After a couple dives here, we moved the boat along to our next dive site, Bus stop. This dive has a mini wall and the main wall with some very dramatic drop off. During the afternoon dives the guests got a close encounter with a large eagle ray as it passed over the group, as well as this they saw a few turtles, stingrays, queen angles and a very small drum fish hiding in the reef. We then stayed here for the night dive. During that dive the divers found octopus, lobsters, crabs and some more stingrays in the sand. Once everyone was up it was time for hot chocolate and hot towels to end a successful first day in little Cayman.  


We started Tuesday morning by heading to Randy’s gazebo for the first two dives of the day. This dive has some very friendly groupers that during the dives the divers got to play with, along with the groupers they also got a reef shark passing by the group and saw more turtles. After two dives here, we enjoyed taco Tuesday lunch and once our belly’s where full from Mexican food we had a little nap before jumping into the next dive at the dive site Marylin’s cut. We stayed at Marylin’s for 2 dives. During these dives we explored the swim throughs and sheer drop off on the wall, as we dove we got to see more turtles, horse eyed jacks, pufferfish and the highlight of the dives was for sure a large seahorse found hiding in the shallows. Once everyone was up from the second dive here we then pulled up the ladders and made our way to Cayman Brac. Once we got to the Brac we tied up at the Keith Tibbets, the Russian destroyer wreck. As the sun set it was night dive time. And decided to jump into the wreck at night for our first dive there. The divers were guided around the wreck and got to find octopus, lobsters, large crabs and lots of stingrays in the sand. Once again it was time for hot chocolate and hot towels as the divers made their way out of the water, ending another good day. 


For Wednesday morning we stayed on the Keith Tibbets and did two dives to see what we could find in the day. The divers got to explore the wreck and found lots of stingrays, banned coral shrimps, pufferfish, queen angles as well as seeing all the beautiful coral that has started to grow there. After a couple of dives we made our way back to Little Cayman and moored up at Sarah’s set. We stayed here for one dive and during that dive we got to see a nurse shark and a reef shark as well as a couple of little turtles. We then moved along bloody bay wall to Joy’s Joy for the 4th and 5th dive of the day.  During the 4th dive we got to see more turtles, drum fish, trumpet fish and more friendly groupers. Once the sun had set and it got dark it was time to jump in again for the night dive. During this dive we saw more large lobsters, crabs, stingrays and another octopus came out to play. 


We moved to Meadows for the first dive on Thursday morning. We stayed here for two dives and during those dives we had a reef shark swim close by the group along with an eagle ray feeding in the sand. We then moved to Great wall for one dive, while diving here we saw a baby nurse shark, turtles and a school of oceanic trigger fish. We decided to try and hit every dive site we could in little Cayman so we then moved the boat again for the 4th dive to Donna’s delight. On this wall dive we got to see huge barrel sponges, more groupers, sail fish blennies and of course another turtle. Once everyone was up from this dive it was time to pull up the ladders, start the engines and begin our crossing home to Grand Cayman. 


We arrived in Grand Cayman in the early hours of Friday morning and tied up at the Kittiwake shipwreck. The divers got to explore the wreck inside and out, and during the second dive they explored the wall that the wreck lays next to. During the dives, the divers found more interesting marine life including, midnight parrot fish, stingrays, channel cleaning crab, barracuda, and a large school of horse eyed jacks. Once we finished the second dive it was time to head back to dock after a very successful week of diving. To round up the week we had our cocktail party to finish up and say goodbye to all the great guests we had this week. 

 Another great week on the Cayman Aggressor V. 

 Until Next Week

 Your Cayman Aggressor Captain & Crew