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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 14, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 25/26C 78f

Air Temp 68-78

Vis 80ft-100ft, and then some!

Wetsuit 3-5mm

Saturday. As various flights landed and as the afternoon progressed the Cayman Aggressor IV welcomed 15 guests aboard. The adventure started for the early arrivals with a ride on the dinghy out to the boat! Finally we got back to our dock and embarked the last few passengers. Kingsleys famous Ribs and BBQd Jerk Chicken with Rum Cake for dessert mmm.   Getting to know each other,a good mix of folks from Canada, Brazil and the USA, a few glasses of wine and a great nights sleep to prepare for tomorrow.

Sunday. We seem to have a group of early risers this week, breakfast all over and done with before 7.30am! Time enough for a thorough briefing and gear up for a dive on Bullwinkle. Named for the Elk and Staghorn corals which grow in abundance in this area. Max depth 55ft/18m, a finger system reef with deep channels to explore, archways and overhangs to duck under, Tarpon everywhere, an Eagle Ray came by and cruised all about the reef right under the boat! A small school of silversides in a long tunnel made for some great photos! After two dives here, everyones dive and photo/video equipment tested and ready, we headed off for some deeper action. Pedros Castle… Deep sea mounds looming out of the blue to circumnavigate, a maze of steep channels/finger reefs only 5m/15 on top with more impressive Elk Horn formations, a Yellow Ray and another Eagle Ray! Lion Fish to sample with dinner before a super night dive with Instructor Alan, Octopus, Squid, Lobster, Crabs – a great night dive! A great first day of diving, topped off with hot showers, Hot Towels, hot chocs and a movie. Life is good.

Monday. Working our way East along the South Side, Lighthouse Wall was up first. A spectacular piece of Cayman reef, a dramatic archway/tunnel right under the reef, a sheer wall flowing with wrasse and chromis. Cracks and crevices to follow in and out of the reef, clear blue water, masses of healthy corals and sponges. Only time for one dive then off to Kellys Caverns/Crushers Wall. One of our favourite wall dives with three pinnacles just off the wall. Circling around the pinnacles, cruising up the wall just in awe of the schooling reef life, school masters, jacks, grunts, wrasse and a couple of turtles. My favourite Cayman Dive ever said Corey upon his return to the boat. Last but not least for today was the Tunnel of Love. From 50 you can drift down a sandy pathway leading under the wall to emerge at 100, this is the Tunnel of Love. Overhangs and large cracks in the reef to explore, a knarly topography with a few more swim thru options heading back up into the shallows, turtles, stingrays, scorpion fish and a few large lobsters gave us plenty to watch out for. Back on board, tie down loose items and lets go to Little Cayman!  

Tuesday. For the first time this year the Guests and Crew woke up on Little Cayman, a light southerly breeze, flat calm water with a beautiful sunrise. Welcome Back CA4!. It was well worth a few bumps in the road during the overnight crossing. Randys Gazebo, perfect as always. Top of the wall in only 35, chimneys and a sheer wall dropping out to 6000ft! The marine life abundant with Turtles… Yes Steve! Lettuce Leaf Slugs, small school of school masters, grunts, snapper and jacks scattered about. Our friendly groupers were out in force as if to say where have you guys been for the last 7weeks. Lobsters everywhere, big females in berry (egg clutches under their tails), channel crabs, cleaning stations. So much to see… lets dive it again!   Stopping in at the famous Mixing Bowl aka 3 Fathom Wall, where the landscape suddenly changes underwater and the Jackson Bight meets Bloody Bay, swim thrus, turtles, Grover the Super Duper Friendly Grouper, rays and nurse shark sleep zone. Head to the Meadows for the afternoon and night dives. A great site with feeding turtles, large Nassau Groupers, an Eagle Ray popped by, and of course no visit is complete to the Meadows without the inspection and scrutiny of our Reef Sharks. Up close and personal with Carl and Kurt, eye to eye with the sharks!.

Wednesday. Wake up Divers!!   Dawn Dive on Nancys Cup of Tea.   Can I just say Woohoo!   What a dive! Splashing at 6am, finding our way to the outer wall and entering the Tea Cup Crevice, Black Corals, an Octopus out in search of a last minute snack before the sun comes up, a search for ancient ship anchors in bedded in the reef, a huge loggerhead turtle and the sharks! Our resident reef sharks escorted us all the way around the dive site, coming super close in the low light of dawn just awesome! Back on board for a well deserved breakfast before another sharky dive! Lea Leas Lookout was next a light current made for a fun dive, free falling into the Great Room and drifting down the wall. A school of squid kept us entertained in the shallows, the cleaning stations were jam packed with fishy customers too. The best way to say goodbye to Bloody Bay Wall is to dive the Great Wall! Home to Freddy the Grand Daddy of Nassau Groupers, two Eagle Ray passed by – stunning, all on the edge of the most sheer wall, walliest wall dive ever! Back on board for Happy Hour and a ride back to Grand Cayman.

Thursday. Grand Cayman, tucked away on the North Western side. Today is a Wreck Day!   Doc Poulson is the morning site, easy wreck in 50ft, sandy bottom, natural channels leading us out to the wall, a few channel crabs, a green moray eel and Head Shield Slugs, the largest we have ever seen! Finally the Kittiwake, people had been asking about this wreck since last Saturday! A fantastic purpose sunk wreck, four years old and a super wreck dive. Easy entrances and exits, where else can you put yourself in the chamber on purpose while on a dive!   From the engine room, to the bridge, crew mess and chart room, lots of fun staged poses for the camera all over the wreck! Plenty of hot chocolate, hot towels and coffee consumption today with a cold northerly blast reminding us that it is winter!

Friday. Still a chilly north wind today, it is actually warmer in the water! Round Rock/Trinity Caves led by Alan this morning. A free swimming moray eel, a couple of turtles and the picturesque swim thrus up and down the reef. A nice school of horse eye jacks hanging in the void as we entered the caves, too much to see on only one dive. Jaxx Daxx is the final dive of the week! Finger formation reef right under the boat, home to Fin the friendly nurse shark, yellow headed jaw fish, rays and turtles… watch out for the scorpion fish right next to the mooring pin. Well the time has come to wash down and pack our gear, it has been a wonderful week of Cayman Diving, big and small critters, shallow/deep, these guys were lucky enough to see the South Side of Grand Cayman as well as Little Cayman in the same week. Superb! Thanks to all for a great week. Safe travels and safe diving. We hope to see you all again soon.

Cayman Aggressor Capt and Crew.