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Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
Entry By: Captain Jay Roberts


Belize Aggressor III - Captains Log Jan 31 to Feb 7, 2015


  Air Temp: 81 fahrenheit / 27 celsius

  Water Temp: 79 fahrenheit / 26 celsius

  Visibility: 60-100ft



  Captain: Jay

  Engineer: Fermin

  Instructor: Jody

  Instructor: Karim

  Chef: Yanis

  Steward: Randy



…James, John, Michael, Diana, Scott, Thomas, James, Dana, Doug, Christoper, Thomas, Timothy, Denise, Todd, Christopher, Michael, Constantine, Ruxandra


Dive Sites:

  Sunday - Long Caye Ridge & Painted Wall

  Monday - Eagle Ray Pass & Silver Caves

  Tuesday - Blue Hole, HMC Island, & Cathedral

  Wednesday - Half Moon Caye Wall & Long Caye Wall

  Thursday - Grand Bogue & Front Porch

  Friday - The Elbow


Saturday Jan 31st

…18 guests from the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, and Romania joined us for a fun filled week of diving aboard the beautiful Belize Aggressor III.  Guests were greeted dock side around 3:00PM.  Scuba equipment setup and each guest shown to their cabins.  We had our welcome aboard briefing and champagne toast at 5:30PM.


Sunday Feb 1st

…Divers awoke to blue skies and calm seas at Lighthouse Reef Atoll.  A checkout dive was conducted, marine life sitings included: a big porcupine puffer, a tiny wire coral shrimp, several moon jellyfish, a couple spotted eagle rays, and plenty of Bermuda chubs under the BAIII.  Unfortunately during the check out dive one guest came back with a flooded camera, but per Aggressor / Dancer policy we hooked him up with a loaner camera for the rest of the week!


Monday Feb 2nd

…A few of us began the day with a Deep Dive as part of the Advanced Open Water Class.  We saw sharks, dolphins, eagle rays, a sea horse, flounder, giant lobster, and plenty of groupers off the wall.


Tuesday Feb 3rd

…What a day filled with lots to see and do.  We started off with the Blue Hole, next a little Island Time, and then a shark dive!  The night dive was exciting, we saw several white speckled nudibranch, a slipper lobster, a couple spotted morays out hunting the reef, hawks bill turtle, and an octopus.  Scott and Thomas also did some navigation as part of their night dive class.


Wednesday Feb 4th

…Eagle rays, southern stingrays, razorfish, garden eels, midnight parrot fish, blue parrot fish, hawks bill turtle, black tip reef shark and plenty more encounters took place at Half Moon Caye Wall and Long Caye Wall.


Thursday Feb 5th

…The weather changed a bit, so we motored over to Turneffe Islands Atoll.  The infamous spotted toadfish was seen by all.  Scott and Thomas conducted a well executed search & recovery dive.  Lots of free swimming green & spotted moray eels were cruising the reef in search of the unpopular lion fish.


Friday Feb 6th

…We dove the Elbow at dawn and another dive after breakfast to finish out a stellar week of diving!!!  Then it was time to back to Belize City.


…After arriving port, a few guests enjoyed a massage dock side.  Others went Cave Tubing and to the Belize Zoo.  At 6:00PM the wine & cheese party began; during which, we presented a few awards:


  Iron Divers - Todd, Chris, & Michael

  Advanced Open Water - Scott & Thomas

  Enriched Air Diver - Timothy

  Best Dive Team - Constantine & Ruxandra

  Milestone Divers - Dana, James, Christopher


Saturday Feb 7th

…The guests departed the vessel at 8:00AM, most returning home others spending more time in Belize.  Well that does it, another great week of diving in Belize.  So, from all of us on the Belize Aggressor III - EAT SLEEP & DIVE!


Captain Jay Roberts