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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 21, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew



Avg. Sea State: flat to choppy

Avg. Winds: 8 knots

Avg. Water Temp: 79F

Avg. Air Temp: 87F

Avg. Visibility: 110ft



Capt. Chris

Chef Anna

Stewardess - Vanessa

Engineer - Fermin

Instructor – Jody

Deck Asst. - JR


Dive Sites this week:

Sandy Slope

Long Caye Wall

Long Caye Ridge

Hat Caye Wall

Blue Hole

Half Moon Caye Wall

Eagle Ray Pass

Silver Cave

Painted Wall

Grand Bogue



This week we welcomed aboard our 17 passengers...Nick, John, Ingo, Angelika, Tim, Sue, Steve, Kim, Lucas, Chris, Lisa, Trish, Lynette, Earl, Jack, Mark, and Brian.



Sun Feb 22, 2015

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Long Caye Wall

The excitement started even before the 1st dive as an Eagle Ray jumped out the water, making a huge splash next to the boat as we were doing our dive deck safety briefing before our check out dive. Luckily we did get to see several Eagle Rays on the dive as well. There were a total of 6 Eagle Rays on the morning dives…2 of them just hung around gliding in the current down the drop off. On the reef we found a scorpion fish…we only saw it because it did a big yawn. There were also lots of lobster, several eels, groupers, barracudas, and just tons of reef fish. As we made our way over the sand, we saw a yellow stingray, peacock flounder, garden eels, yellow headed jawfish, and Sargassum triggerfish.

For the afternoon we hopped in at Long Caye Wall after making the crossing from Turneffe to Lighthouse Reef. The exciting dives continued with more sightings of Eagle Rays, Sharks, Hawksbill turtles, and green morays.


Mon Feb 23, 2015

Dive Sites: Long Caye Ridge & Hat Caye Wall

On Monday we started the day off at Long Caye Ridge and finished up at Hat Caye Wall. Our guests swam with a hawksbill turtle, we had another Eagle Ray sighting, got surrounded by Creole Wrasse and Horse-eye jacks, and took pictures next to massive sponges. We found some macro subjects…flamingo tongues, skeleton shrimp, arrow blennies, and neck crabs.

As we left Hat Caye Wall and headed to our night mooring, we were joined by a pair of dolphins swimming along the side of the boat.


Tues Feb 24, 2015

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Half Moon Caye Wall

Today was perfect weather to head over to the Blue Hole. This dive is not known for its marine life, the feature on this dive are massive stalactite formations hanging in the depths below. After the Blue Hole dive we stopped off at Half Moon Caye to visit the Red-Footed Booby Bird Sanctuary, then came back to the vessel for cheeseburgers in paradise. After lunch we hopped in at Half Moon Caye Wall for our afternoon dives…as we tied up to our mooring, we could see an Eagle Ray swimming across the sand below the bow. Once underwater, we saw Caribbean Reef sharks, more Eagle Rays, Southern stingrays, barracuda, hawksbill turtle, Nassau groupers, black grouper, tons of razor fish and garden eels, flounder, Blue parrotfish, midnight parrotfish, pipefish, and a pipehorse.


Wed Feb 25, 2015

Dive Sites: Eagle Ray Pass & Silver Cave

Wednesday we started our dives at Eagle Ray Pass, and though we did see a couple Eagle Rays, today it seemed more like Hawksbill pass. We saw a total of 7 turtles, including a pair hanging out together and one that seemed to hang out on the surface near the boat throughout the dive. As we were at about 60ft looking at neck crabs, a hawksbill swam up behind us on its way to the surface for air. Another turtle was feeding below us and an Eagle Ray swam above us along the top of the wall. There were also schools of mahogany snappers, schoolmasters, blue tangs, lots of angelfish, jacks, and grouper. This site also has beautiful elephant ear sponges on this colorful wall. Silver caves gave us the best night dive of the week with 4 octopi, sharptail eel, nudibranchs, squid, and a seahorse.


Thurs Feb 26, 2015

Dive Sites: Painted Wall & Grand Bogue

We had a couple pretty exciting dives with 5 sharks (including a pup), Eagle Rays, turtles, free swimming morays, scorpion fish, painted tunicates, tons of sergeant majors, chubs, and yellowtails below boat. That afternoon we did our crossing to Turneffe and hopped in at Grand Bogue.

As we descended down the wall we came across an Eagle Ray cruising along. Also below at the depths was a school of over 50 ocean trigger. We also saw several eels, juvenile flamingo tongue, a huge Stingray, porcupine fish, white spotted toadfish, and lettuce slug.


Friday Feb 27, 2015

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Amberhead

We did Sandy Slope for our pre-breakfast dive and then moved over to Amberhead after breakfast before heading back to the dock. We got to see some peacock flounder, jawfish, and razorfish in the sand. Lots of lobsters, a scorpionfish, several eels, lots of angelfish and other reef fish, a hawksbill, and another Eagle Ray on the final dives of the week…not too bad.


We would like to say a big “THANK YOU!” to all our guests. Also, congratulations are in order for our IRON DIVERS – Steve, Jack, Lucas, Kim, and Lynette on doing all the dives! And also again to Lucas and Kim for completing their Advanced Open Water.