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Turks & Caicos Dive Sites
Diving Environment:
  • Sheer walls with health corals, Orange Elephant Ear Sponges, Gray Reef Sharks, Angelfish, Eagle Rays, Horse-eye Jacks, Lobster, Snapper, Garden Eels, Nurse Sharks and lots of macro life.
  • All dives are made from the mothership
  • Water temperature: 78 - 84F, 25 - 29C
  • 3mm wetsuit recommended

Capt. AmandaCaptain Amanda Smith,
If you had asked her where she saw herself in the future 10 years ago; Captain of the TURKS & CAICOS AGGRESSOR II™ is not something that she would have foreseen. Still here she is and enjoying it immensely. Very different from the claims department of an insurance company, of which she was a Claim Manager for several years.

Having always enjoyed the outdoors; rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking, scuba diving just seemed like a natural progression, another challenge to conquer. Turkey was the destination to start it all off, followed by some extensive diving in the chilly waters of the UK. And so started a passion that has endured.

Even now having been onboard the Aggressor in Turks & Caicos for over five years she is still discovering different and sometimes unusual critters and if not different then just enjoying the behaviour of the usual suspects. Add to that the chance to share these underwater treasures with our guests – the perfect job!  Marine animals of all shapes and sizes: sharks, turtles, eagle rays, sting rays, snails and slugs to name but a few and of course the much under appreciated sea cucumber – someone has to love them – Amanda is that person!
Rob Smith
Robert Smith

Always a lover of the ocean, Rob started diving when he was just eighteen years of age and very quickly became an instructor, diving between the UK, from where he originates and Egypt.  A mechanic by trade, working on Land Rovers and Jaguars, he discovered that he could transfer his skills from car to marine and worked in the Maldives for a short while before settling in the Turks & Caicos Islands working first for a day boat operator and now onboard the Aggressor, where you can find him either tinkering with the engines or shooting underwater stills.  

Christy Weaver

Christie Weaver
Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Christy grew up visiting the Jersey Shore every summer where she fell in love with horseshoe crabs and all things in the ocean. That is where her passion for diving began. She became a dive instructor while working on her Masters degree in marine biology in Australia. After completing her degree she participated in a wide variety of research projects including the longest running study of sharks as well as the longest running study of sea turtles. She transitioned from research into working as a dive instructor and built up her sea time to become a captain. During her off time Christy enjoys travelling the world and swimming with as many large animals as possible.

Conor Ferrin

Conor Ferrin

Born and raised in Colorado, Conor has always had a fascination and longing for the ocean. Starting he’s dive career back home Conor progressed from divemaster to instructor with A-1 Scuba and the Denver Aquarium. Then two years ago he made the decision to join the Aggressor Fleet. First starting in Palau on the Rock Islands Aggressor and now with the TURKS & CAICOS AGGRESSOR II™. He’s passion for the ocean is still as strong as ever and is looking to complete his first captain course within the year.

Christy Brown

Christy Brown

Before becoming the chef on the TURKS & CAICOS AGGRESSOR II™, Chef Christy was an estate chef in New Orleans, LA.  Whilst living in Tampa, she traveled to and fro, attended the Art Institute of Tampa and received her Bachelors in Culinary Management. After being a relief chef on the Turks and Caicos Aggressor II her unrealized curiosity for diving was awakened and soon after she became a permanent and welcomed member of the crew. Chef Christy is grateful for her culinary career; within it she has been able to travel the world; has met some of the most intriguing people and savors the opportunity to paint the palates of every guest

Jessica Polk

Jessica Polk
Jessica is originally from the state of Alabama.   She went to Auburn University where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.   After working in sales for the next few years, she realized that she really would much rather be diving and travelling the world.  As soon as she received her Master Scuba Diver Instructor rating she hit the road and has not been back home much since. Jess has now been in the maritime dive industry and working up and down the Caribbean for the past four years.   She has joined ranks with Aggressor Fleet in Turks and Caicos and especially loves the videography work on board.   She is especially fascinated by anything to do with the sea and enjoys the simplicity of life on the ocean.