08/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "We all had very high expectations and this trip went far beyond. The service was top notch. You have an incredible team on the Galapagos Aggressor III, always there when anyone needed help, working like a well-oiled machine. I have been in the service industry for over 20 years, they were really the very best."     
-- Liang C. , USA

08/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "I have been diving since 1982 worked fulltime in a dive store since 1989 and been guiding trips overseas every year since 2000... Had the best day diving in my life at Darwin Island on this trip... Amazing! I will be back and will bring another group of 16 with me!"     
-- Malcolm K. , New Zealand

07/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "The Aggressor staff was wonderful! We enjoyed meeting other divers and forging new friendships. The crew was helpful, knowledgeable and tailored our dive to match our experience and expectations."     
-- Sara Y. , USA

07/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "Everything was awesome! Especially the fact that the crew cleaned and set to dry all guests dive gear at the end--it was very organized and sooooo nice to have someone else do this -it was also a treat to meet and dive with Wayne Hasson--we enjoyed his stories and pictures/slides and his company on this trip."     
-- Janet L. , USA

07/2018 - Galapagos Aggressor III: "Best diving experience ever. We got to swim with whale sharks, dolphins, sea lions and fur seals. Awesome!"     
-- Joe J. , USA