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Cayman Aggressor V :


Log Date: Saturday, Mar 14, 2015
Entry By: Cayman Aggressor Crew


Cayman Aggressor Capt’s Log

Charter 14-21 March 2014

Air Temp: 82F/28C                  Water Temp: 80F/27C

3mm suit/board shorts and rash guards.


Saturday. Embark Day. A perfectly calm, hot and sunny day in Cayman to welcome all 18 guests, mostly from the US and 2 from Canada. All were on aboard and ready to go by 4pm. So let’s crank those engines, untie the lines and head on out to our first dive location. A great dinner thanks to Alan, BBQ Ribs and Jerk Chicken fresh off the grill, dining on the sundeck as the sun set. What a great way to start the week – paradise. Welcome to all divers, a few have been on the Cayman Aggressor many moons ago, so welcome back, but most folks are new to us this week. A welcome/safety briefing was given then most were off to bed, excited to dive Cayman Waters in the morning.

Sunday. Most divers were up bright and early ready for breakfast and the first splash of the week. The wreck of the Doc Poulson – soon to be renamed Eagle Ray City in 50ft of clear water is the perfect first dive of the week. A small tug boat style vessel, easy access, a vast array of soft corals and sponge life. A couple of large Eagle Rays cruising around and four small eagle rays all hunting together! Wow.   This week we have a few ‘wreckies’ on board, so we headed up to the newest wreck in Cayman – the Kittiwake. A submarine support vessel sunk 4 years ago. This wreck is a divers playground with recompression chambers to swim inside, engine room, galley, crew mess, the bridge and chart room, a fun fun dive. Even more fun when you remember your weight belt J, you can’t get away with that one Anne. A busy day with our last stop being Sting Ray City, before making the crossing to Little Cayman. All divers had a blast with Jarred coming back to the boat with a lasting souvenir. Plenty of rays whirling around, playing with all of our guests. A unique experience with these beautiful gentle creatures, all in only 12ft of water.

Monday. Waking up to some new scenery in Little Cayman, we found ourselves swimming with turtles and nurse sharks first thing this morning. Conditions were just GREAT for two dives on Randy’s Gazebo the sea life was in full form, tons of schooling cromis, file fish, and even a friendly grouper tagging along close by trying to show the divers where a tasty lionfish may be hiding . With conditions getting better we decided to make our way to Cayman Brac to dive the Russian Destroyer, The Captain Keith Tibbett’s, From the first dive to the night dive this wreck was “ on fire “ in terms of wildlife, we saw Oscar the goliath grouper, octopus, loads of schooling fish, head shield sea slugs, and 3 very small baby squid.

Tuesday. An early morning ride back to Little Cayman, back to Bloody Bay Wall and ‘Lea Lea’s Lookout’. Swim throughs leading us to the wall and the incredible drop off. Massive Barrel Sponges, clusters of tube sponges festoon the wall offering spectacular photographic settings. A special sight to see… yellow tube sponges spawning! Lunchtime found us moving up the island to the ‘Bus Stop’, there is a sand highway aka Shark Alley, with the shallow reef on one side and the awesome wall on the other. At the base of the inshore reef we found Yellow headed Jaw fish and the splendid Sail Fin Blenny. Off the wall roam a local trio of Reef Sharks as well as puppy dog like Groupers following us about our dives. A Sunset Steak BBQ dinner enjoyed up on the Sun Deck in calm water, a few vinos and movie night for some as our Lone Iron Man Diver Stan from Canada geared up for a great night dive with Rodel. They had a wonderful encounter with Octopus and Squid, right under the boat! Congrats Stan for clocking up your 400th Dive!

Wednesday. World Famous 3 Fathom Wall also called the Mixing Bowl was the location for our morning dives. A phenomenal piece of seascape where the dramatic Wall stops and becomes the deeper swim thru ridden wall of the Jackson Bite. Stingrays, jawfish, Grover the Grouper, Schools of fish and only 18ft under the boat! Burgers in Paradise for lunch today, tasty! A wee nap and some sun then back in for an afternoon of fun on the Meadows. Sand chutes taking us right under the reef, checking out the wall and watching for our local sharks, meanwhile being entertained by the groupers. A Nurse shark and an Eagle ray in the shallows. Pam got up close to a large green turtle who was having a good ole scratch session under a coral head, lobsters, fireworms and crabs, just something for everyone!

Thursday. Wake up wake up, 6am Dawn Dive. Yes we are serious! A great turn out this morning for the early dive on Nancy’s Cup of Tea. Black Corals, giant orange elephant ear sponges, and Sharks! The reef sharks patrolled us and the wall the entire dive, coming nice and close for great photos and video. Checking out the ancient anchors embedded in the shallow reef hundreds of years ago, there is even a canon down there somewhere! Last but not least, our final stop is the Great Wall and the traditional ‘meet and greet’ with Freddy. The grandfather of Nassau Groupers. This wall is the “Walliest” wall dive you will ever do. So sheer, and covered in life, the kind of dive where you never want to come up. But all good things must come to an end. We say goodbye to Little Cayman, Freddy and the Groupers, Fric Frac and Fro. See you next time!

Friday. After a beautiful flat crossing, we arrived back to the big island, tied up to a site by the name of Big Tunnels. One of our favorites. A slight current down off the wall, easy enough to negotiate with the topography of this site.   Archways and tunnels, stacks of black sea fans, turtles passing by, a large school of Tarpon. Such a beautiful site that one dive is not enough. Alas we have to carry on. But a fun dive site is up next. Shallow, sunny, no current and long tunnels with cracks overhead to filter the sunlight as it dances on the sand. Devil’s Grotto, home to tarpon, eagle rays, schools of chubbs and a haven for juvenile marine life.   Already it is time to wash down our gear, think about packing and our dive adventure. Congratulations to Sierra and Savannah, Jeff and Diane, Gene and Karen for completing their SSI Nitrox course while on board this week. Also to Jeff & Diane a hearty Congrats on your 30th Wedding Anniversary this week.   One more thing, well done on Logging your 400th Dive Stan!

It had been a great week of weather, diving, food and most of all to our guests, thank you for picking the Cayman Aggressor for your vacation. We hope to see you all again.

Safe Diving

Cayman Aggressor Capt and Crew