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Log Date: Saturday, Jan 17, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captains Log 10-17 Jan 2015


Air Temp. 70-75+ F

Water Temp. 71-75 F

Visibility 75-100+ft

3 or 5 mm Wet Suit Recommended, Maybe Even A Hood

Light Jacket For The Cool Evening Air



Captain Dennis

2nd Captain Nestor

Instructor David

Stew Louise

Chef Patricia



Chantel, Duane, Brad, Josh, Audrey, Christine, David, Darren, Devon, Christopher, John, Richard, Kristina, Michael



Sunday – Pillar Wall, Dog Rocks

Monday – Jewfish Wall, Barracuda Shoals, Flat Rock Reef, Madison Avenue

Tuesday – Cut-N-Run, Knucklehead, Primo, Tunnel Rock

Wednesday – Split Coral Head, Monolith, Crackin

Thursday – Cut Thru City, Wreck of The Austin Smith, Plane Wreck (Ships Channel)

Friday –


Saturday December 6th

After guest boarded the Carib Dancer at our home dock of Elizabeth On Bay, we departed the dock for an easy cruise out to the Exuma Islands enjoying a sky full of stars.



Sunday December 7th

We started this week off at Pillar Wall. When diving Pillar Wall we dont have to dive the wall area. The mooring is located less then a boat length away from mooring. While sitting on the mooring, just under the Carib Dancer in about 25 feet of water is an array of soft and hard corals or a short swim and youre at the edge of   the wall. Taking our time underwater we saw schools of Bluestrip Grunts and several types of Snappers, a beautiful Southern Sting Ray cruise close to guest. Also a huge garden of Colorful Hard and Soft Corals and even a couple of Caribbean Reef Sharks came in for a closer look. Next was my personal favorite dive site in the Northern Exuma Islands called Dog Rocks. Not only do we swim along an Awesome Wall, but also theres lots of Swim Thrus and Canyons to enjoy. I could list just about every creature in a Marine Life book, just some of the Marine Life that was near, Spotted Moray Eels out swimming on top of the reef, Several Types of Stingrays and one swam up to guest Chantel and let her pet the ray. But the best was having our guest Guy tell the store on how the Caribbean Reef Sharks and him meet eye to eye at night, both turning and swimming the other way not sure who scared who. We could have spend all day here at Dog Rocks, maybe next time…



Monday December 8th

We started this Monday diving Jewfish Wall, enjoying a few Swim Thrus, a few schools of fish, a few Sharks and a small Hawksbill Turtle. Next we made our way to the Great Bahama Bank for a couple of shallow dives visiting Barracuda Shoals and Flat Rock Reef. Both of these reefs offer a variety of Marine Life. Near one Coral Head there was a Tiger Grouper getting clean by several Pederson Cleaner Shrimp. We also saw Bright Purple Social Feather Dusters and Turtle Grass Anemone, Roughtail Stingrays and Scrawled Filefish. After several hours between these two dive sites we finished the day on Madison Avenue. As I swam around I came across a couple of small Channel Clinging Crabs but also came across several Huge ones they are also known as the King Crab of he Caribbean. I found one his claws were as big as your hand. There were Schools of Silverside along the reef and Octopus and Squid on the night dive.



Tuesday December 9th

After the night dive on Madison Avenue the Carib Dancer made her way east to the Island of Eleuthera. We entered the water on Cut-N-Run for the first dive and with excellent visibly it didnt take long to find the Large Anchor thats stuck into the top of the wall and Encrusted with Colorful Coral and Sponges. Just east of the beautiful anchor in the sandy area is a small plane or part of one with Rays and schools of fish around the wreckage. Heading south we stopped at Knucklehead, a shallow reef with swim thrus and lots of creatures to take pictures and video. Colorful Painted Tunicate, Furry Sea Cucumber, Brittle Stars on Colorful Sponges was some of the creatures. After a long lunch break we started the afternoon on Primo. When diving Primo we enjoy not only a Huge Wall covered with Marine Life but the top of the wall is shallow enough to enjoy some great bottom time while looking at Sand Divers (Lizardfish), A school of about 60 Creole Wrasse in the Initial Phase which is a Navy Blue color. We even had a few Cero Mackerel swim near. After a fantastic dive on Primo it was time to visit my favorite in Eleuthera for a late afternoon and night dive, Tunnel Rock. Tunnel Rock is a Huge Coral Head that starts in about 15 feet of water and the base of the coral head is in about 45 feet. There are three swim thrus that make up the tunnels and around the huge coral head are lots of small ones covered with Marine Life. Some of the different Corals we saw were Lesser Star Coral, Mustard Hill Coral and Smooth Star Coral. Lots of Christmas Tree Worms of varies colors, Spotted Spiny Lobsters (also known as Spanish Lobsters), Spotted Moray Eels and more large Channel Clinging Carbs, plus an Octopus and Squid.




Wednesday December 10th

Today we started the by diving with about 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks at Split Coral Head. Split Coral Head offers three things as a dive site. One an Amazing Wall, two a Shallow Coral Head thats Split down the center and covered with Underwater Life and between the wall and coral head is three lots of Sharks. Everyone got close up shots and video of Sharks and other creatures. After hanging out a couple of hours with Sharks we made our way north along the wall to Monolith, which is a Very Large Wall dive. I did something a little different this time at Monolith after only spending a few minutes on the wall we swam east into the sandy area where we have smaller coral head and lots of Garden Eels.   It took a bit of time but laying still in the sand lots of garden Eels started popping out of their sandy holes near by which made for some good pictures. To finish the day we headed to as one guest called it the adult playground, a dive site called Crackin. Its a shallow dive site with lots of Tunnels and Swim Thrus that everyone was just swimming in and out of this maze. Added fish and creatures it was a fun afternoon and night dive.


Thursday December 11th

Before making our way back to the Exuma Islands we did a pre-breakfast dive on Cut Thru City. Lots of Swim Thrus to enjoy here and enjoy watching the top of the wall and the wall itself come alive with Marine Life. The Wreck of The Austin Smith was our first stop back in the Exumas. The deck of the Austin Smith sits in about 40 feet of water and even with all the Marine Life around the wreck to enjoy the one thing we can help but enjoy are all the Sharks. We had about 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks sizes from 3 to over 6 feet in length, swimming sometimes only a few inches from us. To end the day and the last night dive of the week we headed to he crews favorite and thats the small Plane Wreck just off Ships Channel. We are always surprised by the amount of life on this tiny dive site. This afternoon and night was no exception, because we saw Stingrays, Huge Loggerhead Turtle, Octopus, and Sea Horses.


Friday December 12th

We finish the week diving the Blue Hole. When we take pictures at the Blue Hole its easy to get a variety of colors because the wall of the Blue Hole of Very Colorful with the different Sponges and Corals. The top on the north end has a few coral heads that has schools of fish near by and today we were joined by a Huge Loggerhead Turtle that was very up close and personal with a couple of guest.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Captain & Crew Of The Carib Dancer