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Aggressor Adventure Travel
Belize Aggressor III :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 07, 2015
Entry By: Belize Crew


Belize Aggressor III Captains Log

Mar 7-14, 2015



Avg. Sea State: choppy

Avg. Winds: 15knots

Avg. Water Temp: 80F

Avg. Air Temp: 85F

Avg. Visibility: 80ft+



Capt. Chris

Chef Yanis

Steward - Randy

Engineer - Fermin

Instructors – Jody & Ken


Dive Sites this week:

Black Beauty

Grand Bogue

Blue Hole

Half Moon Caye Wall

Long Caye Ridge

Long Caye Wall

Hat Caye Wall

Dos Cocos


Sandy Slope



Half of our guests this week came all the way from France…Marc, Nathalie, Julien, Eric, Eric G, Luc, Sandrine, Jean-Paul, Marie, & Pierre. We also had Mary and Patrick from British Columbia, Donna and Tom from Idaho, and Steve, Neil, Gary, and Christine from Texas.


Sun Mar 8, 2015

Dive Sites: Black Beauty & Grand Bogue

Our first day of diving was spent around Turneffe Atoll. We hopped in for our check out dive at Black Beauty…named because of the abundance of Black Corals on the wall drop-off. After lunch we head NE to Grand Bogue to finish our day of diving. We got to see several Eagle Rays, including one feeding in the sand. We also saw Hawksbill turtles and a loggerhead turtle. There was a huge green moray out swimming, and a spotted and goldentail moray hiding out in the reef. Several rainbow and midnight parrotfish rushed along the reef.


Mon Mar 9, 2015

Dive Sites: Blue Hole & Half Moon Caye Wall

Monday was a very exciting day for our passengers, who were able to visit our World Heritage Sites, the Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye Natural Monument. We started with a deep dive into the Blue Hole to look at the massive stalactite formations, then headed over to walk around Half Moon Caye, home to a nesting colony of over 4,000 white-phased Red Footed Booby birds.

That afternoon we hopped in the waters at Half Moon Caye wall, still inside the marine park. On this dive we had our first shark sightings for the week, with 4 Caribbean Reef sharks making an appearance. We also saw several stingrays, garden eels, razor fish, and Queen conch in the sand, Eagle Rays on the wall, and a very rare sighting of a massive Manta ray.


Tues Mar 10, 2015

Dive Sites: Long Caye Ridge & Long Caye Wall

Tuesday we made our first stop on the West side of Long Caye at Long Caye Ridge and Long Caye Wall…I know, we may not be very creative in naming the sites, but diving here under any name is always impressive. We were surrounded by Creole wrasse and horse-eye jacks as soon as we dropped in, ran into a gang of over 15 barracuda, spotted several neck crabs, saw some scrawled filefish mating, watched jawfish dance around the sand, and looked at a Graysby being cleaned by some Pederson shrimp. We also saw a hawksbill turtle off the wall, found some skeleton shrimp, neck crabs, a lettuce sea slug, and swam with a dozen tarpon lined up like a flight formation. Under the boat were tons of jacks, chubs, and snappers swimming around as we did our safety stop.


Wed Mar 11, 2015

Dive Sites: Hat Caye Wall & Dos Cocos

We motored over to Hat Caye Wall and dropped down on this amazing dive site. Hat Caye Wall has a unique and dramatic wall with sand chutes and huge mound of coral on the top that reach down to a couple thousand feet. Dos Cocos is just as beautiful, with massive gorgonians all over the wall. We saw a big green moray out swimming on the reef, lots of horse-eye jacks and tarpon under the boat, huge schools of creole wrasse and bar jacks off the wall, and tons of grouper and barracuda.


Thurs Mar 12, 2015

Dive Sites: Long Caye Wall, Sayonara, & Sandy Slope

Today was a busy day of diving that started with an exciting dive with sharks, turtles, morays, and an Eagle Ray. This dive site is inhabited by many different species of reef fish living amongst beautiful sponges and healthy corals.

We motored over to Turneffe and hopped in at Sayonara for our 1st afternoon dive, then went over to Sandy Slope for the evening and night dives. Over at Turneffe the cool diving continued with more Eagle Ray sightings, and 2 green morays swimming on the reef. We literally saw over 2 dozen lobsters, some right out in the open. It was amazing to have Creole wrasse, bar jacks, and tons of reef fish just swimming amongst us.


Friday Mar 13, 2015

Dive Sites: Sandy Slope & Amberhead

Our final dives of the week gave us a great ending to a wonderful week of diving. We got to see more Eagle Rays, turtles, and green morays. Reef fish were all over the place. We found big old scorpion fish hanging out, hiding in plain sight, as well as several neck crabs, wire coral shrimp, skeleton shrimp, banded coral shrimp, and of course, Pederson shrimp.


Thank you all for a great week of diving! Congrats to Neil on getting his Nitrox certification, and congrats to Gary and Christine, our only IRON DIVERS of the week!