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Diving Details:
  • Known for grey reef sharks, white-tip sharks, manta rays, cuttlefish, Mandarin fish, WWII wrecks and stingless jellyfish at Jellyfish Lake

  • All dives from skiff

  • Water temperature:
    80 - 82F, 27 - 28C
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended

  • 7 night charters:
    up to 25 dives per day

  • 10-night charters:
    up to 40 dives per trip


  Diving From Skiffs:
  • Number of Skiffs:

  • Length:

Scott Arni
Scott Arni (Captain, Palau Operations Manager)
Scott was born in Pennsylvania and started diving when he was 15 years old while in the Boy Scouts. Later he became a Captain and dive instructor while working at the Florida High Adventure Sea Base which is a High Adventure operation run by the Boy Scouts of America. Scott has been working on Liveaboard dive vessels for the last 16 years. Scott has worked on the Cayman Aggressor, Okeanos Aggressor, Belize Aggressor, Bay Islands Aggressor, Fiji Aggressor, Kona Aggressor, Turks & Caicos Aggressor, and currently on PALAU AGGRESSOR II™ & ROCK ISLANDS AGGRESSOR™.
Dan Arthy
Daniel Arthy (Captain/Dive Instructor

Trained as a chef in the UK after leaving school, and has been working his way round the world ever since. He moved to Australia in 2000, and after getting citizenship, it is now considered home. Dan learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef in 2003, and became an Instructor in 2007. Continuing to expand his career he also got his captains license in 2011. Whether underwater or on top of it Dan loves the ocean and his life’s ambition is to sail his yacht “Cimba” around the world.
Hector Manglimot
Hector Manglicmot (Engineer)

Originally from the Philippines and has been working over 20 years in the PALAU AGGRESSOR II™. Back in his place, at a very young age he was already doing activities in the ocean like fishing and free diving, he was also a welder. As the years passed he developed skills and decided to work abroad. Eventually he became the Engineer, Dive Master, and a Photo Pro as well. He has been taking underwater pictures as well the guests on the dive.
June Flores
Feliciano M. Flores   (Engineer)

My name is Feliciano M. Flores Jr. but you can call me June. I was born and raised in the Philippines. I started working on boats in the Kapel-Subic dry docks. I moved to Palau in 2004 and opened my own small repair shop and worked for the PALAU AGGRESSOR II™ and Tropic Dancer when they needed me. I just started working full time on the boats and soon will finish my dive master and skiff driving license.
Joe Vereen
Joe Vereen (Divemaster)

Hi my name is Joe aka bubbles on the Aggressor. I was born and raised in Palau. I have been diving for 3 years. I like everything about diving because I get so close to fish that I can almost taste them. I have been in the tourist industry for about four years now mostly driving boats and making unique conversation with people from different parts of the world.
 Ernan Dukah  (Divemaster)
Originally from Baler, Aurora in the Philippines and first came to Palau in 1999 and became a boat operator and Divemaster in 2001. I work in the land base and live aboard most of the time. I made back to the Philippines on 2007 and dive all over the place from north to south I also join in the reality show as safety diver and supervise a dive shop in 2013, I also like underwater photography and play basketball in my free time.
Ronnie Aya-ay
Ronnie Aya-ay (Chef

Ronnie was born and raised Pampanga, Philippines. He started his career on cruise ships in 1999. Then he moved to Turks & Caicos where he worked as Chef in a few resorts then the Turks & Caicos Aggressor. Ronnie worked for 6 years onboard the Turks & Caicos Aggressor before coming to the PALAU AGGRESSOR II™ to be closer to his home and family. Ronnie is currently working on his Open water certification.

Beau Murphy
Beau Murphy (Relief Chef/Instructor

Beau was born in Denver and has lived all over the USA. He started diving in 2010 when he was backpacking in South East Asia and liked it so much he decided to become an instructor. Before becoming an instructor, he worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years. He has now dived on 4 continents and has been around the world 2 times. He plans to continue working for Aggressor Fleet to gain more experience and hopefully become a captain one day.

Editha Baldos
Editha Baldos (Stewardess)
Editha was born in Culion, Philippines near Coron. She studied literature in College. She has worked at Dive resorts near her home for a few years prior to her arrival in Palau. She is relatively newly certified but has already gotten her Advanced Certification.
Herence Manglicmot
Herence Manglicmot    (Stewardess)

Herence was born in Koror, Palau but went to the Philippines with her mother when she was four years old to start school. She studied college at The Philippine Women’s University and graduated Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management last April 2014. She then decided to go back to Palau and work with her Dad Hector on the PALAU AGGRESSOR II™. And recently, she has been certified as an open water diver.
Jay Naguit
Jay Naguit   (Steward)

Born in the Philippines and has been here in Palau since 2005. His first job was in a hotel as maintenance and transferred to another department for 4 years. He’s been working in PALAU AGGRESSOR II™ for more than a year now. He is very happy and contented with his job in being a steward and already started training as a scuba diver.