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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Jan 31, 2015
Entry By: Captain James


Kona Aggressor II Captains Log January 31 - February 7, 2015


Air Temp.  70-80 F


Water Temp. 75 F


Visibility 20-70




Captain James


Engineer Cliff


Chef  Michael


Instructor Mindy, Morgan, Jessie







Lauren, Krista, Howie, Brug, Ron, Jason, Alan, James, Loiuse, Ralph, Lydia, Jane





Sunday – Amphitheater, Lions Den, Robs Reef


Monday – Peles Playground, Manuka Bay


Tuesday – Land of Oz, The Hive


Wednesday – Paradise Pinnacle, Driftwood, Sheraton


Thursday – Kalokos Arches, Turtle Pinnacle


Friday – Old Airport, The Predator



Saturday January 31


This week we welcomed aboard a boat full of Americans and a couple from Canada on the Kona Aggressor II. We headed out to our home mooring for a delicious dinner, some briefings, and some sleep before our busy week of diving,


Sunday Feb 1


Sunday we started off with a pair of checkout dives at Amphitheater. Some favorites there were milkfish, octopus, some endemic red-stripe pipefish, bird wrasse, zebra moray, tiger snake moray, a flowery flounder, and a tiger cowry. At lunch we headed south to Lions Den. There we saw a dragon wrasse, a shortnose wrasse, a leaf scorpionfish, and a reticulated cowry. Next we headed to Robs Reef. Some highlights on the afternoon and night dive were a Hawaiian knifefish, yellowtail coris, stout moray, spotted puffer, a decoy scorpion, and a turtle.


Monday Feb 2


Monday morning we headed south to Peles Playground. We saw a spotted eagle ray, an endemic gold lace nudi, a fried egg nudi, a tear drop butterfly, a threadfin butterfly, some pyramid butterflies, a white mouth moray, and some spinner dolphins! At lunch we headed to Manuka Bay. Along the way we had an amazing show put on by many humpbacks. We saw more than a dozen that were breaching, tail slapping, fin slapping, and just having a good ole time. At Manuka Bay we saw another leaf scorpion, a peacock razor wrasse, a horned helmet, some bi-color anthias, a psychedelic wrasse, and the elusive dragon moray!


Tuesday Feb 3


Tuesday morning we started off at Stoney Mesas. Some highlights there were a turtle, a devil scorpion, a tritons trumpet, a flagtail tilefish, and a humuhumunukunukuapuaa. Next we headed to Land of Oz. There we saw a strawberry nudi, dragon wrasse, peacock razor wrasse, and a juvenile shortnose wrasse. After lunch we headed to The Hive for the rest of the day. There we saw a white tip reef shark, an octopus, a strawberry nudi, a yellow head moray, a leaf scorpion, a yellow hairy hermit crab, a cusk eel, a lizard fish, and an endemic Hawaiian conger eel.


Wednesday Feb 4


Wednesday morning we did a pair of dives at Paradise Pinnacle. We saw a tiger snake moray, some endemic red-stripe pipefish, a blue dragon nudi, a leaf scorpion, a crowned toby, a Hawaiian longfin anthia, an endemic red lionfish, and a long nose hawkfish. After lunch we did a dive at Driftwood. We saw a white tip reef shark, a sailfin tang, a male bird wrasse, a scrawled filefish, a tiger cowry, and a red reef lobster. Next we headed to the Sheraton for an afternoon and a night dive. We had two mantas show up for our manta ray night dive! We also saw an undulate moray and a yellow head moray.


Thursday Feb 5


Thursday morning we headed to Kalokos Arches for a pair of dives. We saw some flame wrasse, a devil scorpion, both female and male Whitleys boxfish, a curious wormfish, a titan scorpion, a dragon wrasse, and an octopus. We spent the afternoon at Turtle Pinnacle. There we saw a leaf scorpion, a spotted eagle ray, and many species of eels. We headed back to Kalokos for our night dive. Under water the divers saw a jeweled anemone crab, slipper lobsters, and a conger eel eating a yellow tang. At the surface we watched a pod of bottlenose dolphins circle the boat for the entire dive!


Friday Feb 6


Friday morning we stopped by Old Airport for a dive. We saw a big array of reef fish including a devil scorpion and a female Whitleys boxfish. We ended our week of diving with stop at the wreck of the Predator. We timed it so that we could see the Atlantis submarine cruise by with a bunch of tourists waving out the windows. It was a fun end to a great week of diving. After lunch we got a bonus whale show by a few humpbacks who were joined by some bottlenose!


Saturday Feb 7


Saturday we returned to the pier and said our farewells to our guests. We would like to congratulate Lauren on being our sole Iron Diver this week. A big mahalo to everyone for making this such a fun week!


A hui hou,


Captain James