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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 03, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


CARIB DANCER captains log 1/03 - 1/10/15

Air Temp 80 F

Water Temp 79 F

Viz 70 Feet

Recommend 3mm/hood 

to 5mm wet suit



Captain: ERNIE

2nd Captain: NESTOR






Jean, Clare, JoAnn, Wen, Diane, Charlie, Todd, Yury, Tracy, Dirk, Elena, Maria, Janet & Mark. 



Sunday - barracuda shoals, flat rock, airplane 

Monday - cut n run, cave rock, tunnel rock

Tuesday - cobia cage, kracken, split coral 

Wednesday - pillar wall, Austin Smith, blacktip wall, north house

Thursday - washing machine, lobster no lobster, airplane

Friday - blue hole


Saturday, January 3, 2015

This week we welcomed aboard divers from the USA, China and Russia. We can easily say it was the gals who outnumbered the guys this week! 😊 After setting up gear and settling in, Captain Ernie gave the safety briefing, which was followed by a delicious dinner, dessert and some wine. What a great way to end a long day of traveling! 

We left the dock shortly after enjoying our meal prepared by our fantastic chef, Brent. 

Now our guests are ready to begin their vacation week in the Bahamas, eating, sleeping and diving, CARIB DANCER style!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

We started our Sunday morning with a breakfast of bacon and eggs made to order, pancakes and a continental buffet of breads, rolls, fruit, yogurt & cereal. Okay, all set for our checkout dive at Barracuda Shoals, a shallow site with plenty of colorful soft coral to see. We stayed here for our second dive too, and were glad we did. We saw a huge ray basking in the sand, flamingo tongues, two red tipped sea goddesses and a big Nassau grouper. The sharks made their appearance toward the end of the dive. Some of our guests stayed down for over 70 minutes.  WOW!

Next up - Flat rock. Another shallow site great for exploring. We see lobster, clinging crabs, blennies and schools of sergeant majors.

We visited Airplane for our late afternoon and night dives. Airplane is an interesting dive site, as it is home to many different schools of fish and reef creatures hiding in crevices.  2nd Captain Nestor found a long snout seahorse AND a head shield slug in the sand patch fringing the wreck! 

We saw rays, lobster, barracuda and squid on our night dive. 


Monday, January 5, 2015

Our voyage through the night brought us to the Eleuthera Islands, where we awoke to calm seas and sunny skies.

Our first dive is at a site called Cut n Run. Look for the anchor embedded in the wall, covered with coral. When you find it, follow its chain along the sandy bottom until you come to the wreck remnants of a small aircraft. The cockpit of the plane makes for a fun photo op, and is home to grouper and small tropical fish.  We had a pair of king mackerels swim under the boat and check us out. 

After a fun and fabulous cheeseburgers in paradise lunch on the sun deck, our guests enjoyed the next dive site, Cave Rock - a coral head with plenty of cavernous openings to explore and swim through. We saw scorpionfish, a ray with a remora out for a cruise, a green lettuce sea slug and a vivid blue lettuce sea slug. We also found a spotted moray eel in one of the crevices. 

We moved over to Tunnel Rock for our evening and night dives. This shallow site has many coral heads of different sizes and configurations to check out.  We saw clinging crabs, arrow crabs, blue crabs, lobster, squid, and an octopus. 2nd captain Nestor found a mushroom scorpionfish in the sand!


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our first splash of the day was at Cobia Cage, a site where Cobias were once raised.  All that remains now is the cage, and all the macro creatures that have taken up residence here. One of our guests found a Purplering Flabellina!! Because the wall is pretty much directly underneath the cage, this makes for an interesting dive. 

Our second dive of the morning was at Kracken, a shallow site with crevices, holes, cracks and sand patches all with distinctly different types of marine life. Our guests loved this dive! 

After a short cruise to Split Coral, it was time to interact with reef sharks! And interact we did! Here a shark, there a shark - every direction we look we see SHARKS! Another dive our guests loved. So, were staying here for our night dive. We saw crabs, and of course, sharks. 


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

After a very smooth late night crossing back to the Exuma Islands, we awoke at Pillar Wall, a nice, deep wall dive with plenty of aquatic life. There was a school of barracuda under the boat, and a reef shark marking lazy circles around the vessel. 

A short cruise to our next site, Austin Smith. This interactive shark dive is popular with our guests, not only for the close encounters with the reef sharks, but because the wreck is teeming with life!  

Next up, Blacktip Wall. I especially like this dive because of all the swim thrus.  My favorite is the cavernous tunnel that starts shallow and releases us out at 95 feet! 

Our evening and night dives are at North House, a shallow site with coral heads scattered about. The water was crystal clear and flat calm. 

We saw morays, sea urchins, shrimp, porcupine fish and an octopus.

After the night dive, our guests enjoyed an Aggressor/Dancer tradition - hot cocoa and Baileys - what a way to end another great day of diving! 


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Good morning from the Bahamas! Our first dive of the day was called the Washing Machine.  This is a fun, fast drift through the spin cycle to a site called Basket Star, where captain Ernie awaits with our yacht. We all made it back onboard, so we enjoyed a few yummy cinnamon rolls, and its off to Lobster no Lobster, a shallow dive site where we saw lobster, porcupine fish, a turtle, trunkfish (just for guest Clare) and a hammerhead shark! 

Our evening and night dives are at Airplane. 

After a delicious dinner perfectly prepared by our chef Brent, its time for the night dive. Our guests stayed down for 70 minutes plus, exploring the plane and the surrounding area. They found a flame box crab, moon snails, a seahorse, two long snout seahorses, an eyespot costasiella, a burnt placida AND a three-ridged snapping shrimp.  Good spotting, 2nd captain Nestor!


Friday, January 9, 2015

Sadly, Friday comes around too soon. But we still have a splash at the Blue Hole, another one of our perpetual guest favorites, a shallow dive site with a 187 deep hole to explore or just swim over that is home to turtles, nurse sharks, eels, groupers, lobsters and crabs. Our guests saw 4 silky sharks, a nurse shark, a green turtle, a black Brotula and mating Leech Aglajas, a type of head shield slug. 

We had a very friendly manatee visit us this afternoon at our home dock! Our guests and crew snorkeled with him and enjoyed the close encounter. 

Elena, what happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas. 

All thats left to do now is rinse our gear and enjoy a cocktail or two at our afternoon party on the sun deck.

We would like to congratulate our iron divers, Jean, Clare, Joann, Charlie and Todd!

A very special THANK YOU to all of our guests for spending your week with us in the Bahamas, eating sleeping and diving, aboard the CARIB DANCER. 



Carib Dancer Crew


Author: Kat Weaver

Captain Ernie Stanley