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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 07, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Water temp 79f

Air Temp 80s

Vis 90ft+

Wetsuit Req 3mm shortie or skin

A warm breezy day in Grand Cayman welcomed our divers. 19 Guests this week, 5 of who have cruised with us before. Plenty of new faces this week as well, including 12yr old Belle, 15yr old Audrey and her brother 13yr old Grant. It must be Spring Break! Welcome to all. A few divers this week have travelled all the way from Europe! Most were on board by late afternoon. Dive gear assembled, cameras prepped, the Beer and Wine cooler discovered early on. We pulled off the dock and headed straight out to Little Cayman, dinner on the way!

Sunday.  Well, an interesting start to the day. Waking up on Little Cayman’s Bloody Bay Wall, people’s ‘Smart phones’ very cleverly changed their own time. (Daylight savings in the US). So morning alarms went off, unsuspecting guests and crew got up, setting up for breakfast, having coffee, and prepping cameras. Unusually dark for 6am! It was really 5am!!! Haha. Oh well, more coffee! Plenty of time for breakfast and a thorough briefing before diving on Randy’s Gazebo. Only 35ft on top of the wall, 2 chimneys, an archway, a shear wall, a couple of very friendly turtles, a green moray eel and lobsters. The next stop on our action packed day on Little Cayman was Bus Stop. A mini wall right under the boat, swim throughs leading us right under the wall to emerge out at 90ft. Friendly groupers and sail fin blennies were a highlight here. Lea Lea’s Lookout and the Great Wall of Bloody Bay with Freddy the grandfather grouper kept us entertained all afternoon, a few feeding turtles, plenty of cleaning stations, divers experimenting with eggs and tomatoes at depth and beautiful Caribbean reef life made a perfect first day. A great dinner thanks to Alan, then off we go back to the main island.

Monday. Good morning Grand Cayman, Babylon! Beautiful north side wall, with an impressive pinnacle covered in sponges, corals and life. Spiraling up this pinnacle, a mecca for all photographers and videographers on board this was a hit!   With a current and the waves picking up we heading into the shelter of the Bay. Killa Puffa Reef, a shallow finger formation system. A turtle, a couple of stingrays and Fin the Friendly Nurse Shark was very excited to see us in the water. The wreck of the Oro Verde was the late afternoon dive and first night dive of the week. To welcome us down to the OV, Fin the Nurse shark had swum down the reef to see us again! Jawfish with eggs, schooling chubbs and jacks, a large green moray eel and a spot of extreme underwater mountain biking! The night dive showed us Giant Parrot Fish, the eel again, lobsters and crabs marching about for those divers who managed to find the wreck we were tied up to!!   J

Tuesday. Big Tunnels were up first for our AM dive. This morning the viz had dropped a little so the tunnels and swim throughs that the divers were guided through seemed all the more eerie in the gloom. Out on the edge of the wall the viz cleared to reveal black coral encrusted ridges just bursting with fish life. A turtle came meandering by, huge puffer fish and a lobster, watch your air consumption as this dive site we all get a little mesmerized by. Whoop Whoop off to the wreck of the Kittiwake. A former USA navy submarine support vessel, intentionally sunk 3 years ago to make another awesome wreck dive in the Cayman Islands. Hunting for the plaque, checking out the recompression chambers, exploring the wreck, an Eagle Ray came by and Gina got some incredible footage of the ray feeding in the sand, Magic! I think Grant and Audrey wore Mom (Natalie) out by zooming in and out of this wreck, a giant playground for all divers. A dusk dive tonight and delicious steak night dinner, followed by a chilled out evening with a few wines and editing time.

Wednesday. Trinity Caves was our first dive this morning. Also the perfect location to practice Peak Performance Buoyancy for our Advanced Open Water Team. A series of cuts, caves, crevices and tunnels make for a fun dive, playing ‘operation’ as we made our way through the tunnels not touching the sand, or the reef. Well-done team. A spotted moray out and about hunting on top of the wall, watch for our resident Eagle Ray cruising the sand strip. After lunch we head to one of our favorite small wrecks in Cayman, the Doc Polson. A shallow tugboat wreck in 50ft of water with an easy 20-yard swim to the drop off. Plenty of critters around today, turtles, rays, a spotted drum large head shield slugs and very cute furry sea cucumbers! The advanced team was seen swimming in lines and squares, practicing compass skills and some bubble rings were also spotted. A great night dive tonight, plenty of coral feeding, basket stars, an Orangeballed Corallimorph and some Ultra Violet Light Diving too. Back on board for Hot Chocolate, Hot Showers and Hot Towels Cayman Aggressor Style.

Thursday. With the winds dropping today we headed back to the North Side for some epic wall diving. Hammerhead Hill, a truly spectacular wall, crazy sponge and coral growths on the edge of the knarly wall. Watch your depth as the wall is enticing! A few large moray eels poking their heads out of the reef to see what all the fuss is about. Lots of fish life, large snapper, jacks, trumpet fish, creole wrasse, do we have to leave?! Stingray City was our next playground! Always a favorite, everyone really enjoyed the shallow dive experience, perfect conditions, crystal clear blue... until we arrived then chaos! A unique interaction with the large gentle Sting Rays. More than a few divers were bowled over in the sand and we could have a hicky competition on our hands. Quick dives on the picturesque Bonnies Arch then off for another night dive on the Oro Verde by popular request. Octopus, giant parrotfish, green and black and white spotted eels, lobsters, channel crabs… wow.

Friday. Fridays always come too fast, this morning for those who are keen a Dawn Dive 6am splash!!! Eagle Ray Rock on the South West of Grand Cayman. A beautiful location, forests of healthy soft corals and sea fans, swim throughs and keep and eye out for eagle rays and our Loggerhead Turtle in this area! Devils Grotto was our final site! Always a favorite with the crowd.  A great spot for tarpon and exploring the maze of tunnels.  All that’s left to do is wash down our gear, pack our bags and enjoy a cold drink at the farewell party before heading back towards civilization. Well done to Natalie, Audrey, Grant and Belle for completing their PADI Advanced Open Water!! Also Lex and Pete for doing their Nitrox Course while on board this week… well we are still waiting for Pete’s knowledge reviews J. Congrats to Pete for logging his 200th dive and Janice for clocking up her 500th Dive this week!   Thanks to all, it has been a pleasure having you all here; you all made this week a perfect Cayman Aggressor Week.

Until next time         The crew of the Cayman Aggressor IV