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Bahama Islands

Diving Details:

  • Sharks, Eagle Rays, Stingrays, Groupers, Walls and Reefs with abundant marine life and multiple macro critters.
  • All dives from mothership.
  • Water temperature: 78-84F, 25-28C (summer months) 75–80F, 24-27C (winter months, with possible 72F, 22C drop in January)
  • 3-5 mm wetsuit recommended 

  • 7-night charters:  up to 27 dives
  • 10-night charters: up to 42 dives

A 15 ft x 4 ft tender is used to take guests for 1 - 2 shore excursions during the week. All diving is from the mothership.

Best of the Bahamas
 Christie Weaver Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Christy grew up visiting the Jersey Shore every summer where she fell in love with horseshoe crabs and all things in the ocean. That is where her passion for diving began. She became a dive instructor while working on her Masters degree in marine biology in Australia. After completing her degree she participated in a wide variety of research projects including the longest running study of sharks as well as the longest running study of sea turtles. She transitioned from research into working as a dive instructor and built up her sea time to become a captain. During her off time Christy enjoys travelling the world and swimming with as many large animals as possible.

David Millard - Engineer

Dave as he prefers is from the Isle of Man which is to the west of the U.K mainland in the Irish sea.  He began his work in the maritime industry aboard the voluntary RNLI search and rescue boats that patrolled the Isle of Man waters. It was during this time he was introduced to scuba by one of his crew mates aboard the rescue boat.  He completed his Open Water and Advanced courses in the frigid waters of the Irish Sea where he would dive during his time off. He then moved on to complete his instructor ratings. Dave plays a vital role as engineer and is also an avid photographer. Dave looks forward to welcoming you all onboard the BAHAMAS AGGRESSOR™. He relishes the challenges and new adventures that await him along the way. 

Caitilin Thincher
Caitilin hails from Terre Haute, Indiana - “The Crossroads of America.”  While studying French and Linguistics at Indiana University, she enrolled in some scuba courses for fun.     
It was her scuba courses that showed her diving was a “Crossroads to the World.”   Upon concluding her studies, she headed to Mexico where she completed her Divemaster and Instructor programs.  To gain experience in the industry she accepted a position in Atlanta at a full-service dive center teaching everything from entry level to professional level courses.  In 2015 the world was calling again.  This time it resulted in a two-year adventure as a Divemaster / Instructor working all over the east end of Grand Cayman.  

Caitilin joined the BAHAMAS AGGRESSOR™ in 2017.    For her, the “LiveAboard Lifestyle” is all about the variety that comes with living and working on a yacht.   Her favorite job on board is still showing her guests the amazing sights, and diversity found diving in The Bahamas. When she is not working Caitilin enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.