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Welcome to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

  Diving & Snorkel  Environment:

  • Whale & Dolphin Snorkel Charters:  Blue whales, Sperm Whales, Bryde's Whales, Beaked Whales, Melon Orca, Pilot Whales, False Killer Whales and up to eight other species of Dolphin.

  • West Colombo & Negombo: Whales, dolphin, Sandstone hard coral reefs, wreck dives such as the Thermopylae Sierra, Chief Dragon, Taprobane, and the Trug with lots of fish.
  • Tech Wreck Weeks: HMS Hermes aircraft carrier, HMS Hollyhock and RFA Athelstane. With over 200 wrecks, 50 are identified as excellent or world class dives. The HMS Hermes is the first ever British aircraft carrier built. The 200 meter wreck is residing at a depth of 54 meters along with 3 other support ships in 20 to 40 meter depths.
  • Most dives from 2 chase boats that carry 13 divers each for quick access.

  • Water temperature:
    80F Average

  • 4-5 dives per day, night diving when available;  on the the West Colombo & Negombo.

  • 1mm - 3mm wetsuit recommended for recreational diving weeks and rash guard or lycra suit for snorkel charters.
  • The Chase Boats:
    The Sri Lanka Aggressor has two 21.3 ft. long by 8 ft. wide, Zodiac fiberglass V-hull boats that hold 13 people each. They are fitted with a dive ladder for easy exiting, 1 x 150 hp 4-stroke Yamaha engine for extra safety, and a VHF radio.  They are launched daily and are used solely to bring guests closer to the whales. Inflatable runs may vary depending on the proximity of whale activity and time of day.


Whales &  Dolphins

Northwest and South Weeks: North to Kalpitiya or South as far as the Basses (Sperm Whales, Blue Whales, Bryde's Whales, Short Fin Pilot Whales, False Killer Whales, Spinner Dolphin, and Bottlenose Dolphin)

Whales & Dolphins

North East Weeks: Trincomalee & South as far as the Basses (Sperm Whales, Blue Whales, Bryde's Whales, Orca, Risso's Dolphin, Spinner Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin)

The new SRI LANKA AGGRESSOR™ is one of the few destinations that offers three unique marine and diving adventures; Snorkeling with Whales & Dolphins, West Colombo & North Negombo recreational diving weeks and Tech Wreck weeks.

Whale and Dolphin Weeks:
During the Whale and Dolphin snorkeling weeks, guests will have the opportunity to snorkel with up to eleven species of whales and fifteen species of dolphin.  Thirteen species of whales reside around the island of Sri Lanka including blue whales, sperm whales, beaked whales, pilot whales, false killer whales and the blue whale which averages 60 - 100 feet long and weighs up to 100 tons. During the Whale & Dolphin weeks, guests may also see up to fifteen different species of dolphin. These weeks depart from Trincomalee or Colombo depending on which charter you are on.

Sri Lakan whales are there to feed in the nutrient rich waters surrounding the island. This is adventure swimming and snorkeling with whales where the zodiac will drop guests ahead of feeding whale pods to see these magnificient mammals swimming past you.

Recreational Diving Weeks:
The recreational diving itinerary, West Colombo & North Negombo, departs from Colombo to explore beautiful wrecks and reefs. The week is spent exploring the wrecks and venturing north for drift diving along sandstone and hard coral reefs. The wreck dives may include: the Thermopylae Sierra, Chief Dragon, Taprobane, and Trug. With warm coastal waters and the continental shelf only 5 to 10 kilometers out from the Sri Lankan coast, the Sri Lankan wrecks are encrusted with a wealth of coral and marine life which you will see between December and February each year. If available one day may be used for swimming and snorkeling with whales.

Tech Wreck Weeks:
The Tech Wreck itinerary departs from Trincomalee and explores world-class wrecks such as the HMS Hermes aircraft carrier, HMS Hollyhock and RFA Athelstane. With over 200 wrecks in Sri Lanka, 50 are identified as excellent or world class dives. Including the HMS Hermes the first ever British aircraft carrier built. The 200 meter wreck is residing at a depth of 54 meters along with 3 other support ships in 20 to 40 meter depths, The SRI LANKA AGGRESSOR™ is fitted with 3 x 600 HP Compressors, Nitrox Compressor, Full Tri-Mix System and Rebreather System. Learn more about Technical Courses & Trimix Rebreather Fills.

The Sri Lanka Aggressor operates 7 night charters, takes 26 passengers and operates out of the Dikowita Harbor (west side of Sri Lanka and 45 minutes north of Colombo) for 6 months of each year and from the Trincomalee Harbor (north east side of Sri Lanka) for 4.5 months. The Sri Lanka Aggressor will on occasion return to a safe harbor for protection and evening anchorage.

Getting There, Passports & Visa Documentation: 
Colombo International Airport (CMB) is the only international airport in Sri Lanka and all Aggressor guests will fly in and out of Sri Lanka from Colombo. For itineraries operating in and out of Trincomalee (TRR), a charter flight can be arranged for all guests from Colombo to Trincomalee and back to Colombo at an additional cost if desired. See the above Know Before You Go for full arrival and departure instructions.

Colombo Itinerary - Dikowita Harbor:
The Sri Lanka Aggressor operates out of Dikowita Harbor which is located 45 minutes north of Colombo, 30 minutes from the Colombo International Airport and 30 minutes from Negombo Beach area. It is highly recommended guests arrive the day before the charter start date and stay in the Negombo Beach area.

Visitors must have a current passport, adequate funds to support themselves, and a return airline ticket. US citizens require a passport that must be valid for 6 months from date of entry. It is the travelers’ responsibility to ensure they have the proper visa to travel into each country on his or her itinerary as well as for re-entry and return to their country. Since regulations vary by country, contact your consulate or embassy of your country for the requirement.

E-Visa ESTA are required for all travelers:  E-Visa Application Link
It takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and pay for online and is good for a 30 day stay in Sri Lanka. The cost is $35 (subject to change without notice) and most airlines will want to see the printed and approved ESTA upon check-in when flying to Sri Lanka. This is the responsibility of each traveler.


Important: See the Know Before You Go for full arrival and departure instructions.

After a full week the Sri Lanka Aggressor returns back to port Friday afternoon between 2 - 4 pm. Friday evening after the sunset cocktail party, guests may go ashore and enjoy dinner at a local restaurant (at own expense). Check-out is Saturday morning at 7:00am.


There is a USD $50 port and $100 park fee per person. These fees are paid onboard the yacht and may be paid by Visa, Mastercard, cash or travelers checks.

Aggressor Adventure Travel Agency For Sri Lanka Travel: Our inhouse agents can send you details on hotel stays, tented safaris and the world heritage sites of Sri Lanka as well as customize a package for you. Visit our website for details, email Lisa Stierwalt or call +1-706-993-2534.

Sri Lanka offers world class wildlife parks full of large game animals;  leopards, sloth bears, elephant, water buffalo, jackel, wild boar, deer, marsh and mugger crocodiles and 492 species of resident or migratory birds. Sri Lanka also has an amazing world heritage site dating back to the 3rd century BC and 5th century AD.

The Aggressor Tented Safari Lodge is located near Wilpattu and Minneriya National Parks. Guests may stay for 3 nights before or after the Sri Lanka Aggressor and will experience big game viewing in both parks, seeing leopard, elephant, bear, buffalo, deer, crocodile, jackel and many other animals and birds in their natural jungle habitat. In addition as part of the package, will visit two world heritage sites, the 3rd Century BC ancient city in Anuradhapura and 5th Century AD Sigiriya Rock Palace.

Sri Lanka Facts:

Blue Whale Facts: