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Kona Aggressor II :


Log Date: Saturday, Feb 28, 2015
Entry By: Captain Karl


Captains Log:
Entry: Captain Karl

Air Temp. 80-85f
Water Temp. 75-77 f
Recommended Wetsuit 5mm-7mm

Crew: Captain Karl, (2nd) Cliff, Jonathan, Chef Matt, Instructors Jon and Jesse.
Guest: Jet, Dennis, Jill, Hideko, Sheryl, Mark, Chuck, Pam, Sabra, Lori, Christy, Annette and McLean.

Dive Sites:
Driftwood, Lions Den and the Hive.  
Peles Playground. Catacombs, Manuka Bay.
Manuka Bay. Au Au Crater and Robs Reef.  
Paradise Pinnacle, Amphitheater and Manta Ville.
Honokahou Harbour entrance (north), Aquarium, Kalokos Arches and Pelagic Magic.
Turtle Pinnacle and Old Airport.

Saturday February  28th
This week we welcomed aboard a Group from REEF on the Kona Aggressor ll. We picked everyone up from the Kona Pier Saturday evening and headed out to the mooring for dinner and a briefing. We came up with a plan for the week and headed to bed so we could be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the mourning!

Sunday March 1st
Sunday we started off with a  check out dive at Driftwood. Things started off with a bang as Bottlenose Dolphins swam by some of our divers. Everyone liked this site for the Lava Tube and recalled seeing Blue Fin Trevally, White Mouth Morays, Thompsons Butter Fly Fish and a Tiger Cowry.  Next, we headed south to Lions Den. The group really enjoyed this fishy site and mentioned seeing a Dragon Wrasse, Yellow Tail Corris, White Mouth Moray, Turtle, and Milk Fish. Next, we headed further south to the Hive to our final resting place for the day. During their dives our guest were lucky enough to see Conger Eels, Banded Spiny Lobster, Red Reef Lobster, Reticulated Butter Fly Fish, Tinkers Butter Fly Fish, Decoy Scorpion Fish, and Red Lion Fish. On the night dive the highlights were Gum Drop Nudibranch, Dragon Moray, and a Partridge Tongue trying to eat a Sea Cucumber!

Monday March 2nd
The Kona Aggressor ll headed further south to Peles Playground for our first dive site of the day. Our guest recalled seeing Fine scale Trigger Fish, White Mouth Moray, Fried Egg Nudibranch and a spotted Boxfish to name a few.Next, We headed south to Catacombs where our REEF group was lucky enough to see two Frog Fish, Flame Angel Fish, Tear Drop Butter Fly Fish, Short Nose Wrasse and a Vyper Moray! The Kona Aggressor II moved to her final rest place for the day, Manuka Bay. The talk on the dive deck after the dives was of seeing Flag Tail Tile Fish, Hellers Barracuda, Great Barracuda, Stout Moray, Flame Angel Fish, and Leaf Scorpion Fish.

Tuesday March 3rd
Early in the morning our group decided to do something a little different, a Dawn Dive at Manuka Bay. They saw the changing of the guard as night creature were going to bed and day creatures coming out. They saw various eels trying to get a last minute meal before return to there holes. Trigger and Parrot Fish swimming out from the reef to start their day. During breakfast, the Kona Aggressor ll started its way back north to Au Au Crater for our next dive. This was the groups favorite site as they got to see Tinker Butter Fly Fish, and Bandit Angel Fish! We headed to Robs Reef for the last two dives of the day.  The guest recalled seeing Long Nose Butter Fly Fish (Black Phase), Psychedelic Wrasse, Red Stripe Pipe Fish and at Night they Saw Decoy Scorpion Fish, Blue Fin Trevally, Undulated moray, and Yellow Margin Moray.

Wednesday March 4th  
The Kona Aggressor ll moved to Paradise Pinnacle at first light for dive one and two. The guest recalled seeing Red Stripe Pipe Fish, Peacock Razor Wrasse, Long Nose Hawk Fish, Dwarf Moray, three Octopus, two of which were mating, Curious Worm Fish and a White Tip Reef Shark. Next, we headed north to Amphitheater for dive three where our guest enjoyed the Lave Tube and saw a Fuchsia Flatworm, Big Eyed Emperors, Yellow Margin Moray, and a Spotted Puffer to name a few. Our last two dives of the day were at Manta Ville. The highlights of the  dive were White Mouth Moray, Red Lion Fish, Blue fin Trevally and a Turtle. During the night dive they recalled seeing Blue Goat Fish, Blue Spotted Cornett, Blue Fin Trevally and a Titan Scorpion Fish.

Thursday March 5th
After a good night sleep on the Kona Mooring the Kona Aggressor II set its course north to Honokahou Harbor north. This was the location of our first dive and the group really enjoyed this fishy dive site. Some highlights were a Christmas Wrasse, Five Stripe Wrasse, White Spotted Surgeon Fish, and a Zebra Moray. Our next dive was at the Aquarium where we saw Undulated Moray, Rock Mover Wrasse, Coral Croucher, White Spotted Nudibranch, Fried Egg Nudibranch, Turtle, and a White Tip Reef Shark. Next, we Headed back south to Kalokos Arches for the next dive and are guest wrote they saw Blue Stripe Snapper, Ring Tail Wrasse and schools of Racoon Butterfly. For the night dive our group voted to do Pelagic Magic and saw Venus Girdlles, Pelagic Wing Comb Jellies, and heard Spinner Dolphins on the dive.

Friday March 6th
After dropping Chef Matt off for provisioning we headed to Turtle Pinnacle for the first dive. The highlight on the dive were Reef Lizard Fish, Hawaiian Two Spot Gobies, and two Turtles. Next, we headed to Old Airport for the last dive of the week. Our guest had whale song for the whole dive! The fish mentioned on the dive were Giant Porcupine Puffer Fish, Dragon Wrasse, and Flame Angels.  

On Saturday we dropped our guests off at the pier in Kona and said our farewells to our new REEF friends this week.

Congratulation to our Iron Divers Dennis, Jet, and Annette. Also for Dennis completing dive six hundred .

Thanks again for joining us this week along the Kona Aggressor ll, We hope to see you again soon!

Captain Karl and crew