08/2019 - Okeanos Aggressor II: "Cocos island was diving in paradise! Most attentive staff very professional and caring!"     
-- Leora M. , Israel

08/2019 - Okeanos Aggressor II: "Professional dive masters, kind crew, good food & wonderful diving!"     
-- Maria R. , Italy

07/2019 - Okeanos Aggressor II: "Third trip to Cocos best dive trip ever. Seeing the boat and crew again was like coming home."     
-- Ronald G. , USA

02/2019 - Okeanos Aggressor II: "Best dive trip ever. Crew is awesome! Capt. Carlos easily manages the high performing team. All are awesome and going the extra mile to make my trip so pleasurable. Anebal, Carlos and Eduardo deserve special recognition. I imagine Aggressor management is trying to figure out how to clone the entire crew. I hope to dive with them again."     
-- Kendall V. , USA

02/2019 - Okeanos Aggressor II: "The staff were fantastic, every last person, very accommodating, very efficient and organized. The boat was clean, organized and well maintained. Trips to Cocos Island itself were enjoyable and well organized. "     
-- Regina M. , USA