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Log Date: Saturday, Feb 07, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captains Log 7-14 Feb 2015


Air Temp. 68-75+ F

Water Temp. 70-75 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor David

Instructor Brent

Dive Master Conor

Chef Patricia



Marthinus, Andrew, Renee, Louis, Debbie, Fabian and Zahari



Sunday – Closemon, Aquarium, Lobster No Lobster

Monday – Pillar Wall, Austin Smith

Tuesday – Dog Rocks, North House

Wednesday – Crab Reef, Madison Avenue, Crab Mountain

Thursday – Whales Tail Wall, Jewfish Wall, Plane Wreck

Friday – Blue Hole


Saturday December 6th

The Carib Dancer departed her home dock of Elizabeth On Bay for a week of diving in the Exuma Islands.



Sunday December 7th

We started our week diving on the Great Bahama Bank and our first stop was Closemon Reef which due to the tides is also were we finished for the night dive. The reason this dive site is called Closemon Reef is because we have to pull the Carib Dancer within less that 100 feet from the island. It almost looks like we will be parking on the island, a great up close view of the island. The reef at Closemon has an array of Soft Corals such as Orange Spiny Sea Rods, Corky Sea Finger and Grooved-Blade Sea Whip. Creatures like Brown Variable Sponge, Red Reef Hermit Crabs and other Marine Life was easily seen. Next was the Aquarium, which was name due to the fact that it felt like we were diving inside of an aquarium. But it was shallow reef that is covered with bright corals and sponges and more fish than you can count. The afternoon was on Lobster No Lobster, which is one of my favorite shallow sites in the Northern Exuma Islands. We enjoyed seeing Southern and Roughtail Stingrays, Crabs and small Shrimps and Lobsters. We had the normal creatures for our night dive experience on Closemon Reef and Octopus and Squid.


Monday December 8th

It was time for a wall dive and this day started with a very colorful one called Pillar Wall. We enjoyed the swim thrus and canyons that lead us from the shallow end of the site onto an Amazing Wall with Mountainous Star Coral, Branching and Pillar Corals and one of my favorite to take pictures of is Feather Black Coral. We saw Mackerel swimming near the wall, Caribbean Reef Sharks came in for a closer look and we had to swim through a School of Horse-Eye Jacks to return back to the Carib Dancer. Everyone enjoyed see the Shark so it was time to get up close and personal with a few of the local Caribbean Reef Sharks. That would make our next stop The Wreck of the Austin Smith. The Austin Smith is an easy and fun wreck to enjoy. Lots of Marine Life on and around the wreck, Nassau and Black Groupers as well as a few Angelfish will swim very close. One small Nassau Grouper will stay in front of you until it gets tired of having its picture taken. However on this dive we wanted Sharks and we a few visit us. While swimming around enjoying the wreck we had 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks ranging from three to about Seven feet in length coming as close as a few inches away. The Wreck of the Austin Smith gets everyones blood flowing with excrement as this Beautiful Sharks Swim Near Us. And the night dive on the Austin Smith was spectacle.


Tuesday December 9th

Dog Rocks is our most Northern Dive Site in the Exuma Islands and I believe the most fun with its Swim Thrus, Canyons and Very Colorful Wall. We saw lots of Black Coral, Bright Orange Elephant Ear Sponges and Lots of Sea Whips that varies in color. As our guest Andrew said, I could stay at this dive site all day, all week. After all the bubble time on Dog Rocks the Carib Dancer headed south to North House. North House is an excellent shallow reef to spend a later afternoon and night dive. While diving North House we can and did find Calcareous Tube Worms, like The Christmas Tree Worm, Star Horseshoe Worm and some Segmented Worms like Split-crown Feather Duster. We also enjoyed seeing a couple of Nudibranchs especially the Very Colorful Red-Tipped Sea Goddess and Octopus with a few Squid on the side.


Wednesday December 10th

After we enjoyed a Multi-Colored Screen Saver type Sunrise we headed to Crab Reef is were we started our Wednesday. There isnt anything much better for most divers; especially our divers this week then on your first dive of the day have a big Great Hammerhead Shark Swim near you. Its hard to see all the Crabs, Schools of fish and other marine Life around you when you have a visitor like a Hammerhead. Next stop on this mid-week tour was Madison Avenue. As we entered the clear water on Madison Avenue we could easily see Stingrays on the bottom and Snappers around us as we made our way to the huge coral head. Part of Madison Avenue is a huge coral head that has a very nice swim thru to enjoy. Along the bottom of this coral head lots of Jawfish were playing and feeding going in and out of their holes. After playing on Madison Avenue we headed to Crab Mountain for the afternoon and night. It was hard to focus on one thing because of the variety of Marine Life that was on this dive site. Deep Canyons, Huge Brain Corals, Colorful Sea Whips and a variety of fish that swam near us would make anyone with an aquarium jealous.

Thursday December 11th

I was the lucky one this morning schedule for the first dive on Whales Tail Wall. As soon as I entered the calm and clear water I knew it would be nice. Even before a few guest and I made it to the mooring pin to start exploring, sitting under a small ledge was a nice Big Caribbean Spiny Lobster. She just sat there and let a few us take however many pictures we wanted. All the divers rejoined at the pin our guest Andrew took the lead and we headed into one of the longest swim thrus in the Northern Exuma Islands, exiting into the Dark Blue Exuma Sound. As we exited we could easily see Black Coral, Brain and Star Coral, Gold Feather Stars and an amazing amount of small tropical fish. I had a Queen Angelfish pose for the camera and as I was ending the dive near the mooring line a Porcupinefish tease me by swimming just out of reach for the camera. I couldnt get a good shot of him but it was still fun to watch the little guy. Next was Jewfish Wall. Another one of the crews favorite because we never know what we sill see while diving the great site. I like to enter clear water and be surprise with by a small Caribbean Shark. Also enjoy some Swim Thrus, Canyons and almost an hour of varies Marine Life. Last stop for the day was the Plane Wreck just off Ships Channel. This small wreck has become the crews favorite late afternoon and night dive. And lot of that is due to finding some many different types of creatures, such as Box Crabs, Shortnose Batfish, Southern, Yellow and Roughtail Stingrays and Spotted Moray Eels.


Friday December 12th

A pre-breakfast dive on the Blue Hole is how we finished an Excellent Week of Diving the Exuma Islands on the Carib Dancer. While exploring the blue Hole we saw Schools of Snappers, Grunts and Angelfish. Inside the hole we viewed a very colorful wall where we found Clams and Oysters along with other small creatures. And lets not forget about our friend a Huge Loggerhead Turtle.



The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew