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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 28, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor IV

Captains Log Feb 28 - Mar 7


Water temp 80f/27C

Air Temp 80s

Vis 80-100f

Wet suit 3-5mm full suit


Saturday.   This week we welcomed 17 guests aboard the Cayman Aggressor IV. After a few cocktails in a bar on shore, folks from the US, England and Ireland made themselves right at home. A BBQ dinner and beautiful sunset. Followed by the captains briefing and a good nights sleep in preparation for an excellent week of eating, sleeping and diving.

Sunday. Some funky weather about, so we headed south to kick off the week on the dive site Bullwinkle.   Here we enjoy Grand Caymans beautiful shallow formations, healthy stag and elk horn corals, archways and swim thrus. On the lookout for that elusive Tarpon highfive! We also had Sailfin Blennies, jawfish, a friendly turtle, and a couple of large lobsters out and about. A great start to the week and a great dive for Petes official 200th Dive. A lunchtime cruise east put us on Kellys Caverns and Crushers Wall for the afternoon! Spectacular chutes dropping us out on the sheer wall, circling pinnacles, rivers of creole wrasse and chromis running the wall edge.   The shallow canyons a maze to explore, plenty of lobsters, rays, jawfish and drumfish.   With the first night dive of the week led by Rodel revealing an octopus, a few squid on the surface right at the swim platform! As well as usual nighttime suspects of lobsters, crabs, bloodworm, and hungry corals. Phew… what a busy first day!

Monday. Pedros castle on the south side of Grand Cayman was the first site. Here we got to explore the several pinnacles off the edge of the wall. A Nurse Shark, Reef Shark, Turtle and a free swimming Moray Eel were all waiting for us to arrive. The shallow maze of canyons in 45ft water, yellow headed Jawfish with eggs and beautiful staghorn corals at perfect safety stop level. Making our way during lunch up to the wreck of the Oro Verde for the afternoon and wicked night dive…with turtles, a whole nest of lobster, a large green moray being cleaned, two jawfish with eggs and some crazy underwater mountain biking action from Mitch and Pete. Mike and Mike both clocked up their 200th Dive today!!   Woohoo. (There seems to be a mysterious Minion being attached to unsuspecting divers..)

Tuesday. One of our favorite dives, Big Tunnels! A little current made for an action packed fun dive. Ducking down out of the current through archways and swim throughs. A few turtles moseying about, swarms of chromis feeding in the current and very unusual behavior from the Deep Ocean Trigger fish, spring must be in the air and Momma Trigger Fish were fiercely guarding their lay of eggs, dotted all over the reef. Close by at Round Rock/Trinity Caves Steve, Stan and Lauren was seen interacting with a few turtles. The Caves were perfect today, just a mystical experience drifting through the narrow canyons, sandy bottom, daylight filtering down, a few horse eye jacks milling about and an eagle ray out in the sand just to top it off. Blooper of the day.. Mitch was caught in the act of leaping in with no fins on! Karma Mitch…. Karma.

Wednesday. Its someones birthday today!! Pam is Sweet 60! Happy Birthday! What a better way to kick off your birthday than a dawn dive on the wreck of the Kittiwake! US Navy submarine rescue vessel sank in Jan 2011. A great turn out this morning, though only five of us seemed to actually find this wreck at the beginning of the dive, seems the rest were having a party out in the sand? Or maybe it was the Blind leading the Optimistic? Never the less we had a great dive. An eagle ray swooped past us as we were approaching the stern of the Kittiwake, a large school of silversides made for some great photo subjects, tiger groupers being cleaned as well as checking out all 4 decks, engine rooms, the recompression chambers. Near the end of the dive another couple of eagle rays glided on past us, incredible animals! An early-unplanned departure for Robbie, safe travels, it was great to dive with you again, thanks for bringing Cards Against Humanity! Off to Sting Ray City, the most fun 12ft dive ever. The rays seemed hungry today so they were very energetic, the rays put our divers through their paces swimming in the out of the group, interacting with each and everyone. Lots of shenanigans underwater with squid being planted on unsuspecting folks, watch out for payback. During Burgers in Paradise lunch we motored up to Babylon. A dramatic wall dropping straight off from 45ft, with the highlight, a Pinnacle off the wall. Circumnavigating the tower two or three times, black corals, turtles, sponges, nudibranchs and an insane amount of fish life. Stan and Steve did 6 Dives today! I think they may be going for the Iron Man Award!

Thursday. An action packed day ahead starting with Hammerhead Hill on the North Wall. A breathtaking wall, outcroppings decorated with a plethora of colorful sponges and corals. A free-swimming moray eel was putting on a show when another Moray Eel came along; they had a quick tussle then went separate ways! A deep wall so not long dives – so much to see that we stayed for two! Bonnies Arch on the NW Point was the afternoon stopover. This arch is a beautiful piece of Mother Nature; watch out for the resident salt-water croc! After some fresh Lionfish Ceviche we dropped in on the Doc Poulson. Quite a few Lionfish out hunting this time of the day! Also the largest Headshield Slugs you have ever seen marching around the base of the wreck. In only 50ft we had plenty of bottom time to check out this old Japanese Tug Boat, covered in soft corals and home to a large Moray Eel, as well as a quick jaunt out to the wall. A great dinner awaited our return, Roast Turkey and all the trimmings – 35 years of tradition on the Cayman Aggressor.

Friday. All too soon Friday morning comes around, Eagle Ray Rock was our first dive. Sandy bottom with lush bommies and sections of reef slowly rounding off over the wall. Swimming through cuts and crevices, giant snapper, lobsters a small school of silversides, schooling mahogany snapper, furry sea cucumbers and some of the healthiest soft corals in Grand Cayman. Devils Grotto was our last dive of the week. A shallow maze of swim thrus, guarded by oversized Tarpon and schooling chubbs, sunlight filtering through the cracks overhead to dance on the sand below – magic. Do we really have to leave? Well Barry doesnt have to as he is on for two weeks in a row! Yay. Well done to Mike, Mike and Pete for knocking out their 200th Dive with us this week and a Big Happy Birthday to Pam!! Thank you to all for being here and diving with us this week, we had a fun, safe week of diving!

Until next time……

Cayman Aggressor IV Crew