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Belize Aggressor IV :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 03, 2015
Entry By: Sun Dancer II Crew


Sun Dancer II

Jan 3-10 2015

Water Temp: 81

Vis: 80-100 Ft

Weather:  Sunny

3mm Wetsuit Recommended

Crew: Captain Megan, First Mate John, Chef Carlos, Stewardess Elia, Assistant Chef Barbara, Engineer Simon, Dive master Karim & Assistant Conway:

Dive Sites Visited:

Sunday: Julies Jungle: Long Caye Ridge 

Monday: East Cut and Uno Coco

Tuesday: Half Moon Caye Wall & Site Y 

Wednesday: The Great Blue Hole and Silver Cave

Thursday: Chain Wall and Long Caye Wall 

Friday:  Front Porch 

This week we welcome aboard 16 new friends and 2 that have been onboard with us many time all around the world and had such wonderful times that they came back to spend another amazing week with us, Thank You!

Gabriele, Bruce, Racy, Sandy, Paul, Diane, Fred, Claudia, Thomaso, Garrett, Kurt, Jai Paul, Gary, Yucca, Casey, Cannon, Austin and Mary!

On Saturday we welcomed everyone on board and the divers made themselves at home in their staterooms and out on the dive deck.  Shortly after our safety briefing and introductions a delicious dinner prepared by Chef Carlos was served and enjoyed, we then proceeded to depart the Radisson dock for Lighthouse Reef. 

The first dive site of the week was at Julies Jungle at Long Caye Island.  The very first dive is a great opportunity to get your weighting and gear situated and this is the perfect site for those adjustments.  The beautiful white sand about 20-30 feet deep leads out to the wall that has a delightful structure to it that includes cracks and crevasses that make for a dramatic and enjoyable reef.  The life was also abundant with a spotted eagle ray sighting, sting ray, jelly fish and a really cool barracuda.  Everyone enjoyed the morning dives and looked forward to an even more incredible week of diving.  The afternoon dives continued to impress with more sting rays, cool barracudas and a really nice school or Permit fish and were a delight to the beholders.  The entire first day was a success with everyone feeling comfortable and enjoying the warm clear water and friendly inhabitants.  

The second day started at East Cut which had an incredible turtle, spotted drum fish and a day time octopus!  The afternoon at Uno Coco was even more remarkable with another turtle (this one very cooperative) a school of ocean triggers, eels, a green moray and a spotted.  An amazing sight came when it was noticed that the creole wrasse were actually flying around underwater matting with each other.  It is really cool to see a bunch of fish and when there is a wild behavior noticeable, including something as dramatic as these fish mating it made for a really incredible national graphic type experience.  We decided to rate this dive at least PG13 but that was OK since everyone on board was at least 18 or older. 

The amazing diving continued the next day at Half Moon Caye Wall.  There were pipe fish in the turtle grass, sting rays with their fish friends swimming over the sand and grass, conch shells and other cool sand fish like the Tile and of course garden eels everywhere.  At the mooring block the divers were able to see the sail fin blennies that we decided are going to live to be so old they might get to be 3-4 feet long someday (just kidding but it is funny to imagine!)  Also there was a turtle that went on top of the divers up over their heads thru the bubbles, also two ramoras were hanging off the turtle and someone said it looked like the turtle had two chicken legs dangling down, so funny.  There was a very photogenic hog fish and angle fish the size of huge dish plates, think Thanksgiving buffet charger plates with a ten inch diameter at least!  The afternoon dives at Site Y also had cool eels and flounders a huge lobster and a channel cleaning crab that was said to be a female because its clause were a little smaller.  

Wednesday was the day for… drum roll please… the Great Blue Hole!  The weather was really cooperating with us and the sky parted and the sun shown down and there were magical twinkles in the air as we drove into the huge thousand foot diameter circumference of the Blue Hole before mooring up to the northern edge.  There were a lot of stalactites to see and swim behind and the dramatic and memorable dive left the divers wanting to do it again but with a deep dive like that we took an extended surface interval instead and went to another seriously beautiful dive site for the afternoon dives called Silver Cave.  Not only did Yucca find our resident sea horse but there was a cute shark off the wall and a million fish to see and appreciate all over the reef and off the wall.  Giant groupers and schools of creole wrasse in the dark blue off the wall, a swim thru and cool small things to check out over the reef, this site is non stop fun and everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to dive here and got to see a lot.  

During the week the night dives also had an enormous amount of amazing creatures to discover and photograph including a lobster that was posing for the camera up on the top of the reef rocks, basket stars open wide to catch the snacks floating around in the water.  There were at least 2 octopus discovered on most of the night dives and a bunch of squid on the last dusk night dive on Thursday.  The morning of Thursday also had some of the most memorable dives including Chain Wall which had SHARKS!!!  There were three that made the rounds and looks just curious enough without seeming annoying or rude, the divers felt comfortable being around them and the sharks stayed for both dives and enjoyed our company hopefully as much as we appreciated having them around us.  There were hog fish and trigger fish, really cool chubs and jacks, everything was happy on this reef and it was really a super pleasant dive with the conditions proving to be perfect for the enjoy yourself at your own pace type of diving that sight offers.  The afternoon at Long Caye Wall also had beautiful dives with tarpon out, turtles, trunk fish, drum fish, colorful and beautiful light on the reef and a monster lobster everyone was talking about.  Really awesome free swimming eel and incredible coral formations made it a magical dive for everyone to enjoy.

The final day of diving at Turneffe was wonderful with a super cute and adorable juvenile spotted drum fish, free swimming green moray, the elusive spotted toad fish, turtle, more green morays, and another adorable juvenile spotted drum!  So much to see and appreciate!  The entire week was amazing and everyone on board enjoyed themselves and appreciated the delicious meals and of course the onboard enthusiasm from the crew.  The diving was safe and exciting, a lot to see and really great underwater conditions.  We love and thank you all for joining us onboard this week and would love to see you again on the Sun Dancer II in Belize!

From all the Crew of the Sun Dancer II  - Thank YOU!!!