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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 07, 2015
Entry By: Captain James


Air Temp.  70-80 F
Water Temp. 75 F
Visibility 20-70

Captain James
Engineer Cliff
Chef  Michael
Instructor Morgan, John, Mikki

Jim, Allen, Kevin, Steve, Pam, Judy, Linda, Diane


Sunday – Kalokos Arches, Garden Eel Cove
Monday – Amphitheater, Driftwood, Sheraton
Tuesday – Ridges, Meadows
Wednesday – Aquarium, Kalokos Arches
Thursday –Turtle Pinnacle, Aquarium
Friday – Old Airport

Saturday Feb 7
This week we welcomed aboard a boat full of Americans on the Kona Aggressor II. We headed out to our home mooring for a delicious dinner, some briefings, and some sleep before our busy week of diving.

Sunday Feb 8
Sunday we started off with a pair of checkout dives at Kalokos Arches. Before the divers even descended for dive 1 a pod of spinner dolphins cruised right by the group at the surface. What a start to a week of diving! Some other highlights were a divided flatworm, red-stripe pipefish, an undulated moray, a female Whitleys boxfish and some domino damsels, a turtle, and an octopus. Next we headed to Garden Eel Cove. The afternoon dives produced a green sea turtle, a tiger cowry, some oval butterflies, and a devil scorpion. On the night dive we had 8 manta rays! There was some surge rolling us around, but the mantas didnt mind a bit and showed up in full force! It was one of the best manta dives weve had all winter!


Monday Feb 9
Monday morning we headed south to Amphitheater for a pair of dives. We saw another turtle, a divided flatworm, a dwarf moray, a red reef lobster, and a spotted eagle ray. After lunch we went to Driftwood for a dive. We saw some ghost shrimp, a flame angel, and another slipper lobster. Next we headed to the Sheraton. This manta dive wasnt as good as the first, but we did see one manta ray doing flips under the lights. We also saw a crescent octopus under the boat when we headed back.


Tuesday Feb 10
Tuesday morning we started off at Ridges. Some favorites there were an endemic titan scorpionfish, a pin cushion star, an octopus, and a yellow margin moray. After lunch we headed over to meadows for a couple of dives. We saw a male spotted boxfish, a rock mover wrasse, a tiger cowry, and a mole cowry. We also saw a couple of humpbacks as we headed back to the home mooring.

Wednesday Feb 11
Wednesday morning we did a pair of dives at Aquarium. The divers said it felt like the humpbacks were breathing down their necks they were singing so loud. They also saw a turtle, a dragon wrasse, a spotted boxfish, a yellow margin moray, and an octopus. After lunch we headed to Kalokos Arches for a pair of dives. We saw a rare male Whitelys boxfish, an orange spine unicorn fish, and an assortment of nudis.


Thursday Feb 12
Thursday morning we headed to Turtle Pinnacle for our morning dives. There we saw another green sea turtle, a devil scorpion, a peacock grouper and a white mouth moray out hunting together, and a few other species of eels hiding out in all of the finger coral. After lunch we headed back to Aquarium for a couple of dives. The highlight there was a manta ray! We also saw a turtle, a zebra moray, a tiger snake moray, a red lionfish, a dragon wrasse, and some saddleback wrasse. During dinner we headed off shore to do a Pelagic Magic drift dive. We dropped our divers into the water way off shore to witness plankton migration. There was a nice array of smaller plankton species floating about in the water near the surface.


Friday Feb 13
Friday morning we stopped by Old Airport for our last two dives. Once again the whales were singing nice and loud for all to hear. Some favorite fish sightings were a wire coral goby, a dwarf moray, a scrawled filefish, and a flagtail tilefish.


Saturday Feb 7
Saturday we returned to the pier and said our farewells to our guests. We would like to congratulate Steve and Diane for becoming Iron Divers by completing every dive this week! A big mahalo to everyone for making this such a fun week!

A hui hou,

Captain James