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Bahama Islands

Diving Details:

  • Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, dolphin, grouper, snapper  and  other abundant marine life
  • All dives from the yacht
  • Water temperature: 78-84F, 25-28C (summer months) 75–80F, 24-27C (winter months, with possible 72F, 22C drop in January)
  • 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended

  • 7-night charters:  up to 27 dives
  • 10-night charters: up to 42 dives

Best of the Bahamas
 Christy Weaver - Captain
Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Christy grew up visiting the Jersey Shore every summer where she fell in love with horseshoe crabs and all things in the ocean. That is where her passion for diving began. She became a dive instructor while working on her Masters degree in marine biology in Australia. After completing her degree she participated in a wide variety of research projects including the longest running study of sharks as well as the longest running study of sea turtles. She transitioned from research into working as a dive instructor and built up her sea time to become a captain. During her off time Christy enjoys traveling the world and swimming with as many large animals as possible.

Rodney Valenzuela - Instructor/Engineer/2nd Captain

Rodney is from Negros Island, Philippines. He worked as seafarer by profession since 1997 after he graduated in maritime school. He worked in various ship in Philippines and International shipping. He started diving while working as boat captain in Royal Caribbean International private destination in Haiti and Bahamas. He got his dive master in 2008 but didn’t practice until 2016, when he started to work in liveaboard boat in Philippines. Rodney are happy to dive with you in the beautiful water of Bahamas. His skills and experienced in technical matter relating to boat will be contributing factor for smooth diving operation.

Dave Trent - Divemaster/Engineer
I was born and raised in Boise, ID and joined the U.S. Marine Corps at 17 years and served from 1999 to 2003. I later studied biology at Boise State University. I found a carrier at a desk job and after 10 years decided that I needed a break. I soon made a trip to Utila in the Bay Islands of Honduras and took my open water course to try diving… after that, I was hooked. I became a Divemaster on New Year’s Day of 2016 and after a one-year commitment working for Mel Fisher’s Treasure Hunters in Key West Florida, I applied for a position with the Aggressor Fleet and was quickly accepted and have been happy every day to now be the acting engineer and Divemaster on the Bahamas Aggressor.

Rob Carabia - Relief Chef/Divemaster
Rob is originally from the northeastern United States and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. After joining the U.S. Marines in 2002, he learned to dive in Okinawa, Japan when he was stationed there. He worked his way up to Divemaster, he has held this rating for over 13 years now. Rob attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston which is one of the most prestigious culinary institutions in the world. Rob has completed extensive training in Italy where he worked with some renowned chefs, as well working in some of Boston’s finest restaurants upon his return to the United States. When Rob joined the Bahamas Aggressor he was able to combine his two passions, cooking and diving. This is the perfect fit for him.
Rob looks forward to welcoming you all on board soon.

Caleb Dudley

Caleb Dudley - Chef
Caleb is the from the great state of New Hampshire and has been cooking for the better part of 20 years.  Before joining the boating world Caleb travelled the US as a gypsy as he jokingly refers to himself as.  While traveling he worked as chef in many cities and has become well versed in many different types of cooking.  Caleb just recently fell in love with the diving world and you will usually find him in the water with you at least once a day.

Brynne Rardin

Brynne Rardin - Chef

Originally from Concord, New Hampshire, Brynne Rardin is a recent college graduate from Connecticut College with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Art. She has spent many summers gaining cooking experience as a line chef serving hundreds of people a day, as well as inventing new and exciting dishes at home for her family and friends. Brynne loves baking cakes and cupcakes because it lets her embrace some of her artistic background. After a semester abroad in New Zealand lead her to discover her love for diving, she decided to pursue her passion for cooking and baking with Aggressor Fleet where she has the privilege of diving with amazing ocean life everyday.

Josh Foster
Rachael Lawns
I come from an old English victorian sea side town called Folkestone in the south east of the UK. Surrounded by these cold beautiful waters I learned to dive with my twin brother and Dad. After traveling in Asia I did my instructor course and became a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and did my cross over to SSI. I then moved to the untouched British Virgin Islands where I got my day boat captain licence and loved to sail. Im chatty, positive and can't wait to take you under our seas to inspire and awe.