06/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "We honestly could not have had a better week! The crew was amazing and the diving was incredible! Nelson & Lenin were phenomenal dive guides/videographers the food was scrumptious and Winter was always there when you needed him. "     
-- Andrea T. , USA

01/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "It was the best diving experience I have ever had and the crew treated us like kings and queens!"     
-- Kathleen D. , USA

01/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "A dive experience of a lifetime with hammerheads, mola mola, sea lions, manta and eagle rays and even a red-lipped batfish! "     
-- Jeffrey G. , USA

01/2019 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "Trip of a lifetime made better by great guides and staff. "     
-- Robert G. , United Kingdom

10/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "The crew on the Galapagos Aggressor is top notch! Nelson in particular, is an awesome divemaster and host. Wonderful all-around experience."     
-- Emily Z. , USA