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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 21, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 26C/79F

Air Temp 85+

Vis 80ft+

Wetsuit Req 3mm shortie,

Well, 17 guests, and 6 crew from 8 different countries make up this weeks Cayman Aggressors dive team! Welcome to Mike and his band of northern divers ready to escape the snow! Welcome to Erin from the Red Sea! All excited to be spending a week onboard the CAIV. With everyone aboard apart from Scott who got delayed until Sunday, we had the Welcome and Safety Briefing nice and early, enjoyed a BBQ dinner on the Sundeck, and got a good nights sleep getting ready for an early start.

Sunday; The first dive of the week, on the Doc Poulson. Ellens 600th Dive!!   What a way to start the week! Superb macro life as well as Sting Rays, and turtles all on the edge of a wall - a great way to brush off those cobwebs and get back into Dive Mode. The wreck of the USS Kittiwake made for an excellent midday dive site. Plenty to see and do in and out of the wreck, checking out the recompression chambers, some pockets of Silversides, a nice school of Horseeye Jacks keeping watch, with deep sand chutes to explore and two Eagle Rays! Being Wreck Day Madness.. we finished up the day on the Wreck of the Oro Verde. What a magic dive. Fin the friendly nurse shark was very active. Coming up to all the divers, definitely not camera shy! We all got tremendous photo and video. A large Green Moray, lobsters galore and an Octopus was a great end to the first day of diving. Congrats to Maribet on surviving her first Night Dive!! Not so scary after all J.

Monday; Big Tunnels, always a favourite, was the first dive of the morning. Deep Archways, Swim Thrus. This dive site is really spectacular, the reef is teeming with fish life, turtles, beautiful gorgonians growing out into the blue. A photographers dream. Next stop, World Famous Sting Ray City!! Where in 12 feet of water wild Sting Rays come right up to the divers, smooching all around waiting for a tasty morsel. Great fun and all too soon it is over. Back on board then off to the next dive site. Babylon – rated one of the best sites in the Cayman Islands. We swam around a beautiful pinnacle, black corals looking for decorator crabs, funky sponge formations and a sheer drop off. Pack up the back deck… its off to Little Cayman.

Tuesday; Waking up on Bloody Bay Wall! Randys Gazebo was our first site and here we enjoyed descending into the blue, cruising the drop off exploring the chimneys and swimming through the archway. Welcomed in by the friendly Nassau groupers, one of whom gobbled up Maribets egg while we did her advanced deep dive, turtles, a yellow ray, and plenty of reef critters including a nurse shark snoozing right under the mooring. Meadows was the afternoon site and what a great afternoon it was. 2 dives to enjoy the shallow reef top! And explore the swim thrus. Cosmo the friendly Nassau grouper came by so did several turtles, the resident Reef Sharks, and a school of horse eye jacks. A southern sting ray and a grouper seemed curious of Maribet who was spotted swimming in lines and squares in the sand. The night dive produced all the usual suspects including channel crabs, sharks, sleeping turtles lobsters, eels and of course octopus! Another incredible day of diving CAIV style! Congratulations to Marilyn for completing her 500th Dive today!

Wednesday; A special dive this morning… Julies 100th on Lea Leas Lookout. Here we get to enjoy the crevice that runs from the 30ft shallows out to the wall at 100ft! Channel Crabs, the ever present Nassau grouper, schooling chromis snatching snacks from the mild current, a turtles, a scorpion fish and the highlight may have the free swimming moray eel right under the boat – who seemed to take a liking to Dons fin… but wait theres more –Maribet spotted a Seahorse!!! Donnas Delight was our next stop. An incredible wall dive. Perfect and healthy corals, cleaning station mecca on top. Bus Stop was up next, one of my favorite dive sites and always a hit with our guests! Reef Sharks coming in nice and close to check us out, the amazing swim thrus off the wall and lets not forget the Sailfin Blennie and Jawfish hunt. We were seen off by a very large Lobster prowling the reef. A Dusk dive right here tonight with a late dinner, plenty of wine and a good nights sleep for those divers gearing up for the dawn dive tomorrow.

Thursday;  Good Morning! The die hard divers onboard were up at 5:45am for an early bird dive on Nancys Cup of Tea! A magic dive with a couple of reef sharks maintaining their patrol along the reef, a large octopus along the wall getting in that last minute snack before the sun came up, a sleepy turtle slowly waking up and nurse shark peaceful in the sand right under the boat… until Julie woke her up! Back on board for a yummy well deserved breakfast then back in for round two. Great Wall was next, home of the original friendly Grouper – Freddy, lobsters and the most spectacular wall in the Caribbean. Last but not least – an iconic site to Little Cayman, Three Fathom Wall/The Mixing Bowl! The best of Bloody Bay mixed with the Jackson Bite, something for everyone. Grover the Super Friendly Grouper, a large green moray, an Eagle Ray not too sure about John and his go pro. All too soon it is time to board, tie up the wetsuits and head back to Grand Cayman.

Friday; Round Rock and Trinity Caves, 2 dive sites in one makes for a busy dive. Fantastic pinnacles and formations of the caves, schooling Horse Eye Jacks, watching out for the resident Eagle Ray, Turtles feeding on sponges…do we have to go back to the boat?   Last but never least is Devils Grotto. A great shallow dive with natural caves with the sunlight filtering through, very well fed Tarpon hanging suspended in an underwater maze for us all to explore a great way to finish a great week of diving! All thats left to do is wash our gear and get ready for a cold drink or two at the farewell party. Congratulations to Maribet for completing her PADI Advanced Open Water, to Julie achieving her 100th Dive this week, Marilyn her 500th and Ellen her 600th!!   Way to go our awesome Dive Divas! Happy birthday to John – and to all our guests thank you for making this another wonderful safe week of Aggressor diving in the Cayman Islands.

Until next time……

Cayman Aggressor IV crew.