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Log Date: Saturday, Mar 07, 2015
Entry By: Carib Crew


Carib Dancer Captain’s Log 7-14 Mar 2015


Air Temp. 72-80+ F

Water Temp. 72-75 F

Visibility 75-100+ft



Captain Dennis

Instructor David

Instructor Celeste

Dive Master Ramon

Chef Brent



Sheridan, Tony, Maurizio, Andrea, Mieke, Rody, Gerald, Doug, Maik, Klaus, Dawn and Robert



Sunday – Periwinkle Reef, Blue Hole, Crab Mountain, Flat Rock Reef

Monday – Closemon, Cut-N-Run, Cave Rock

Tuesday – Monolith, Split Coral Head

Wednesday – Hole In The Wall, Tunnel Rock

Thursday - Cut Thru City, Wreck of the Austin Smith, Lobster No Lobster, Plane Wreck

Friday – Barracuda Shoals


Saturday March 7th

Once our guest boarded the Carib Dancer we departed for an overnight anchorage just off Rose Island and our first dive site called Periwinkle Reef.

Sunday March 8th

After pulling anchor and traveling a very short distance we started our week of diving on Periwinkle Reef. Periwinkle Reef is a shallow reef with a huge variety of marine Life to make you feel like you’re diving inside your own private aquarium. Your own little aquarium is a very colorful reef covered with creatures and where Damselfish, Snappers, Angelfish and Sergeant Major’s swim only inches away. Next stop before headed to the Exuma Islands was the Blue Hole. Always a fun dive, Schools of Snappers, Several Stingrays, a few Sharks and two Very Big Loggerhead Turtles enjoy diving with us as much as we did with them. After the Blue Hole we made way to the Exuma Islands and the dive site Crab Mountain. Crab Mountain is known for the variety of crabs we see at this site; today we enjoyed Crabs, Mackerel and lots of big canyons to play in. To finish the day on a raising tide we spend a lot of underwater time at Flat Rock Reef. Not only did we enjoy all the fish in the area but an array of corals, like Artichoke Coral, Grooved-Blade Sea Whips, Dwarf Cup Coral and Colorful Sea Fans.

Monday March 9th

We wanted to get one more dive in the Exuma Islands before headed over to Eleuthera. Due to the winds and tides our first dive site on this Monday morning was Closemon Reef. I have had the pleasure of diving Closemon on many, many times and each time I finish the dive thinking, WOW! That was Nice! We enjoyed Soft and Hard Corals, Schools of fish and creatures like Touch-Me-Not Fanworms, Sea Frost and Medusa Worms. Once we finish playing at Closemon Reef we headed east to the Island of Eleuthera and the dive site Cut-N-Run, also known as the Junk Yard. Siting on the edge of the wall we have a colorful anchor encrusted with corals and sponges. Attached to the anchor is its chain that leads us to a sandy area covered with Jawfish and just to the north in the sand are parts of a small airplane. Along the wall I saw Groupers, Sharks, Turtle, Black Coral and Bright Elephant Ear Sponges. Our last dive of the day was at Cave Rock where guest enjoyed Caribbean, Spotted and Slipper Lobsters, Huge Roughtail Rays, a variety of creatures including an Octopus. A Very Good of Traveling and Diving!


Tuesday March 10th

In the early AM the Carib Dancer was making her way South along Eleuthera to start our Tuesday off on a wall call Monolith. The top of the wall starts around 45 feet and then falls off into the Blue Clear Exuma Sound. We swam by Colorful Sea Whips, Sponges and Black Coral. While underwater at Monolith we were visited by Mackerel, Barracuda’s, Lobsters and Loggerhead Turtle. I could have easily stayed and explored the wall for a couple more dives but it was time for a little more excitement. For that excitement we kept heading south to the dive site called Split Coral Head. Split Coral Head is a very diverse site with a beautiful wall or a huge shallow coral head. Between the wall and coral head is lots of sand and a few smaller Coral Heads with Several Caribbean Reef Sharks swimming around us. It didn’t matter where we explored we had Sharks near by, sometimes within a foot from our bubbles. Lots of Marine Life and Lots of Sharks make Split Coral Head one of our favorites to visit.


Wednesday March 11th

Hole in the Wall was our first stop. Swimming down through the hole in the wall and coming out into the Clear Blue Exuma Sound always makes me smile. To make it even more special we had one of the Biggest Loggerhead Turtles I have ever seem swim up a few guest. We have seen lots of turtles this week but this one was the biggest. Tunnel Rock is where we finished our Wednesday. I enjoyed filming guest swimming through the Tunnels and under the Overhangs around Tunnel Rock. Lots of Jawfish, a few Rays and lots of Snappers to say hello to while doing our safety stop under the Carib Dancer, plus a couple of Octopus. I would also like to thank Tony for letting me be a part of his 100th dive while traveling with us on the Carib Dancer.


Thursday March 12th

Before making our way back to the Exuma Islands we did a pre-breakfast dive on Cut Thru City. Its always enjoyable to watch a reef wake up in the morning, on Cut Thru City we saw that plus had the chance to swim in and out of many Canyons, Gullies and Swim Thru’s. After a smooth ride back west to the Exuma we stopped at the Wreck of the Austin Smith, where we saw with about 9 Caribbean Reef Sharks. The Sharks ranging from less then 3 feet to over 6 feet in length swam sometimes within a few inches of guest and crew. Having Sharks swim that close made for some excellent videos and pictures. After enjoying the Sharks, Groupers and Angelfish we made our way to the Great Bahama bank and a dive site called Lobster No Lobster. Lobster o Lobster is a very large area of scattered Colorful Coral Head that is full of Marine Life. We saw Rough and Spiny Fileclam, Atlantic Wing-Oyster and Several Types of Tunicates. And we can add Spotted Spiny and Caribbean Spiny Lobsters to the sighting. We ended the day on a Plane Wreck just off Ship’s Channel Cay. We encounter Rough Box Crab, Spotted Moray Eel, Ocean Triggerfish, Pufferfish, Stingrays and Squid.


Friday March 13th

We finish the week on the Very Colorful Reef of Barracuda Shoals. Swimming around this aquarium like environment we saw Blennies, Basslets, Chromis, Spotted Drums, Groupers, Stingrays, Hogfish and even a small Shark. This last dive on Barracuda Shoals was an excellent way to end a great week of diving on the Carib Dancer.


The Crew would like to Thank Everyone For Joining Us On The Carib Dancer In The Bahamas!!!


Hope To See Everyone Again Soon…


Best Fishes,


Carib Dancer Crew