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Cayman Aggressor Crew
Meet the Crew

Cayman Islands

  Diving Details:
  • Sharks, Turtles, Stingrays, Eagle Rays, Wrecks, Lobster, walls and reefs with   abundant marine life
  • All dives from mothership
  • Water temperature:
    78 - 82F, 25 - 28C
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended

  • 7-night charters: up to 27 dives
  • 10-night charters: up to 42 dives

The Cayman Aggressor IV has one dive tender, 15 ft x 4 ft used to take guests to shore (optional). All diving is from the mothership.

Niall LawlorCaptain Niall Lawlor
Hailing from Limerick City Ireland via London England, Niall returns to Aggressor Fleet after a few years hiatus, having previously spent 11 yrs with the fleet. Niall is reunited on deck with his younger brother 2nd Capt Alan. The brothers spent several years together on the Truk Aggressor and North Sulawesi Aggressor. Niall also worked on the Solomon Islands Aggressor with a brief stint on the Palau Aggressor and Tahiti Aggressor. He was also a part of the Aggressor team that took the Discovery channel to Bikini Atoll for a shark week special in 1999. Niall is back where for him it all started, having learned to dive in the Cayman Islands in 1991 and worked land based for several years before traveling the world Aggressor style.
 Alan Lawlor
Captain Alan J Lawlor
- Alan is 2nd Captain, relief chef and instructor. Originally from Ireland where he completed his chef schooling before later deciding to switch careers to diving. He became an Instructor in Cayman in 2000 and worked for day boats for a few years. He then spent some time working as a Chef/Instructor aboard both the Truk and Sulawesi Aggressors. Now back in Cayman, Alan still enjoys the mix of diving and cooking. While diving he enjoys taking photos and shooting video. He also has recently become a father to a son.  
 Chef Kingsley Grant
Kingsley Grant
is our incredible and very popular gourmet chef. Kingsley trained and worked at many of the top first class restaurants in his home town of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. As an ambitious, young man he saw his opportunity to move ahead when he joined the Royal Caribbean cruise line as “Chef De Parti”. After several years of traveling the world he landed on the shores of Grand Cayman and knew this is where he wanted to call home. He joined the CAIV in 2010 and will pamper and amaze you with the culinary delights that he puts in front of you on a daily basis! We are very happy to have him on our team! Yum Yum  
Rodel TenorioRodelio Tenorio
Rodel or Dell, comes to us from across the globe, a far away land.. the Philippines, Manila. He is no stranger to the Cayman Islands as he worked here for many years in construction and engineering.   He returned to the Philippines for a few years, working as a Mechanical Technician and spending quality time with his lovely Wife and Four Children! We are very privileged to have Rodel back in the Cayman Islands working with us on the CAYMAN AGGRESSOR IV™. He is our amazing Engineer, and a brilliant dive guide. Having learned to dive since being with us from 2014. His favorite past times are Skyping with his Family! Playing basketball and of course now Scuba Diving!

Abri KeithAubri Keith
Aubri comes from the east coast of the USA where diving and the water has always been a part of her life. Certified at the young age of 10, she spent many summers diving and traveling with her family and on liveaboard summer camps where she developed her passion for diving and life at sea. She decided then that her dream job would be on a liveaboard and got her first job at a dive shop filling tanks at 16. After many years of working for various dive shops, going to college, and traveling she finally decided to join the Aggressor team- starting first in Belize and then coming here to Cayman very recently, Feb 2016. Aubri is learning photography and is also one of our new videographers on board.   Besides Scuba, Aubri is also a Freediving Instructor, surfing enthusiast, and an avid hiker and traveler.