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Okeanos Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 03, 2015
Entry By: Wind Dancer Crew


Wind Dancer

Captains Log Trip: 3-13 JANUARY 2015

Water temp: 25|°C

This week our guests come from Malasya, Israel, Korea, Canada, France, South Africa, and Russia, our crossing to the island took around 35 hours.

First day. No clouds in the sky, good feelings and people ready for diving!!!!   we had our check out dive at Chatha bay, and It was really nice and colorful; we saw one eagle ray, marble rays a lot of marine life…... Second and third dive we Manuelita deep. We had our first encounter with hammerheads and two big Galapagos Shark. In the wall we swam in the middle of a huge school of snappers. …. And at the safety stop thousands of jacks came straight to us…. What a first day in Cocos!!!!

Second day. This morning we dove at dirty rock and Punta Maria, Both of these sites had some hammerhead action coming in groups of 10 o 15. In Punta Maria we dove with more than 4 Galapagos Sharks.. and very close to us…. In dirty rock the dive was awesome!... we stay at 30 meters, and very close to the main rock just enjoying the dance of the hammerheads coming to us in small groups!!!!!!The third dive was en Manuelita deep.

The night dive was at Manuelita garden, and you now what? This is the best dive site in the world to see the white tips hunting…. Sometimes in groups of more than hundred….. spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Third day. When you are going to Alcyone you always know that everything can happen there.. and it was true again! On the way there we stop because we saw birds hunting in the blue…. But the part was down there… below the surface…. We jump just with fins and mask and the show was amazing….. dolphins swimming with us and more than 6 silky sharks swing very close as well… and it was not even the dive!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we went to Alcyone thinking we already had the best, but not… We saw one of the more jack fish school ever! And the hammerheads were there swimming around as and following our bubbles in the blue…. And suddenly, a 7 meter whale shark (35 feet) jus in front of us! The divers couldnt believe!! We dove with this beautiful animal for a while.. unbelievable!!!!!!

Fourth day. At the beginning of the week we were just us at the island, that is why we went again to Alcyone and was fantastic… again….hammerheads, eels, octopuses and there seemed jacks everywhere we looked.

The third dive was in Pajara. Beautiful coral reef with an spectacular ill garden…. But what we didnt expect was to find the biggest tiger shark I ever seen at cocos. Was a female, but huge!!!! Maybe more than 5 meters and I almost sure she was praigned. What a day!!!!!!!

Fifth day at the island we went to Dos amigos. The plan was to dive there two times, in the big rock first and at the small one for the second dive. But in Cocos you never know, and the current was so strong and we decided to cancel the second dive there and go to Dirty rock.

Actually the change it was great because we saw more than 20 hamerheads together, eagle rays, turtle, muble ray, and something pretty wired…. Another tiger shark!!!!! And I said wired because I never seen before on tiger in dirty rock!!!! But, again, this beautiful island surprised me……

Today we went to Punta Maria and Dirty rock. In Punta maria we had a special show with the Galapagos sharks. At the clean station, at 25 meters, we saw more than 6 o this beautiful and large animals swimming around…. And they came to us very close some times!!!! The divers were really surprised!!!!


The last dive in paradise we dove in Alcyone, Dirty Rock two times.

This week was spectacular, I already want to be there to see more and more!!!!!!

See you the next week and safe diving to all of you!