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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 10, 2015
Entry By: Captain James


Kona Aggressor II Captains Log January 10-17, 2015


Air Temp.  70-80 F


Water Temp. 75 F


Visibility 20-80




Captain James


2nd Captain Karl


Chef  Matt


Instructor Mindy, Morgan


Engineer Cliff


Steward Jessie





Marie, Mindy, Marla, Amy, Roger, Nate, John, David, Daniel, Lina, and Emily





Sunday – Aquarium, Garden Eel Cove


Monday – The Dome, Lions Den, The Hive


Tuesday – Peles Playground, Manuka Bay


Wednesday – Manuka Bay, Land of Oz, Au Au Crater, Robs Reef


Thursday – Paradise Pinnacle, Amphitheater, Sheraton


Friday – Turtle Pinnacle, The Predator




Saturday January 10


This week we welcomed aboard a boat full of guests from all over the U.S on the Kona Aggressor II. We picked everyone up from Kona Pier Saturday evening and headed out to the mooring for dinner and a briefing. We came up with a plan for the week 3and headed to bed so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!


Sunday January 11


Sunday we started off with a pair of check out dives at Aquarium. Everyone looked great in the water and we saw lots of great sea life. Some favorites were a spotted eagle ray, a turtle, 3 devil scorpions, a white bump nudi, a flounder, an octopus, a zebra moray, a tiger snake moray, and a scrawled filefish. Next we headed over to Garden Eel Cove, home of the world famous Kona manta ray night dive. During the afternoon dives we went to check out the endemic Hawaiian garden eels down in the sand. We also saw an endemic Hawaiian knifefish, a reticulated butterfly, and a school of Hellers barracuda. On the night dive we got to see some amazing manta rays swimming overhead. We even got an extra treat back at the boat. There was a frogfish who decided to surface and see what we were up to. He spent 20 minutes just swimming around at the surface behind the boat, very unusual behavior.


Monday January 12


Monday morning we hit up The Dome for a couple of dives. There were 3 different frogfish hanging out on the reef! There was also a peacock razor wrasse, a horned helmet shell, an undulated moray, and a massive puffer fish. On our way south at lunch time we had another rare treat at the surface. Just off City of Refuge we had a school of scalloped hammerheads cruising at the surface. It was a nice flat day so we could see them from afar. As we approached they came over to the boat and were actually riding the bow the way dolphins do, it was incredible! After the shark show we headed to Lions Den for a dive. We saw an endemic red Hawaiian lionfish, 4 undulated morays, and a few leaf scorpions. Next we went to The Hive. Some favorites there were a coral blennie, threadfin butterflies, a spotted boxfish, a titan scorpion, a conger eel on the prowl, some decoy scorpions, and a slipper lobster.


Tuesday January 13


Tuesday we checked out Peles Playground for 2 dives. The highlight there was a hammerhead shark! We also saw a wire coral goby, some long handed spiny lobsters, some lizard fish, a turtle, and a Hawaiian conger eel. We spent the rest of the day at Manuka Bay. Some favorite sightings there were a leaf scorpion, a horned helmet shell, a peacock razor wrasse, flame angels, a dragon wrasse, some great barracuda,  and a spotted eagle ray.


Wednesday January 14


Wednesday morning we woke up and decided to do another dive at Manuka because conditions were so good. Some morning favorites were a flagtail tilefish, an octopus, and an endemic gold lace nudibranch. Next we went to Land of Oz for a dive. We saw a juvenile short nose wrasse, a yellow tail coris, a spotted boxfish, and a fried egg nudi. After lunch we went to Au Au Crater for a dive. We saw a rare Tinkers butterfly, a titan scorpion, some milkfish, and some long handed lobster. Next we headed to Robs Reef. We saw a thornback cowfish, a flowery flounder, a few decoy scorpionfish, the elusive Henshaws snake eel, and a viper moray trying to turn a unicornfish into a meal.


Thursday January 15


We kicked off Thursday with a pair of dives at Paradise Pinnacle. Some favorites were a white tip reef shark, a Hawaiian conger eel, some endemic red-stripe pipefish, a blue dragon nudi, a dwarf moray, an endemic Hawaiian longfin anthia, a sleepy sponge crab, a turtle, and a flagtail tilefish. During lunch we headed up to Amphitheater for a dive. We saw a blue dragon nudi, and undulated moray, some pyramid butterflies, and a blue fin trevally. Next we headed to the Sheraton. We did a second manta ray night dive and had great results. We had 3 mantas overhead the whole time as well as a small pod of bottlenose dolphins circling the group.


Friday January 16


Friday morning we went to Turtle Pinnacle for a dive. The highlight there was a green sea turtle, but not far behind was a day octopus. For the last dive of the trip we headed to the wreck of the Predator. We could hear the humpbacks singing extra loud on this dive. We also saw a female Whitleys boxfish, a wire coral goby, and a black lined coris.


Saturday Janaury 17


Saturday morning we returned to Kona Pier to drop off our guests after a lovely week of diving. Congratulations to Linda and John for being our Iron Divers this week. Also a huge mahalo to everyone else for joining us. We cant wait to see you guys again!


A hui hou,

Captain James