07/2018 - Bahamas Aggressor: "The Roatan Aggressor was my favorite, most accommodating and helpful crew EVER! Owner/Cruise Director Alan runs a tight, supportive and fun boat! "     
-- Susan R. , USA

03/2018 - Bahamas Aggressor: "Great staff onboard, more than excellent in making the holidays an unforgettable experience. They paid attention to every little detail and were more than helpful with everything. The food was more than excellent and a great variety was offered."     
-- Daniela K. , Germany

04/2018 - Bahamas Aggressor: "Captain Christy, and her crew were excellent! Captain Christy knows the waters and the weather. David, Josh, Kaitlyn, Ben and Chef Caleb took excellent care of me. I needed a little extra assistance and they accommodated me gracefully."     
-- Kim W. , USA

07/2018 - Bahamas Aggressor: "The Captain and crew were attentive and highly professional. Ben and Rachel were particularly friendly and helpful. The Chef was accommodating, warm, and welcoming."     
-- Samantha W. , USA

06/2018 - Bahamas Aggressor: "Th whole experience was fantastic! All the staff were friendly, attentive, knowledgeable - excellent in every way. The diving was also excellent, & once I got used to it I liked the relaxed diving system, allowing us the freedom to explore separately with our buddy, or stay with a crew member, rather than just having rigidly led groups. "     
-- Susan B. , United Kingdom