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Thailand Dive Map 
Diving Environment:
  • Whale sharks, Mantas, Leopard Sharks, Silvertip Reef Sharks, Walls and Reefs with over 500   species of hard and soft corals and abundant marine life

  • Up to 5 dives per day (4 day dives + 1 night dive) weather permitting 

  • All dives from skiff

  • Water temperature:
    79 - 84F, 26 - 29C

  • 3mm wetsuit recommended
  Diving From Skiffs:
  • Number of Skiffs:

  • Length:


Captain Tui
Captain Tui is from Phuket and has been a captain for 30 years, sailing in the Andaman Sea, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Cambodia, he’s a big fan of the Thai martial art Muay Tha and is very friendly.

Captain Rong
Captain Rong
, second captain and one of the dinghy drivers, comes to us from Nakon Si Thammarat, East of Phuket. He has been working on boats for 21 years and has been with Aggressor Liveaboards for 6 years, he enjoys life on the ocean.

Glenn - Cruise Director
Glenn is the Cruise Drector and is an avid underwater photographer. Originally from London UK, He came to Thailand in 2015 to work in the Similan Islands and now calls it home.  He loves diving and making sure everyone is having a great time.

Enn - Engineer
The yachts engineer, Enn, is from Trang in southern Thailand.  He has worked on dive boats in Thailand for 7 years. In his spare time he enjoys the Thai ball game of Sepak Takkraw or kick volleyball played with a ratan cane ball.  

Dan - Dive Instructor
Dan is from Orego , USA.  He joined the  Thailand Aggressor for the 2018 /19 season. He is always smiling and helpful he has an infectious passion for diving and is an accomplished Instructor and loves what he does.

Fernanco - Dive Instructor 
Fernando is from Leganes, Spain.  He has been with Aggressor Liveaboards since 2017 and is easy going and friendly and has been a professional since 2002 and has traveled the world exploring his love of the underwater world.

Brendan - Dive Instructor 
Brendan is originally from Marlborogh, New Zealand. He loves the diving in Thailand and his you find him up early on the sundeck practicing yoga. Early risers are always welcome to join him!

Jai - Divemaster
is the Thai Divemaster from Phuket, Thailand, He has been on Liveaboards for 17 years in Similans, Myanmar, Bahrain, India, Timor Leste and enjoys the macromarine life, his favorites are all types of shrimp.

Eak - Dinghy Driver/Engineer
Eak is one of the dinghy drivers and second engineer  and is from Nakon Si Thammarat in Southern Thailand. He has worked on dive boats in Thailand for 7 years. This is his first season on Thailand Aggressor and he enjoys watching all sports.

Tum - Chef 
Tum is from the Bangkok, the capital of Thailand where he spent four years as a Chef before moving south and joining the Thailand Aggressor. When he is not in the kitchen he likes to read books and enjoys learning.

Chat - Chef 
Chef Chat is from Bangkok and has been a chef for 6 years. He loves to meet new people and travel.  

Jinny - Steward & Massage Therapist
the massage therapist and steward, comes from the E-san area, in northern Thailand, but now she lives in Bangkok. She has been with Aggressor since January 2014, and worked on different liveaboards for 5 years before joining our team. She likes getting massages herself in her spare time, relaxing, and has never been known to say no to a good, old action movie.