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Thailand Aggressor :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 07, 2015
Entry By: Thailand Aggressor Crew


Thailand Aggressor Captains Log   07 - 17 February 2015

Myanmar - Thailand


*Air Temp. 30c

*Water Temp. 27c

* Visibility 25m



Captain: Yong

Cruise Director: Gabriel

Assistant Cruise Director: Clive

Engineer: Bao

Deck hand: Rong

Deck hand: Chon

Chef: Phorn

Chef: Vinai

Dive instructor / Marine biologist: Nu

Steward: Jinny

Video Pro: Charge


Guests – Ralf, Stefanie, Darlynn, David, Adam, Elizabeth, Albert, Dennis, Jerry, Todd


Sunday – Anitas reef, West of Eden, Elephant head rock, Stonehenge, Anitas reef

Monday – Xmas point, Koh Bon, Tachai Pinnacle, Tachai reef

Tuesday – Richelieu rock

Wednesday- Northern Rocky, Eagles nest

Thursday – Cray fish cave, Fan forest pinnacle

Friday – South Flanker, Shark cave, North Flanker

Saturday – Black rock

Sunday – Rocky One, High Rock

Monday – Tachai Pinnacle


Saturday 07th February 2015

Guests arrived between 16:00 and 17:00 so we got our visa paper work done, set up our gear and did our welcome briefing. Right after that we experience the Thai ceremony which we light some fire cracker on to send the bad spirits away. Dinner then bed time, all excited for our first day diving.


Sunday 08th February 2015

We did our first day of diving at the Similan National Park where we were welcomed by an amazing visibility and a lot of marine life. We started at Anitas reef and spent a lot of time at Hin Muan Deaw, named after the divers back on the days where they would spend a whole film roll on the same rock, which translate to one film roll rock. We also saw many nudis, including the chromodoris geminis, moray eels, tunas and giant trevallies.


Monday 09th February 2015

Our first dive today was at Xmas point where large boulders forming great swim throughs and overhangs and large schools of fusiliers swam past us and we also saw a large white tip reef shark and 2 nurse sharks. We headed towards Koh Bon and Koh Tachai and we came across many fairly large yellow tail barracuda, giant trevallies, big eye jacks and some beautiful nudibranch such as ornate dermabranch. On our night dive we celebrate the 100th dive of Adam, already iron diver with full confidence.


Tuesday 10th February 2015

Its Richelieu Rock time and we were all very excited. We spent the whole day over there, four dives full of amazing creatures. As usual, thousands of yellow snappers covered the reef, to the point you would get disoriented. The sea horse had moved location but we did find it and photographer were happy and spent some time with them. We also had a few new discoveries such as 2 ornate ghost pipe fish, one was black and the second one was golden color. Finally we found what we have been looking for, 3 harlequin shrimps, posing to the photography enthusiasts while schools of barracudas, golden trevallies and emperors hunted the thousands and thousands of glass fish. What an amazing day.

Wednesday 11th February 2015

We had our first day at Myanmar ad it was just fabulous. Our first dive was at Northern Rocky and while beautiful sea fans and soft corals covered the reef, thousands of yellow snappers, beautiful nudibranches and a 2 metre banded sea krait amazed all the divers. We had our second dive at Eagles nest where fusiliers could be seen everywhere, flat worms, all species of moray eels such as fimbriated, giant, white eye and zebra moray eel.


Thursday 12th February 2015

We headed to Western Rocky and how wonderful it was. We did two dives at Crayfish cave and the variety of nudibranch we found was just unbelievable, so many species we could not believe it. There was also many moray eels such as zebra, fimbriated, yellow edge and many giant moray eel, some of them up to 2 metres long. In the afternoon we dived Fan Forest Pinnacle where there were so many sea fans and with some current, thousands of glassfish struggle to keep on the reef, giving the opportunity to jacks and trevallies for a great feast.


Friday 13th February 2015

We all woke early ready for our day at one of our favorite locations, Three Islets, We saw Blue spotted stingrays and many squid appeared in the shallows, also we found an unusual find for a moray it was later found in the book and was identified as a clouded moray. On a later dive at the northern pinnacle one of our guides found a very large Tigertailed Seahorse. Many Durban dancing shrimps were found in the cracks in the rocks. Under one very large rocks we found a sleeping tawny nurse shark. Everyone kitted up for the night dive and shrimps and morays were in abundance also some Striped Indian Ocean cleaner shrimp, topped by the unusual bobtail squid.



Saturday 14th February 2015

We spent the whole day at Black rock, a small island in the middle of nowhere, at least 6 hours to any other dive site. On our first dive, we were welcomed but a spotted eagle ray coming right at us giving the divers a perfect opportunity for great photography. We also saw 2 mantas quite close to us, although for a short period of time. On the second dive, our divers spent the whole dive with these two mantas, as they kept coming back and forth and we were happy with the divers excitement. We also saw many new species of nudibranches, many moray eels, sea snakes and our diver Adam found a beautiful giant frog fish.


Sunday 15th February 2015

This was our last day at Myanmar and what a day. We started at Rocky one and we found those two beautiful frog fish hanging out with two ornate ghost pipe fish. There were so many anemone that it was a photographers heaven, for the beginner as well as for the professionals. As we were cruising by the reef, we found another frog fish, just laying on its side on top of a barrel sponge. Our second dive was at High rock and the fusiliers were seen by thousands while jack, giant trevallies and dog tooth tunas chased after them. We finish our day at a land tour in Khawthoung where we visited a beautiful temple and did some shopping.


Monday 16th February 2015

What a wonderful last day we had at Tachai Pinnacle. There was almost no current and visibility was up to 25 metres so as we descend, we came across a large school of chevron barracudas, making a whirlpool and getting ready to hunt down the thousands of fusiliers. We also saw many species of nudibranch including the blue dragon and chromodoris anulata, large giant trevallies cruised by, together with dozens of blue fin jacks and dog tooth tunas. After diving we cruised towards Tap Lamu and while guests enjoyed the beers and wine, we all had an amazing last day, planning the next time we were going to meet.


Tuesday 17th February 2015

It was such an awesome week we will never forget. It didnt even take a day for most guests to become really close friends and the fun was from the very beginning from pranks and a lot of laughs and plans to have more trips together. What a week and we all look forward to seeing you all again. Special thanks to Dennis for coming back for the fourth time and Jerry for the second time. It is always a pleasure to have you on board.